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Posted byالمكنة5 days ago
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Posted byLebanese University2 hours ago

So in about a month my vacation of about 3 months starts and I was wondering if you guys had any idea about any NGOs in or around saida that accept volunteers during the summer.


Hello there!

Is it possible for anyone here to list me some known sereotypes & cliches about Lebanon, Lebanese people, Lebanese cuisine, languages, background, ethnicity, life in Lebanon or anything that comes to mind?


I so badly need at minimum around 3 pair of shoes as the ones I currently have need to be thrown out the window already. I've went to footlocker and other stores at the mall but any decent looking pair there is 200k and more. And as a poor guy with minimum salary I cannot afford to spend 600k only on shoes. 100$ max per pair is okay to me


Looking to open a bank account in Lebanon soon. I need a bank that can take a deposit in the 100,000’s without making a big problem out of it. One that has a good mobile app and quick service. What banks should I consider?


I mean both can contain sweaing, but a Lebanese rap song with similar lyrics sounds way more vulgar which makes me conclude that our language can be such a z2a2iye/vulgar language. For example: Fuck you = Kol khara = kis emak = Aire fik etc.Oh and not to go off-topic but one time I went to virgin megastores and they were playing 2pac songs like Hit em Up (with lyrics such as You claim to be a player, but I fucked your wife We bust on Bad Boys, niggas fucked for life) or Tyga's famous (Got a badass bitch just bouncing on my dick) and all was cool and smooth while kids/families were happily shopping. Now imagine if it was this song (warning: explicit ) by Erhab Records things would be way different!



I found this brand in Al Rifai, it's natural mastic flavor, sugar free and aspartame free... In my opinion the packaging is very classy and nice..

I noticed that it cost 3,500 L.L for 12 pieces !

Is it the most expensive gum in the world ??

Did anyone of you tried it ?


Is there a website or a book where it talks about the biography of each politicians or the most heard politicians in Lebanon (Berre, Geagea, Aoun etc... ) ?


Why can't I buy f'in v-bucks for my fortnite character :/ Anyone found a way around that?

Posted byShishen Shawarma2 days ago

Hi! My friend is a US citizen who completed his undergrad in LAU (bachelor of science in biology and minor in chemistry) and now he moved back to the states. He's applied for a masters program in medical in numerous universities but unfortunately most of them aren't recognizing his undergrad abroad. Is there anything he can do? Are their any universities that will recognize his undergrad? Was wondering if you guys know anyone who went through this. Thanks!

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