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Welcome to the Season 4 Discussion Thread!

(FULL Spoilers Ahead if you haven't finished Season 4!)

Season 4 has wrapped! What are your thoughts on the season? What were your favorite moments? Who were your favorite characters? What did you think of that cliffhanger? Discuss everything here!

Individual Episode Discussions

And of course, the news of the cancellation has saddened all of us LMOE fans, but don't give up hope! Remember to sign the petition to save The Last Man on Earth! And keep tweeting at Fox, Hulu, and Netflix about your support and love for the show! And be on the lookout for a community rewatch soon!

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Massive thank you to Tyler Ortega on Spotify for the compilation. Also to whoever worked on the soundtrack for the show as the music was always fitting and well thoughtout, you can hear alot of passion went into this show. Enjoy the instant memory revival. Friendship kiss. X


i don't get's not like the show's that expensive or anything so why are streaming services steering clear of it?

Lucifer was also a fox series but Netflix was able to pick that up


I'm not a big TV watcher but recently discovered LMOE on Hulu. Currently I am on S4 E3 and so sad that this is the last season. One of the things that I find great about the show is the physical comedy. The scene where Lewis crashes his plane is a good example that I found hilarious! I am falling in love with January Jones (Mellisa). What a beautiful woman - how did I not know about her before?? Soon it will be over for me as well and I will be sad...


I'm half way through S1 and the show is just Phil lying over and over. Does it get any better? Just wondering.

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Welcome to /r/LastManOnEarthTV! This subreddit is dedicated to discussing The Last Man on Earth, a post-apocalyptic comedy television series created by and starring Will Forte.

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