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Hi r/kosovo!

I'm an American student doing a summer externship with a project in Pristina this summer. For residency I rent an apartment from a family. The rest of the apartments in the building are occupied by various family members (parents, brother's family, and my landlord and his family). The family has been very kind and welcoming to me, they have sent me various home cooked meals and invite me to family events. Because of this, I was planning on trying to get the family some kind of gift when my externship eventually ends in early August. However, I know that Kosovars are culturally very giving and welcoming people, so I wanted to make sure this wouldn't be something that would offend the family in any way?

Additionally, I'm looking for suggestions on types of gifts and ideally places where I could acquire them in Pristina. If I need to clarify anything just let me know and thanks so much!


Hello, I'm an American college student studying abroad in Pristina this summer. I am working as an intern for KosovaLive, an online news agency, and currently writing a story regarding college education in Kosovo. If you are a college student or have an opinion on the matter, please provide your name and answer these questions:

  1. Are you a student at the University of Pristina?
    1. What year are you in?
    2. What are you studying?
  2. How do you plan on using your education in the future? What of jobs do you think are available to people that have your level of education?
  3. If you had an opportunity to go to another school, or could work outside of Kosovo, would you take it?
  4. Do you feel that the university prepared you for what you are doing now?



Since Amazon doesn't ship to Kosovo, what options are there to get a variety of books into the country? Maybe order from a local book store? Or are there known online book stores which do ship to Kosovo? How do you guys go about that?


Would anyone know where I can find a diverse supply of frozen fruits, especially blueberries or raspberries? I mostly can find frozen sour cherries and strawberries and need some other options. Thanks!


This is the highest of any immigrant nationality, with Somalia and Iraq in second place with 12%. And then a sharp drop in crime in other nationalities after that. Why is there so much crime in the Kosovo immigrant population? edit: indicted, not convicted.


Hi guys. Do you know which atms do not charge fees when you withdraw? The location doesn’t matter, just the name of the bank. Faleminderit shum :D



A mundet me m'udhezu dikush se ku mundem me gjete Ritalin apo Concerta ne Prishtine? Ne disa barnatore qe kam kerku nuk ka pas.


Any chance someone can help me find Ritalin or Concerta in Prishtina? I've looked in several pharmacies but they don't seem to have it.


So I'm planning to study Economics at AAB College in Prishtina and I want to know if it is any good there and if there are any better universities near the are. I also want to know if I could work abroad if I get my degree.



I will be driving to Prizren from Skopje along the R115 but I can't seem to find any information on the best place to park.

I would prefer to park on the outskirts and walk into the center as I'm aware Prizren is quite small and I would prefer not to drive through if it's not needed.

If you could recommend anywhere that would be great!

Thanks in advance.


A ke mundesi qe ta shpallim flamurin e Dardanise me shqiponje ne kryefqe ne vend to atij flumrit me 6 ylla.

Per mendimin time, aj flamur esht me i bukur dhe ka me shume domethanesi sesa ky flamur qe e kemi momentalisht.


We have an international group chat on Whatsapp that has 1 user per country and we’re missing someone from Kosovo!

We’re wondering if one if you would like to join the group! It’s very active and fun. Please remember that if you want to join, that its a very active group and it would be nice if you are active as well!

All ages are welcomed but just for your information, everyone in the group ranges from the ages of 16 to 39.

If you want to join, please fill out this form and check out our subreddit r/OneUserPerCountry :)

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