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Heya gang!

It's time for me To begin work on a new advice for first timers thread. I'd really like to get a feel for what kinds of things you'd like in here this time.

Please post anything that would be relative to a first time dropper.

LINKS relevant to Harm reduction/dose/tolerance/general guides for first timers to general psychedelic experiences/ect ect ect!

toss it all in here, vote on it, and I'll get to work on the new thread here soon.

I think this will be cool and allow you guys to sort of curate the info in there yourselves.

If you feel like this is a bad idea or have any other advice for this future thread or the sub in general please shoot me a message or post it here as well.

Thanks everyone.

WARNING Rough Draft Below!

**Please see the comments for some great advice given by frequenters of the Subreddit!

We cannot tell you what's on your tabs, buy a test kit for the love of LSD.

Don't end up a statistic.

LSD Myths

Side effects/Cautions

General Resources

Substance Testing Kits

drugs, nootropics, and suplements

Abort/Panic Buttons

Dose/How Much/Tolerance


Things to do

Set & Setting

Advice for first timers

Bad TripFAQ

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Sorry for the abrasive title, but I'm genuinely so sick of people pming me, asking me if I can help with a number of problems, like to get the lsd some guy pmed them about on here and never sent, or to refund the bitcoin they sent a dude who told them he works directly for me and was in charge of supplying the sub with lsd, or just that people are ping them to sell them lsd when they post on here saying they can't find it...

Look. There's no sourcing here for this reason (among other reasons) but I can 100% guarantee that a dude will not pm you, saying he has fire Rick and Morty tabs and is more than happy to ship them to you at cost. He is a fucking liar, and he will do nothing but take your money and blackmail you.

We are here to talk lsd, not to sell it, or buy it. So get your fucking heads in the game, and don't be a toolbag for people to walk all over.

If you see those "man I wish I could get some posts" those people are the likely soon-to-be victims of this scam.

So let's try to cut it out before it starts. Report the post, and fill them in on the scams.

Help the n00bs.

this is the final warning before this sub becomes by invitation only, and i dont have time to be inviting if ya catch my drift.

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I just wanted to say that y'all are some very talented & creative people! I love this sub so much because of the amazing art. Keep on keeping on!!


here we goooooooo


My last trip was 200ug . It was extremely fun . I had insane euphoria to the point where my body was mildly numb and I was just salivating. The visuals we're not insane , if I looked at something for a lite wjile it would warp . Friends faces were always warping .

But now I plan to take 350ug. What can I expect . I felt in completely control with 200.


This past Monday 2 buddies of mine and myself tried LSD for my first time. I bought 2 150ug tabs, I took 1 full tab and the other 2 guys took half a tab each. We were planning on dropping acid, then once we start feeling it we were gonna go hit a bong outside to catapult us into the experience. We had 3 tripsitters, 2 of which were smoking, 1 stayed completely sober.

And now into the trip report :)

7:55- Me, friend 1 (we will call him Logan), and friend 2 (we can call him Shawn) all took our tabs. The 2 tripsitters that wanted to get high went outside and smoked, then we all went inside and listened to music for a while.

8:30- I started to feel a little bit off, but it wasn't too noticeable. Was probably just placebo. Shawn said that he felt as if there was a force pulling him backwards at times.

8:45- I can definitely feel something now, but it isn't too intense, just a slight disorientation I guess? Also one of the tripsitters that smoked decided to go to sleep with earbuds in and not get up for the rest of the night, so we're down to 2 tripsitters now

9:00- We started packing the bowl since me and Shawn can feel the acid starting to kick in. Logan wanted to wait a little while cause he didn't feel much of anything yet. While we were packing the bong on the pool table I could see the green fuzz on the top of the pool table start to wiggle around. I started getting super excited for the experience that was coming my way. We now go outside to smoke the bong, and at this point it's already kinda hard to hold it still since I'm already feeling the acid a little bit, but me and Shawn both manage like 4 big bong rips, and as I took those hits into my lungs the acid got noticeably more intense.

9:05- We went inside and I'm definitely tripping at this point. I don't 100% remember this part because it was the most intense part of the experience for me, but I'll describe what I can remember. I think I went inside and immediately sat down on the couch and just looked around at everything in awe at the amazing visuals. Everything I looked at from this point on was tripled, and was breathing. There were 2 copies, red and blue, that trailed whatever I looked at. As I was looking at the visuals it got more intense until I was legitimately in another reality. I could see the energy in the air, (or that's what my acid brain thought I was seeing) All this time I was looking at these visuals, i was experiencing intense euphoria. I had so much pleasure going through my body that I couldn't do anything but laugh. This went on for about 10 minutes until I went upstairs where everybody else was.

9:20- at this point I was still having a good time, but I noticed a nervousness in my stomach, that wouldn't exactly go away. I kinda shrugged it off and kept having a good time listening to music, but it didn't seem to want to go away. I thought, okay, maybe I just need to go to another room where there aren't so many people. So I went to the top floor with Shawn and the 1 tripsitter who was sober, and it got even worse when I went in there. At this point the mindfuck was at its strongest, and I couldn't control my emotions at all. I would cycle from ecstatic to extremely anxious and terrified and everything in between. This cycle kept happening and while it was happening I couldn't exactly come up with words to talk, because I was just having the same spirals of thoughts going through my brain. I couldn't stop it and I thought that I was going to be in this loop for 10 more hours which terrified the hell out of me. I finally got the words to tell them I was having an awful trip so they got the other tripsitter to turn the music to something more calming. The song was My Jinji by Sunset Rollercoaster, which is a beautiful song that we all love. Just like that, I was out of the bad trip and I was euphoric again. From then on it was smooth sailing for the rest of the trip.

9:30- 10:00- this was the highlight of the trip. We were all feeling great at this point, having crazy visuals and euphoria, and we all had this feeling of love and understanding. We all 3 sat in the kitchen at one point just nonstop talking overtop of each other for 5 minutes straight. I felt closer to them than I had ever felt before. It stayed like this for most of the night, where I just felt a strange connection to everybody, even strangers. While we were all tripping we came up with the saying "Everything is everything" to describe what we were feeling. It sounds weird to me now, but while we were in the experience it felt like I could feel every emotion at once, and like I was having every thought at once and that everything in the world is one in the same.

10:30- The 2 tripsitters that were still awake had to leave cause one of them had to go to Ohio the next day, so we called our friend to pick us up. He had a BMW that had all these crazy cool lights on the inside and it was the absolute coolest while we were tripping. I think he had a good time listening to us ramble about what we were experiencing.

We went to somebody's house that was friends with Logan and our new tripsitter (Archer), but me and Shawn only knew a couple people there. We hung out there until probably 11:30 then we went to cookout with all the same people. While we were in cookout I'm almost positive people knew we were on something cause our pupils were all dialated, and we were constantly just looking at random shit.

We left cookout and went back to Logans house. We were gonna smoke some more pot to see if it would bring back the trip some more, but after smoking a bowl we all just felt stoned and didn't have much of the acid high at all anymore. For the rest of the night I was in this weird state of mind where I was stoned and tired but the thought loops going on in my mind kept me from sleeping, so I figured I'd lay down and make the most of the small effect the acid was still having on me. I laid down and just tried to clear my mind so I could focus on the thought loop that was happening, because for hours I was hearing a voice but couldn't tell exactly what it was saying. I could never figure out exactly what she was saying to me because it was like I was feeling what she was saying to me instead of actually hearing it. It sounds weird but I can't explain it any other way. At one point it switched and became like a British guy talking to me but I could actually focus on this one and I heard like a marching band playing along to what he was saying.

After I laid down and listened to the voices in my head I went inside with Shawn Logan and Archer and we watched wrestling for a couple hours until we could manage to get some sleep.

Overall, lsd is extremely fun. I wish I had made more of the experience than going to a random persons house then eating at cookout, but there's always next time. I will definitely be trying to find some more of this beautiful, beautiful substance.

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