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You might struggle to get to sleep

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even if it was dropped at 12 to 1pm ?

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Possibly. You'll be tripping for a looooong time

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You should always assume that trip will take over 10 hours, you will NOT fall asleep on trip

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Dude don't

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What would be the reasons why not to ?

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If you have plans the next day the don’t. Do it when you know there’s nothing important to do the next day. Especially if you haven’t done it before

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You've never done it before and you have to get up and work the next day. But hey, don't listen to me ya know. It's not like I've done a lot of acid or anything

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I wast being rude I was just generally asking 😂

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Hell no!! Wait until the weekend

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You won’t still BE tripping, but you might experience some afterglow effects (brightened colors, some cognitive changes, etc.) that won’t necessarily make you unable to work, but might make it uncomfortable.

However, I’d advise against it just because of the sleep thing. You’re tripping for a good 12 hours, and believe me, you won’t be able to get to sleep right after that. I’ve been in that situation before (going to work the morning after tripping) and being off L is less of a problem than being completely fucking exhausted.

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As someone who trips at night before work or at work (have a natural tolerance to psychs), I think you'll probably be fine.

You're definitely going to experience the afterglow, which is really just a catch-all term for lingering effects following a trip. It's usually a nice feeling, although some people don't like it and get an anxious feeling that they're still high and not going to come down.

Before you drop I would take a look at what you need to get done tomorrow and see if there's anything you can get done now if possible. I'd also buy yourself a sleep aid that way you will have an easier time falling asleep.

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You might have difficulty sleeping until 3 am.

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You won't necessarily feel any effects that would inhibit you the next day, except you'll likely be exhausted from being up and that active for ~12 hrs. Would not recommend, unless you work at a job that requires little to no actual work. Lol.

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it's only a 5 hour shift and it's at a butcher's ? no proper computer work though

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I would recommend if you take a 12 hour sleep after dropping acid with a bunch of supplement before dropping acid. They will help you recover the tiredness very, very fast. If you are taking larger doses, for example over 1 MG, you might have to take sleeping pills in order to sleep longer. This help you to rest and your memory between the trip beccome more "solid" if you want to learn thing from it.


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Biggest thing will be the sleep. I'm at work right now and I started tripping Friday night, did it again Saturday and Sunday, haven't slept more than 3-4 hours total since I woke up on friday. I'm doing fine in regards to functionality, I'm just sleepy

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I'd wait until I had the next day free as it's normal for it to take 12-15 hours after dropping before sleep comes. I'm also usually fairly tired the next day, sometimes with an emotional come down.

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Going to work on a acid come down is fun lol

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I wouldn't

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LSD causes significant insomnia due to its action on dopamine receptors. This can last even after the apparent hallucinogenic effects have worn off. The experience can also be very powerful and take some time to digest. For these reasons, it is -highly- recommended that you devote 24 full hours to LSD; 12 for the trip, and 12 for rest/reintegration.

On top of that, tripping knowing that you have obligations looming can really have an impact on your experience. Once you realize you've shot yourself in the foot for tomorrow, you begin to regret it and hope your trip ends in a timely fashion so you can be ready.

Source: done this before.

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i would say: try. go to work is also good when you are trippin.

dont be shy....