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EDIT Sakarā ar milzīgo piepprasījumu, ir tapis serveris -

Bet pamatā - būtu laba vieta, kur papļāpāt un varbūt sarunāt kādu alu. Kāds sarunās kompāniju piektdienas vakaram, kāds atradīs kādu, kurš spēlē to pašu spēli online. Varētu būt interesanti. Skaties, piektdien pasākums, bet negribas vienam iet un neveikli stāvēt maliņā? Čatā vieglāk sarunāt kompāniju. Tāpat arī visi ārzemnieki, kuri mēģina iemācīties latviešu valodu un pagalam nevar iejusties, varētu apgūt tādas latviešu frāzes kā "huj, diskonekts parāva" un "čatam džoino klikojot uz linka."

Es labprāt šādu serveri uztaisītu, tur pāris klikšķi. Tomēr nezinu, vai tāda jau nav un cik tas vispār būtu ilgtspējīgs bez vietējo adminu "svētības". Viena pipara radīts brīnums vēl nav /r/Latvia oficiālais discord serveris.

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18 hours ago

Hey guys, I was wondering if you had any suggestions/ideas. My wife and I bought an apartment a few months ago and the owner left hundreds of Latvian and Russian books of many various genres, from pre-war all the way up to the early 2000s or so. We're keeping a bunch, but the vast majority we're trying to get rid of. We only have one or two secondhand stores in Jelgava that sell books, and I doubt they'd be able to take in so many at once. I was also thinking of trying to find some library that might want them, but my wife thinks that virtually any library in Latvia probably has copies of most of these books. I'd rather not just throw them in recycling, so I'm posting on here as a last-ditch effort - any ideas? Anyone know an artist who needs a bunch of books for some sort of installation maybe? If anyone has any ideas on where I might be able to donate these, I'd appreciate them!



I'm thinking of buying a flat in a secondary housing. It's current condition... a complete wreck. So I'm looking for someone (or a firm) that could handle all types of work (walls, ceiling, floors, plumbing). I checked and read some feedback, and it seems hiring someone from ad is lottery.

Does anyone know an accountable who can handle all sorts of things? Any recommendations are welcome.


hello. I'm a foreigner currently in Riga under a lot of pain and I think I need my wisdom tooth removed. Any advice on where is the best place to go? In terms of cost and quality. And how much would it cost? ty


Hey guys, anybody have the Logitech 3 pedal set. I'm in Liepaja, but maybe we could use 'pakomātus' if it is necessary. Thank you guys! Edit: I could actually buy the shifter too. Message me if anybody even has something like that.


Hello guys currently I'm living in Riga and I'm gonna stay here for a couple of months but I have a problem, my pc charger doesn't work and it's crucial for my job to use my laptop. I tried to find one in the most common electronics shop around (Euronics, and others similar) but they don't have one that fits my pc . Does anybody knows a more specialized IT shop around ? The charger that I need is one Toshiba with an output of 6.32 A and 19V


Hi all, As soon as possible I must see a neurologist and a dermatologist. I have been in ARS Medicine Centrs but they do not have appointments. Could you please recommend me a hospital which is good with English speaking doctors.



Can someone suggest me your opinion about RIGA TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY, Kaļķu iela 1, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1658, Latvia

Please put down your opinion asap


I'm marrying a Latvian/Russian girl in the coming weeks, as part of my speech I'd like to say something soppy to her in both Latvian and Russian — she speaks both with native proficiency but sadly I only know a few words and phrases of each.

I asked the same question in r/russian and the responses mostly worried about offending people and that I didn't know anything about Latvia or Russia. However, I know her family on both sides is overjoyed when I manage a few words and have cleared the idea with my wife to be.

What is like to express is: I love you, always have and always will

So far in Russian I have: Я люблю тебя и всегда буду любить

Anyone have Latvian suggestions? Open to variants or idioms that Latvian guests might recognise if the literal translation is awkward. Thanks in advance!


My gf and I will be in Riga for a week in July as part of a larger Europe trip and I'm planning to propose there. She is of Latvian descent, so I figured this would be a special place, however Ive never been and not really sure where to start. Some of her family will also be there who may be able to help out, but I don't necessarily want to open that can of worms just yet... Any suggestions (restaurants with view, a boat cruise, special areas of the old town??) would be appreciated!

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5 days ago

I am looking for place to stay this weekend in Jūrmala. I would prefer to live in tent or to rent a small house. From google I found out that the biggest campsite is Nemo kempings but their webpage is outdated and I am afraid that information provided could be wrong. So, maybe you know good campsites or something similar for a reasonable price?


Sveiki! Es meklēju resursus latviešu valodā par mārketinga tēmu. Būtu forši atrast kādu aktīvu forumu par mārketinga tēmu, kur ir iespēja komunicēt ar latviešu mārketinga profiem :)

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6 days ago

Šodien es uzzināju, ka 20 jūnijā tiks spriest vai cenzēt internetu Eiropas Savienības. Ja tas skars un tiks pieņemts, tad nebūs brīva runa, radošums nevar taisīt šitādus postus, memes, nevarēs dalīties ar saitēm u. t. t. Šeit vairāk informācija un no kurienēm uzzināju. Un šeit vēl mēģināt palīdzēt.

Edit: r/europe ir rakstīts par šo vairāk un tas posts ir pinēts. Vēl kaut kur biju atradis linku kā reddits izksatītos ja tas tiktu pieņemts.

Edit 2: Atradu saitu kā reddits izskatītos.


I was woken up by the sirens and left my AirBnB to see tye street filled with fire fighters, police and hazmat suits.


Hi, So i got a job offer from Riga, I currently live in finland and wondering what are the things i should think before reloaction? And also they said they pay above average salary. So what is the average salary in latvia? and also how expensive are rents in riga?


What's the fine for not buying a ticket while on the tram?

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