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Posted byالمكنة1 day ago
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I'm planning a trip with my friends to go hiking to the Blue waterfalls in Baakline. I hear it's an amazing place to hike in.

I know there are groups that go there, but we are doing it alone. I tried obtaining more info about the hike online but couldn't find any....

Could anyone help me with info? Like, where is the start of the hike, should we inform the baladiyye if we are going to hike, how long is the hike, etc....



Touch, you guys are just the worst:

1- I am on the student plan so I get the Whatsapp bundle.

2- Each month I end my 5gb consumption early (that is my right - I paid for it).

3- I keep 3g on for the rest of the month in order to use the Whatsapp bundle (again my right).

4- My balance is 0$ since the 3g ate up all my extra dollars - not a big problem there - if I had 1-2$ left I know that and its in your given right to “force me” to use them for 25mb (more below).

5- Checking my balance and now I have negative $2 because of 25mb? Like seriously? I not only have to lose all my extra $s which I recharged and paid (for literally nothing) but you also wanna take $2 for 25 mb each month because you decided it is best?

Either remove the -$2 or stop my 3g (when 5gb end) and just leave me with the Whatsapp bundle.

1st, it is impossible for anyone to turn off their 3g before it is used up by the phone - thats a fact we dont have feature phones anymore we got iPhones and Androids.

2nd, we don’t need to be forced to go into the settings and disable 50-or so apps (not to mention if iCloud or Google backup is on there it is pretty difficult for the general user to turn them off).

3rd, if you want to give me $2 and put me in-debt, don’t you have to review my papers? War2it ma3ash... etc?

Well... Im not suing you guys for $2 (it has been happening for several months. So currently I’m standing at like $10 which I never wanted to pay). It is not worth it. So, Im going to change to Alfa even though I have been a customer of your great service for 6 years.

Thank you for being the shitiest company in Lebanon and the entire world.

-Sincerely, Moni11811

Edit: After a phone call they said this will be added to everyone in Lebanon soon. Get ready to have -2$ subtracted each month because of the Whatsapp bundle; unlike the Mobile Broadband service ($10+) which stops after you’ve consumed all your megabytes. The Whatsapp bundle keeps consuming your $s.

Edit 2: Extra story from when I used to work at a phone shop: [I used to work at a phone shop - a guy once came in with a $600 receipt because he had malware on his phone and it wouldn’t stop downloading shit while he was asleep (literally it started downloading shit at 12 am till 6am - imagine ~700kb/s for 6h on pay as you go 3g).

FYI: his cap is high (postpaid $s) because he bought the number a long time ago and paid a hefty sum for it.

I shit you not, I still have the guy’s number. Because when I saw the receipt, when he came in to pay it, I was trying to figure out how the fuck this old farmer is going to pay $600. Alfa told him “tfa3on 3a shahren ma3le” while he was on call with them, I almost broke out in laughter.]

Tl;Dr: Touch will put you in-debt even when you don’t want to.


It's been a few years I haven't taken public transportation with service or bus. The minimum fares used to be around 2k lbp for service and 1k lbp for bus around the Metn and Beirut areas.

How much are the minimum fares now?



Recently became 'madmoun'. What are your thoughts about it? Is it true that one has to pay then get reimbursed by the CNSS? If that is the case then what to do in case of emergency? Do you advise i buy an insurance that covers the difference ?

Thank you,

Posted byPhoenician Letter2 days ago

obviously there are more than just 2 political parties but they are all pretty shit. so which is the least shit in your opinion?


I have something to do there tomorrow.

I called them and no one replied.


Marhaba. I'm a palestinian catholic and I'd like to display my perspective for the whole issue of Arab identity in Lebanon. Since the creation of the country, the question of whether or not the Lebanese are arab or should identify as such has been a source of conflict, disagreement, and even bloodshed. While I don't think it's necessary to declare war based on these grounds (of which ALL sects were disgraceful and held responsible for their atrocities), it shouldn't be overlooked or ignored either. On one hand, Lebanon is attached to the Middle East. The population speaks and writes in Arabic, and is inevitably involved in Arab politics whether they like it or not. If the only requirement of being Arab is to speak Arabic, then the Lebanese would be Arab.

However, I personally don't think this is the case, having plenty of Leb friends of my own. And the reason for this lies in the Christians of Lebanon. Now today there are plenty of muslims as well who don't partake in the arab identity either, but it originally came from Christian minds, and the secular nature of Lebanon was also a result of the country being multi-religious. Had it been 90% sunni or shia muslim, it's likely that there would be no conflict about arabism and the country wouldn't be as secular. But the fact is that Lebanon is multi-religious, which makes it a beautiful society. The reason Lebanese Christians don't want an Arab identity is because they truly can't identify with it. The fact is that being Arab is NOT just speaking Arabic. It's knowing Arab history, identifying the ancient Arab conquerors as your ancestors, not your enemy, and seeing Syrians, Iraqis, etc as your brothers.

Most Lebanese and Palestinian Christians can't identify with any of this. Like I said I myself am palestinian catholic. I grew up learning about Plato, Aristotle, Jesus Christ, the Roman Empire, Byzantine. I was taught that the seljuk turks were the enemies of the Byzantines, that the Arabian conquerors were the enemies of ME Christians. Today this isn't really the case obviously, but I just could never identify with the latter. It might be different if I were a Saudi christian (somehow) but Palestinians and Lebanese have the benefit of being both ME and Mediterranean. So if you want to be Arab, you can be and nobody would bat an eye. If you don't want to be, it's perfectly reasonable not to either. I've talked to many Palestinian and Lebanese Christians who simply don't see Syrian Arabs as their ethnic or cultural brothers despite being next door. Ethnicity and culture aren't as simple as "oh it's the same as whoever you're closest to".

To sum this up, I think the Lebanese, by being in between med and mid easterners ethnically, culturally, and otherwise, have the benefit of being able to choose their identity. My palestinian greek orthodox father identifies as Canaanite (similar to the Leb-Phoenician meme) as does most of my family. But we know plenty of Palestinian muslim families who say the same, and plenty who say they're Arab. I think it should be down to a personal choice, and that Lebanon and Palestine shouldn't be forced to adopt any set identity by certain foreign governments *cough*.


Post your most unpopular opinions about anything related to lebanon and lebanese society


Looking on staying in lebanon for a year to catch up on all the culture I've missed growing up abroad. I have this major grey area about lebanese society/culture that I need to find some answers for (Keep in mind these are sincere questions I have about lebanese sex life since the country is greatly conservative with respect to foreign societies) Do Lebanese people have an active sex life? Do girls have one night stands with guys they met at a bar/nightclub/lounge etc.. ? Are women comfortable to sleep with a man they are seeing/dating? Is an active sex life in general frowned upon by Lebanese society?

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