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Does anyone know how to work out how many stacked exposures are needed to bring noise to an equivalent level as another lower iso exposure?

E.g. how many images would I need to stack at ISO 32,000 to have equivalent noise as a photo at ISO 6400 - I don't expect this to be accurate but a rough guide of what to aim for next time would be extremely helpful!

I'll be using a Canon 5D Mark IV


Hey! I recently tried to make my first star trail photo in StarStax but it's not working as I hoped. I took the 180 photos after each other without any delay between them but are still a lot of small in the trails. How can I avoid this? I also tried to use StarStax's gap filling feature but I couldn't see any difference. Am I doing something wrong?

I've heard that you can stack star trail photos in PhotoShop, should I try that instead and do PS have a gap filling feature?

Any help appreciated!!


After getting some serious star trails at 14mm with only 20 and 30s exposures, I did some research. Apparently the rule of 500 isn't that accurate but the NPF rule is better so hopefully this helps someone to avoid trails like I had!

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