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Will I be able to act normal after 8-10 hours

So recently I tripped for the first time, took 1 tab after my parents went to bed(Ik Ik I should be older etc) and it was underwhelming, based on a post I read thinking 80ug. So after 7 hours I went downstairs and sat in the same room with my mom and had a conversation with her etc, and my pupils weren't that big the whole trip, but being in a room with the sun coming in they were tiny. So I want to take two tabs(140-180ug) during the day when they gone, she would be home about 9 hours into my trip most likely, the earliest being 7 and the latest 11, most likely 9 tho. That's assuming I take it at 7 and wait 2 hours til she leaves for work. I really want to trip during the day so I can go outside and enjoy nature, being inside is kinda boring, do you think I could pull it off or should I do it at night again. Btw I have 2mg xanax I could take if I feel I'm tripping too hard when she gets home. My backup plan is to lay in bed saying my head hurts. If your not going to answer the question and just pass judgement please don't respond

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I find it so disturbing how many school kids are doing powerful psychedelics AND benzos. What happened to childhood?

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Kids these days, back in my youth we spent our days climbing trees and mugging grannies. What is this world coming to?

Seriously though yeah it's horrifying. These are children taking incredibly powerful substances before they've had a chance to actually experience life. It's fucking depressing.

This sub should be 馃敒, it's irresponsible otherwise.

To the OP, wait until you're an adult before fucking with your mind and don't disrespect your parents by taking drugs under their roof.

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Op doesn't state his age, so how do we know he's under 18?

Also how is stealing from the elderly in any way better/preffered??

Edit: Woops

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I think their joke went over your head.

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Doesn't seem like jokes my dude. Maybe it just is me though.

Edit: Oh yeah. I'm the dumbo

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If it isn't obvious to you then you're as bad at deduction as you are at comprehension.

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Probably true, and my apologies sir!

Just that I have friends over 18 that lives at home that could have asked these questions. It would be preffered if op stated his age.

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My reply came across more snarky than I intended, peace and love.

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Original Poster6 points8 months agoedited 8 months ago

I think I'm beyond the age of playing with toys and drinking coco, I have a job, money saved, good grades, planning on going to college, I make my own food and wash my own clothes, I'm quite capable of using psychoactive substances responsibly, and it is my choice, some dumbass middleschooler snorting bars everyday is different than a responsible late teenaged person occasionally partaking of cannabis and psychedelics after thoroughly researching them

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Ya, once you peak your pretty much set imo. Depends on how well you string thoughts together while your high, but for me im pretty functional throught my whole trip

Edit: peak not peek

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Original Poster1 point8 months ago

Yeah on 1 tab I was still connected to reality and knew what was going on

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Original Poster1 point8 months ago

So u think if I'm coming down off two tabs and am pretty straight on 1 I'll be fine?

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I mean Ig, It can be a big jump from one tab to two, I start losing my grip on my thoughts at around 4 or 5 tabs

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Original Poster1 point8 months ago

Oh wow, so 1 tab was 9 hours about and I was 2 hours into coming down when I converse with her. Peak was 4 hours, if it's 6hours than I'd be an hour or two into the comedown when she comes home so u think that sounds doable? Sorry I'm askin a lot of questions uk I just really wanna experience nature whilst tripping

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I mean I don't know you personally or how you handle drugs I dont want to tell you you'll be okay. It's ultimately your choice. Honestly you might start sketchin out when you realize she is gonna be comin home soon. I would wait for another day. You have your whole life to trip.

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Original Poster1 point8 months ago

True, I do have some xanax tho u think that would help me act more normal? I mean honestly thats the best I can do for day tripping, and I man I already have 2 tabs left so I don't wanna have them laying around forever, plus I wanna see what Lucy has to offer my first trip was really underwhelming

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If you have to kill your trip with xans, it isn't really worth it.

Acid hasn't really shown me much. I'm on probation so I've been usin it to get high, but it does and can help you figure your shit out.

I've tripped at work (NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL, I DONT REGRET IT BUT IT HAPPEND), I've tripped and drove, and I've partied with acid. I regret a lot of the dumb shit I've done on acid. My best trips were trips where I knew nothing would come in and interfer with my trip. A whole 18 hours of free time can really let you experience it in full. 8 hours really doesn't give you the full trip IMO.

The come down allows you to really reflect on your trip and that makes it have the introspective effects. I would say wait for another day. If you have it you have it, but if you eat it it's gone. Ya feel me?

I can tell you a lot about my experiences and stuff through pms if you want. I would wait because you seem young and there will be a better time to take them, I guarantee it

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Original Poster1 point8 months ago

Yeah that's just if I have to but I'd rather not. But I get what ur saying, but I'm just really set on doing this. I love exploring my mind and trying different substances. After this it will be a while before I do acid again too, once I get my own place I will be able to have an entire day undisturbed to trip. Also it's just one day a week bc my dad leaves for work early, and they never go out of town or anything so really it's that day, or in a couple years, well unless I drove somewhere once I get a car which will be within a couple months.

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You do you man. If ya trip have a good one

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Original Poster1 point8 months ago

Thanks man :), also thanks for the advice

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Could you not be out when she gets back?

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Original Poster1 point8 months ago

I don't have a car atm

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