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Posted byMod/IT Nerd1 year ago
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This is just a quick reminder to please read the rules in the sidebar, and a few guidelines I wanted to highlight.

Do feel free to post questions or other self-posts that promote discussion, per rule 10. I see these reported all the time, but it is always interesting to read a discussion between seasoned and/or fresh mechanics. Do not make a post asking for help diagnosing/fixing your car, take that to /r/MechanicAdvice. Comments are fair game for troubleshooting questions. Showing off the failure, then discussing in the comments when you're stuck is okay, but /r/MechanicAdvice could be of further assistance.

Do feel free to post non-automotive things. This subreddit was founded with the idea that it could be more open, but it clearly built a home that automotive posts never had on Reddit in the past. It's interesting to see the odd plane/boat/electronic/whatever failure in addition to automotive posts.

Do not start or continue karma trains. No, we are not "doing xyz now". Posts trying to egg on a karma train will be removed, per rule 12. This might sound harsh, but these type of trends invariably lead to rule breaking if left to go on long enough as everyone tries to one-up each other's comedy. Typically, people will start posting non-OC to be funny, and the high quality of content in this sub is due to its originality.

Do not post something that is "on its way to the shop". Wait until it is parked and is going to be/is being/was worked on. If it's driving on the road, it goes in /r/spotted. Exceptions will be made if needed, because not everybody works in a shop. Tow truck drivers see some interesting stuff and deserve a chance to show it off. Shade tree mechanics are welcome.

Do not post things from other people's Facebook, Snapchat, news site, blog, clickbait farm, etc. This also goes for sale sites and screenshots of sale sites. We can't be sure if the Snapchat username in the corner is OPs or not, and rare exceptions may be made if the person is fine with it being posted here but doesn't want to make a Reddit account themselves.

Finally, do give us feedback. Report posts, message us, ask questions, give your opinions.

Posted byt800 wrangler1 year ago
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There seems to be a recent influx of posts from people who are attempting to karma harvest by way of stealing other people's images or reposting from different websites.

You are not allowed to post images that are not your own. Facebook reposts are not allowed. Reposts of other user's content is most definitely not allowed and WILL result in a permanent ban from JRITS.

Last but not least, i want to say thank you to all the JRITS subscribers that do detective work and catch these people red handed. it really makes a moderator's job quick and easy. Again, thank you.

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