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Today we hit 500,000 subscribers. Just a few years ago, the current team took over a tiny subreddit that had far more questions than it could handle. With love, care, frustration, and endless passion we've turned it into what is, as far as we can tell, the largest English language source of free legal information in the world. Quite possibly the largest in the world irrelevant of language. In a word... Wow!

We play a small but important role in the legal world in that we help fill something called the "Justice Gap." We often can't help with the big stuff, but we excel at helping with the small things that leave many Americans in the dark. Even though these aren't the titanic legal issues that get covered in the news, for the people asking here they are matters of supreme importance. Questions about whether or not a landlord can evict someone, how to get money back from a small loan, car accidents, petty theft, child support, sexual harassment, property rights, rights in the workplace, and yes, tree law, are all things that funded legal aid programs either can't or aren't allowed to assist with. We help bridge that gap.

We get an average of just under 400 questions per day. That's nearly 3,000 people a week or over 10,000 people a month who find us, ask their question, and hopefully, receive information they can use to arm themselves. This doesn't include the countless people who read our archives and learn something that may be useful in the short or long term.

I am tremendously proud of our team of moderators, starred users, regular contributors, and the folks who pop in once in a while to answer a question in a field in which they have expertise. We've created something bigger than our wildest expectations here, and it's something we all can be very, very proud of.

Thank you all for building our amazing community.

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Now that Florence has made landfall, what should I do? We'll be updating this thread routinely over the next few days as we get more resources. Please keep checking back and please stay safe.

Update 19-SEP-2016: The Disaster Legal Services Hotline has opened up at 1-833-242-3549, and the NC Bar has opened up help and resources at

Update 20-SEP-2016: ABA releases more information about the Disaster Legal Services Hotline.

Pay attention to official communications

Double check everything with official communication sources (official government channels, local/national news). FEMA's Florence info center can be found here, and the following twitter accounts: @FEMA, @FEMARegion3, @FEMARegion4, @VAEmergency, @NCEmergency, @SCEMD. For example, on 18-SEP-2018, they released this site for finding assistance.

Get shelter and get safe

Find a shelter and get safe. Also, if you come in contact with flood waters, you should use soap thoroughly, as flood water is highly unsanitary.

If you are missing a child, file a police report immediately, and contact the Center for Missing and Exploited Children at (866) 908-9570.

If you are emotionally distressed (from personal experience, it's common), you can call (800) 985-5990 or text TalkWithUs to 66746 or look here for the emotional distress hotline.

Reach out for Public Assistiance and FEMA Aid:

Register with FEMA at The FEMA Florence Info Center above will release the list of available counties (currently: Beaufort, Bladen, Brunswick, Carteret, Columbus, Craven, Cumberland, Duplin, Harnett, Jones, Lenoir, New Hanover, Onslow, Pamlico, Pender, Robeson, Sampson, and Wayne) . Worst case, apply and get told no. You can also use the FEMA Mobile App. If someone you know doesn't have access to the internet, they can call 800-621-3362.

At the state level, you can apply in South Carolina and North Carolina. There is also disaster food aid available. For those with SNAP benefits, states usually waive the restriction against hot food purchases - North Carolina has done so.

If you lose your job, reach out for disaster unemployment insurance (South Carolina, North Carolina). You can sign up for it here (South Carolina, North Carolina)

How do I use FEMA Aid?:

First, claim everything that was damaged, even if it's over the limit. This post explains how you should do this. If something is denied and you're still over the cap, then the rest of the stuff would cover you.

FEMA aid can come with instructions on what it can be used for. Use FEMA money only for those things, and keep receipts for 3 years.

How do I deal with my insurance?

Same as with your FEMA claim - claim everything that is damaged. The state department of insurance can help you with Hurricane claims. (South Carolina, North Carolina). If your claim in NC is denied, you can request immediate mediation.

Here's the link to file a claim for flood insurance.

I'm a renter, and the property is unfit, what do I do?

If the property is completely unfit, you should notify your landlord within 7 days in SC and 10 days and NC, and you are eligible to stop paying rent as of the date of damage, as well as the return of your security deposit. If you wish to continue your lease, you do not owe rent for the period the unit is uninhabitable.

In SC, if part of the house is unusable but the other part is fine, you can remain and notify your landlord, and only pay rent based on the fair market value of the remaining portion of the house.

Sources: South Carolina, North Carolina

I lost important documents in the Storm:

Driver's License (South Carolina, North Carolina)

Birth Certificate or Marriage License (South Carolina, North Carolina, to request from other states. In NC/SC, you can also get them from the state's Vital Records Office)

SNAP Benefits / EBT Card (South Carolina - call (800) 616-1309 or (803) 898-7851 or visit a local SC Department of Human Services office, North Carolina - call (888) 622-7328 or visit a local NC Health and Human Services office)h

How do I avoid or report scams?

Both states will work to consumers after the storm from scammers, which come in all flavors (fake charities, fake insurance adjustors, scam contractors, scam tree removal services, etc). They have helpful publications to help you spot scams, such as this one from SC, a guide to home repair scams, a guide to roofing scams, tree removal scams, . When in doubt, check the portal first.

South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs, North Carolina Department of Justice Disaster portal.

Other financial notes

The IRS often provides tax relief in the wake of disasters, and you can find out by periodically checking the newsroom. Also, here is a tipsheet on how to deduct storm claims from your taxes.

For student loans, you are eligible for 3 months of forbearance, which is automatic if you are in an affected county. Once we have contact info we'll post it, but the guidance is here. Many credit card/loan companies will work with you for forbearance, so you should contact your provider(s) if need be to get help.

The Small Business Administration will provide loans and assistance to those not eligible for FEMA assistance (or as a supplement). Individuals seeking assistance can apply online at, in person, once SBA Disaster Recovery Centers open, and by mail. Call 1-800-659-2955 or email at [](

Legal Aid Resources:

The Disaster Legal Services Hotline has opened up at 1-833-242-3549, and the NC Bar has opened up help and resources at

The SC Bar has a Florence Info Portal here.

SC's Appleseed Legal Justice Center

Legal Aid NC's Florence Portal

Other Megathreads:

r/Insurance metathread for insurance related questions

r/NorthCarolina megathread

r/SouthCarolina megathread

The prior pre-storm thread

How can I help?

CNN has a list of 3/4 star rated charities that are on the ground providing help. Another option is Team Rubicon.

The SC Bar is calling for volunteers to help provide disaster legal aid. No word yet from the NC Bar.

If you would like to donate specifically to legal aid, you could donate to the NC Bar Association's Disaster Legal Services Fund.

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Someone suggested I cross post this here ..

I went to college for computer engineering, and got a job in the industry afterwards. In college, my internships, and my job, I've dealt with sexual harassment and I've had to get tough with people, telling them to stay the fuck away when I get the first whiff of sketchiness.

Every time I've gotten a creepy text or instant message from another student or co worker, I've screenshotted it and backed it up in google drive just in case it escalates. That's helped me a few times, when someone started to follow me around in college, and when someone took things so far at work that I decided to go to HR. I don't report most of the shit though, I don't want it to look bad like I'm always running to HR.

Last night, I got really drunk with my friend because I had a day off planned for today. I went home in a kinda bad mood because we'd been talking about how she was going through similar shit at work. I was in a "fuck it all" mood, and I uploaded my whole folder of screenshotted text messages to Facebook and Instagram, with the caption "Phone & Inbox of a female computer engineer." And tagged all the men who had sent me messages, whose social media I could find.

Some of the highlights were...

A bunch of married men hitting on me, and me replying "dude you're married" or something along those lines.

Some guys asking me out and then taking rejection badly.

Some guys who would text me repeatedly even though I'd just replied "Don't contact me, other than for work purposes"

Sexually explicit messages, or messages commenting on my appearance out of the blue.

Overall, just messages from people ignoring my wishes to be left alone.

This morning, I woke up to my phone blowing up. (I had planned to take a vacation day off work today). A lot of the guys I'd tagged in my social media posts had contacted me demanding or pleading that I remove the posts. Most everyone had untagged themselves.

The Facebook post had gotten some attention from my friends, but my two Instagram posts (I had to make 2 to fit all the photos) had blown up. I had a lot of new followers, a lot of strangers commenting on my post, mostly supportive.

I also had a email from HR at work asking me to meet with them first thing Monday morning. I replied to say that I would. I don't know what to expect there at all. I have not replied to any other messages about my posts.

I need some advice. Should I speak to the guys who texted me about the posts? Some are very angry with me because they are married and their wives found out. I'm thinking it's safest to not. Should I leave the posts up, or remove them? Or wait to see how things go with HR before I decide? Should I be worried for my safety? I feel a little nervous but I don't know if I'm overreacting.

TLDR - I posted an album on social media, a collection of creepy texts I have gotten from men in my field of study and work


First time posting. If I am in the wrong here, I apologize ahead of time.

My SO is diabetic. With recent bouts of blood sugar issues at work, her boss is now requiring her to test her blood sugar and divulge the information to them. They told her that if her blood sugar goes out of a specific range(which they decided sound like ok numbers) then she is to report to them immediately with the results of her tests. We live in colorado. She has been denied her reasonable accommodations that are supposed to be provided by the employer already and looked past it. After an incident yesterday with her blood sugar, she was pulled aside today and told of her new requirements. I do not see how this can be allowed or even legal? We cannot afford to reach out for legal help and we are having a very hard time finding any information online beyond the usual "reasonable accomodations" information. Thank you so much in advance.


Link to the last post:

So a major update, after our step mother telling us there is no will for many years we did some digging after finding out for sure that no probate was filed, we got a digital copy of his will that wasn’t supposed to exist. Although there are many little things stated in the will that leads us to believe that it may be fake.

I know it sounds crazy but nobody would put it past our step mother. The biggest red flag is that the signature page is on a different type of paper from the regular will. From the copy you can clearly see that the signature is on a page that is two hole punched at the top and the rest of it is on regular printer paper. The next is that the font on the signature page is a little larger than the font on the rest of the will, along with that is the signature page is stand alone so there would be nothing stopping her from switching out one/all the pages. Comparing signatures they look very similar but there are very small discrepancies, but everyone knows that nobody can sign their name in the exact same way two times.

Now along to the actual content of the will. First thing off the bat, he doesn’t use one of my brothers full name and he also doesn’t use my mothers (his ex wife’s) full name. Next thing is that there was supposed to be a trust made upon his death but there is no information on how this will is supposed to be funded. Next is that there is an incomplete notary stamp it looks like a partial one but there is only text that says “my commission ends on x date) another thing is that the witnesses could possibly be family members of my step mother, I know that they’re not directly beneficiaries but the will gives all assets to my step mother which could then in turn give things of very high value to them. There is a lot more in the will that bring up red flags but wouldn’t make sense unless you’re actually reading it.

I know this sounds like a huge conspiracy theory and we are currently seeking an attorney who can answer these questions.

Are two different types of paper in a will enough substance to contest it? Does all of the other info help my case at all?

Thank you again and I appreciate any feedback!


She invited me over earlier in the day. I have texts to prove this. When I came over later she wasn’t responding to my texts or calls. When I got to her house her car was there. I knocked and went in through an unlocked door that I always go in when she’s not home. She wasn’t there and still wouldn’t responded to texts or calls. I told her I was in the house via text. I left after about 5 minutes of not hearing from her. On the way home she called me saying I broke in her house and she’s calling the cops. As it turns out, she was out with another man and called the cops when she saw the texts that I was at her house. At first I was charged with an F2 Burglary. It was sent to the Grand Jury. The Grand Jury just sent it back to lower court as Criminal trespassing. This is good, but I’m currently on probation for a fight I got into a year ago that didn’t involve my ex. So this isn’t just criminal trespassing, it’s also a probation violation. Anyone had a criminal trespassing charge with similar circumstances?

Edit: I have an attorney but he doesn’t say much about what he thinks the outcome will be. I know that every criminal case is different and judges are different and there’s a lot of variables, I’m just trying to find some previous experiences with something similar or even Ohio case examples that may help get this thrown out. I went to jail for 3 days for this already and I’ve had to spend over $5000 of money I don’t have. If you’re just here to ridicule me please just find another thread.


The original image and the movie poster

My dads photo (left) was taken in 2013 PROOF. The picture on the right is a poster for a 2016 Bollywood film that has just been brought to his attention.

Not only has the concept and styling been copied (double exposure, girl with messy bun in a tank top) which could be put down to a coincidence except that the two images align almost perfectly and the position of the faces in the frame match my dad's original photo almost exactly.

My dad makes little to no money from his photography its just a passion of his but this film made hundreds of thousands of US dollars using this as marketing without even so much as asking for permission to use it as inspiration.

I'm not sure if any kind of legal action is possible? I've seen similar cases where clothing brands have duplicated artwork but not sure if they went anywhere?

We are located in the United Kingdom.


I am the manager of an establishment in British Columbia. I have an employee (C) who is a practicing Jehova’s Witness.

Last year during December some of the other staff decided to put on some Christmas music on the radio. Now I for one hate Christmas music, but I have no complaints if most of my staff want to listen to it to make their day go by faster.

C however, hates Christmas music and loudly complains about being subjected to it in the workplace. He claims that it is discriminatory based on religious grounds for him to listen to it.

Now I understand that religious protection typically means that an employer cannot fire, refuse a raise or otherwise discriminate an employee based on their religion, but does it apply in this case? Am I breaking labour laws by allowing the rest of the staff to listen to Christmas music?

C is a great employee otherwise and a valuable member to the team. I am trying to be proactive since Christmas season is rapidly approaching and I want to make sure I do the right thing when the issue inevitably comes up again in December.



A few weeks ago, someone came in and wrote 4 checks over the weekend using 4 different coworkers. The 4 checks just came back because the account was closed totaling almost $500.

This is a Mom & Pop grocery store in Texas and they are telling my coworkers that they are going to take the money from their paychecks. I was also told that if we take a counterfeit bill, they can do the same.

Is this legal? Asking for a friend/coworker.


I'll try to keep it as short as possible. In 2010-2011 we rented our house in South Carolina because we moved to D.C but didn't know if we would want to stay. We used a very large and very well respected rental company to handle everything. They found us a tenant, male, who was going through a divorce. He had excellent credit and a very substantial salary, so we thought we had a good one. We moved in October of 2010.

We came back for Christmas that year and drove by the house just to check. Everything looked ok, except that my wife noticed some of her front yard plants had been moved. We contacted the rental company and asked them to notify the tenant that they would need our consent to make any changes to the property. They did and the tenant said she would put everything back. Um...what do you mean she? The rental company told us the husband was not living at the house, but that his wife and three kids were. This is supposedly the first they knew of it. That should have set off alarm bells, but we've never done this before and the rental company said it would be fine as long as we agreed, so we did. Bad move.

When the tenants finally got evicted in early 2011 for non-payment we returned to the house to find about $20,000 in damages and that's being very nice, so we contacted a lawyer who told us our options where to sue them in small claims court where we could get a settlement of about $11,000 dollars, or take them to "real" court which would cost us a bunch of money for the lawyers. He suggested we go the small claims court rout. Due to a number of reasons the move to DC had wiped out our savings so we couldn't afford the lawyer anyway.

After months of trying to find the man who signed the contract and serve him we finally found him in Florida and we sued him in small claims court in SC. He didn't show, so we won to the tune of about $11,000. A lean was placed against him, but, to date, that has done no good. You cannot garner wages in SC.

Given the man now lived in Florida I contacted another law firm there to have the judgement transitioned. I paid him $1,800 for the work. He did nothing, for months and it even got to the point where his assistant would actively avoid my calls. I would call and get voicemail. Then I'd call on a different phone and they would immediately answer. Turns out, the lawyer had a stroke. I demanded over and over again that they refund my money, but they never did. Even if the judgement had been transitioned Florida is a right to garnish wages state, but not if they have kids under the age of 18, which, of course, he does.

At this point, I gave up. I couldn't afford any more lawyers and was so frustrated and angry that I just didn't want to deal with it anymore.

Fast forward 7 years and I'm still angry. At the time of the rental this man was making over $300k a year. I just want him to pay what he owes, or, at least have some sort of repercussions. We are just now getting back on our feet after this whole fiasco, but I don't know what I could even do. The judgments are good for 20 years. Do I track him down and again and go through the whole process of transitioning the judgement to wherever he lives now? I don't want to just throw good money after bad. Any advice would so greatly appreciated.


My divorce (dissolution) was finalized Wednesday. I wish I was joking when I am about to tell you what happened that night. It turns out Wednesday night my ex wife decides to go out get wasted, total the car thats still in my name, and get a DUI. The fucked up part is she was still on my insurance policy and I was primary so this wreck will follow my record for five years. I am the only one who can get the car out of impound. The dissolution stated that she was to refinance the vehicle in her name so I could get off the title and get her own insurance policy. Obviously that didn't happen between our court time and Wednesday night. Am I simply screwed here? I am going to talk to my lawyer but I feel like there has to be some grounds here for a lawsuit. This really doesn't seem fair to me at all. But there is one thing i've learned about all of this is life isn't fair and it keeps kicking you when you are down. I haven't even been able to celebrate being divorced from her because I am still dealing with her bullshit. I am located in Ohio.


Edit: Located in Illinois

My girlfriend bought a condo and moved into years ago. When she moved in, there was a satellite dish installed. She had the dish replaced with a newer dish in the same spot. A few years went by and then she got an official violation notice stating that the dish was installed without permission she would need to get approval and have the dish reinstalled a different way.

She assumed the notice was sent in error because she just replaced an existing dish in the same spot, so she never followed up. I kept telling her she should, but sometimes she is bad at following up on stuff like this.

Nineteen months later, in August of this year, I come over and her TV wouldn't work. We spent an hour trying to get her satellite stuff working, but gave up and turned on Netflix. The next day she called the dish company, and after another hour of trouble shooting she realized the dish was missing. There was no notice or note left behind and she had no idea what happened to it.

She talked to one of the board members that lives in her building. The board member had no information. She lives alone and this really frightened her. She was worried someone stole it or was targeting her for some reason, so she called the police.

The next day she talked to the property manager and was informed it was removed. He said he had emailed her a few weeks before. She never saw the email because it was sent to her spam folder. All the email said was "Are you still using your satellite?". So in 19 months, she got one violation notice and one email. No other fines, or warnings that it would be removed and seized. She asked for the dish back and was told it was disposed of.

Digging in further, she found out the board president's husband was the one who removed it. Apparently he has his own company that solely does maintenance work for the association. It seemed a bit fishy that the board president's husband is contracted by the board for work, and that the satellite was taken without notice, so she attended a board meeting. There she confirmed that most of the board members didn't even know about the dish being removed. She was also chewed out and interrupted by the board president every time she tried to address the board. She couldn't get a complete sentence in without being yelled out and gave up.

A few days later she got an email saying they would give her $50 to cover the satellite, but she would have to sign a document saying she can't sue and also cover the cost of damages to the siding, which wasn't specified, even though there was a satellite there before she moved in. At the same time the police have stated they could investigate the situation as a crime, but she is afraid to get them involved.

Now a week later, she is driving home, and sees her satellite dish sitting in the board president's trash. She took it and brought it home.

Any advice on what she should do next?

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I was advised by r/relationships to submit my post here.

I'm my brother's legal guardian. Our parents are not in our lives anymore.

My brother's friend, P, confided in him that he has been sexting with their teacher.

The only proof that we have are the screenshots of P's chats with their teacher which he sent to my brother. It contains sexually explicit messages and photos, and even 'plans' to meet up and hook up. Is this enough?

In light of the fact that I saw the screenshots of the chats, am I criminally liable for seeing the sexually explicit messages and images of a minor?

EDIT: Thank you to everyone who replied. I greatly appreciate the advice. I spoke with an attorney today. Tomorrow, we will go to the authorities to file a report. P's parents and school officials will be notified as well.

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I will be using a throwaway for this due to privacy concerns.

My sister is overweight, weighing in at nearly 400 pounds. It is a very embarrassing thing for her, and it's always been a struggle to help her shed weight. Her endo has diagnosed her with severe thyroid problems along with hormonal imbalances that have been difficult to treat even with various medications. So a part of her current weight loss regiment is to exercise at a gym as recommended by her GP and her endocrinologist. She has enrolled at (x) Gym a few weeks ago.

Right away, she has claimed that she has had run-ins with a group of catty women. My sister has depression and anxiety, formed partly due to intense bullying from classmates and co-workers as well as abuse from our parents. So she tends to get overly nervous and makes mistakes. So my sister began to misuse the equipment accidentally, and the women tear into her in a very mean way. My sister apologizes but these women report her to the gym who reprimand my sister.

So for many days, my sister was being belittled and insulted by this group. They continued to report her and make her feel bad. Still she tried to ignore it because her health depended on this. One day, my sister got filmed struggling with the equipment and she slipped on the mat, falling on her butt. This was posted online and got passed around the gym and outside of it. She found out way later, and this hurt her. When she reported this to the gym, the manager said he would speak to the women. Days later, she asked the manager if he spoke to them, and he asked who my sister was (basically he forgot).

My sister wrote a complaint to the higher ups at the gym. She received a response stating that there was nothing they could do about her being filmed, as it was a public space. Three days after this, she received a notice stating her membership at the gym was cancelled. Despite this, she was charged the renewal fee. I stepped in and called them, demanding a refund on my sister's behalf. The gym told me that it was her responsibility to cancel the membership herself, I told them that they were the ones who cancelled on her. Basically the conversation went in circles.

Now what can I do? I have a feeling that there's not much I can do legally but I am hoping something can be done. My sister does not want to go to the media because she feels embarrassed and is afraid of being in front of a camera, also of the video online gaining more visibility. Can I take them to court? If so, for what charges? Can I legally compel them to give my sister the refund?


My sister got married to an Austrailian citizen a year or so back. She traveled to Australia on a visitor Visa and applied for permanent residence through her marriage.

About 2 months ago, she gets a call from the Australian embassy saying her visitor Visa has expired and she needs to leave the country until her request for permanent residency is approved. So she returns back to India for a month, while waiting for the approval process. Her husband and in laws stayed in Austrailia.

Now, her husband has told us that the Australian embassy has denied the application and has given my sister a lifetime ban from entering Australia. He said that the embassy called him and told this over phone.

We would appreciate any advice on how to solve this problem. If the application isn't approved, my sister can never live with her husband again. Any help would be welcomed.


This happened in Lake County, IN, USA

My brother was involved in a low speed accident where he struck the rear end of a police car who entered an intersection with his lights on and siren off. My brother's light turned green and he proceeded to go and didn't see the police car until it was too late. He slammed on his brakes but still clipped the car. My brother said the police car was traveling at a high speed and just appeared out of traffic in the intersection. Damage to the police car was minimal and damage to my brother's car was moderate / mostly cosmetic with some torn radiator hoses.

Both cars pulled off the roadway into an adjacent parking lot. The country Sheriff Department was called to write up the incident report. 10 minutes after the accident, after multiple police units had responded, a witness shows up saying she saw the whole thing and "wasn't about to let that boy get away with it and that she followed him to make sure he didn't get away." Keep in mind the only movement post accident was from the crash scene to an adjacent parking lot. My brother was not ticketed at the scene.

The Sheriff insisted that they had to tow my brother's car. It was drive-able but they determined the car was unsafe (fair enough). They would not however allow my brother to call a towing service. They insisted that they had to use their towing service to bring the car to their lot. They wouldn't let him drive it or tow it himself to his mechanic literally 500 feet down the road. The Sheriff reassured him that he wouldn't be responsible for the tow.

Today he's at the impound yard and they want $180 for the tow and $120 for one days worth of storage... Plus now he has to pay for a two back to the mechanic. The guy at the impound yard said he would tow it to the mechanic if my brother paid cash and would give him a receipt for a lot more so he could turn it into his insurance company and "make a few bucks". WTF Insurance fraud anyone?

He received his police report and my brother was found at fault for "Failure to Yield" and "Driver Distracted" The police report also states that the officer had their lights AND siren on (a lie), and came to a complete stop before entering the intersection (another lie). It also contains the witness testimony where she said the officer had both lights and sirens on (a lie).

I looked up Indiana Code Title 9. Motor Vehicles § 9-21-8-35 and it says you need to yield to emergency vehicles who have either their lights OR sirens on but I don't know if there is a proper procedure that needs to be followed if you're entering an intersection. Surely you can't just go blasting through just because you have lights on?

My brother tried calling the local police department to ask about the tow fees and yard fees since he was told he wouldn't be responsible by the officer. He was eventually transferred to the county attorney's office. The attorney asked if the car was on the road. My brother said no it was in a parking lot. The attorney said it was unacceptable that they made him tow it and made him use their company. He then asked where the accident happened. My brother told him and the attorney was upset that they brought it to a yard 15 miles away in another town when they have yards right there in town. He also said the officer should have never said my brother wouldn't be responsible for the tow. He gave my brother his email and cell phone number and said to pay for the tow and yard fees and scan and email all the receipts and documentation to him and they will look into it.

Fortunately there were no injuries and damage was pretty minimal (under $10K combined).

Is my brother completely in the wrong here or is there a chance at some recourse? I imagine it's hard to prove anything without video footage and I don't even know how to go about getting that if the police car even had it. If you take away the fact that it was a police car that my brother hit the other drive would be totally at fault for blowing through a red light. I'm just trying to wrap my head around the whole situation and hoped this community could help! Thank you!


[KY and TN]

My ex and I are not together and live in different states. He does not really see our son or offer any help with him.

My son [4 month] has insurance through the state and the state plans to press for child support against his father [19m]. His caseworker called me and told me what they were going to do and I approved of it. I mean if I didn’t approve it is very likely that he would be without insurance.

I called his father to give him the heads up, which I thought was the right thing to do, but he believes that he can sign away his rights to avoid having to pay for child support.

If he can’t sign away his rights, he supposedly plans to disappear.

Is there any chance that he will be able to sign away his rights because he does not want to pay? I don’t know what the consequences of him signing away his rights will mean for our son.


Location: Toronto, Ontario

I have been renting out my late fathers house to an elderly gentleman who i will call Tom. Tom was a close friend of my fathers, and when my father passed on Tom and his wife asked if i would be willing to let them live there (long story). They offered to pay rent, and maintain it until i felt the need to sell it.

Honestly i liked Tom and his wife, and since money was never a huge issue for me i just more or less let them live there indefinitely. His wife passed away last year, and ~3 months ago he passed away from a stroke.

I briefly talked to his Son (who everything was left to) after the funeral, who told me he would hire some people and move stuff into storage, and go through everything over the next few days. His son came out a few times, and removed some items, but basically did nothing, and has more or less ignored and dodged any of my emails/messages.

About a month ago his Son contacted me, and told me that apparently Tom's step daughter is apparently fighting the will, and he told me to not let her into the property if she shows up. When i asked when the items would be removed he said he needs to talk to his lawyer to see if he is even allowed to remove anything.

Since then he has ignored all of my messages and phone calls.

Unfortunately i want to get the place cleaned and ready for it to be sold. But i can't, and frankly i have no idea what i am even allowed to do.


so i worked at the airport, and during this time i had to be rushed to the ER for the second time within a week. on neither of the occasions had i done any substances, drugs + alcohol. so after the paramedic did his whole examination of assessment, he had noticed that my pupils were slightly bigger than they should be, and i had mentioned to him a bunch of things about how i was feeling, vertigo, nauseous, faint, lack of breath, etc. the paramedic was then asked by my former boss what was the possible problem, then the paramedic had replied i think hes on drugs, not doing any real test, urine, blood, hair follicles, etc. even after arriving to the hospital still no tests were done. next shift suspension. my question is are paramedics legally allowed to say anything remotely like this without any tests being done and can they legally suspend me like this with no proof and terminate.


Ok so basically I kept getting calls from this one number and it was this girl that was literally about to kill her self she left her parents or something basically because they didn’t except her Jewish boyfriend and she thought my number was her mom. I ended up picking the phone and I found out whole story her boyfriend dumped her and kicked her out the house she’s only 16 and shit she dropped outa high school and a bunch of other shit.... I ended up giving her advice to be fair I’m only 14 I don’t know a lot of relationship shit so I just told her if she wants I can maybe help her out by getting her a Uber to her moms house since she had the adress but the problem was she had no money to drive her there and it was like an hour away from her friends house... I got her the Uber she ended up calling me and thanking me and told me she’ll tell me what happens with her fam...I completely forget about the whole thing and my parents check my phone seeing that me and her had a conversation for like 1 hour and they saw our messages and my Uber messages they questioned me a lot and my parents are really strict they don’t want me having phone numbers they don’t know they don’t want me to message people certain words and shit it is really REALLY complicated but what they ended up taking my phone for the rules that I broke I was like whatever I atleast helped this chick out and I feel good about it.... she messages later that night trying to tell me about what happened and my parents find out it’s a girl....ahhh fuck... so then they procced to smash my phone into pieces and pretty much it’s gone now and I don’t know what to do the phone cost 400$ and I can’t buy a replacement and my parents are giving me shitty flip phone so yea help me pls


Long story but here goes. I am 16 years old and i wish to get vaccines. However, mom is "passionate" about them to say the least.

I remember when i was 9 years old when our class did speeches mom forced me to spread propaganda about vaccines.

Recently, when my friend's cat went to the vet to be spayed the vet gave the cat necessary vaccines while they were at it. My mother found out about this, and abused the vet and the receptionist who didn't even do anything. Mom was forced to find a new vet.

This should provide an example of how she will act towards me should i get vaccines. I know i need them, but i'm quite scared should she find out and abuse me.


I got a call from the principal of the school. My son had naked images of a person on his phone and got caught showing them to his friends and is being sent home while the principal coducts an investigation. The principal told me he will not be looking at the images but my son confessed to getting the images from a person online who sent them too him.

When my son got to my work I made him sit in my office and do his homework, later I asked him how old the person is in the pictures and he said maybe his age. So 12. He does not know this person in real life. The information he has about this "girl" is extreamly vauge.

I am going to the school on Wednesday to get his phone. My wife will take the phone. Look at all the information from this person and then fill me in so we can make sure he is safe.

My concerns:

What do I do with this phone? What do I do about someone sending my son nudes? What are the legal problems I dont see and should be aware of? Is my child at risk of any kind of criminal charges?

Please help me navigate this mess.


I’m currently a 16 y/o teen living with my parents in Toronto. I’ve finally gotten a part-time job at a shop not too far from me so I can save up some money and move away from my verbally abusive parents. My mother doesn’t want me to have the money and is forcing me to quit. So far she hasn’t really done anything yet but I’m afraid she will start to make a commotion at the shop cause I know she’s not afraid to do something like that and has done it to my older sister as well. Is there anyway that I can stop her from forcing me to quit? I do live with them currently and also don’t wanna have to contact CPS for this (but if it really comes down to it I might). There’s no real option for me to go to any other family either cause the closest I have is my sister who lives all the way in Niagara. All I want to do is work so I can leave :( Do I have any legal rights?


This all just happened today, and I haven’t had great luck googling, so I’m posting here to help myself and my husband calm down.

My BIL is physically and intellectually disabled, almost completely nonverbal, and lives with my husband and I. Our apartment complex has a small courtyard with some flower beds and a playground. My BIL’s favorite thing to do after work is sit in the courtyard. He doesn’t pay much attention to the kids on the playground (or anybody else in the complex)—he'll say hi if they do, but that’s it, he’s not chatty—but he really likes the flower beds. He takes a bunch of pictures on his phone of them almost every day (we have an evening routine that includes picking one or two and deleting the rest so his phone can keep any storage space, lol).

Today when I went out to get him to tell him dinner was ready, and a woman I’ve seen around but never met before came over to me. She asked me if/how I knew my BIL, and when I answered, she told me he’d been filming her daughters.

I was super taken aback, and said I was almost certain there was a misunderstanding and that he was taking pictures of the flowerbeds/garden, maybe even the trees. If her daughters were in the pictures, it was probably accidental, and I said we could look at his phone together and delete any she didn't want him to keep. She said she'd seen him “filming” her kids before, multiple times, and that as soon as she got home she was calling the police. She told me she only stayed as long as she did to make sure he didn't "try anything" with other kids (?!).

Look: I will be the first to admit my BIL lacks the capacity to make the best social decisions or understand how he comes off to strangers (he doesn’t “look” disabled, and he has definitely accidentally freaked people out before just because he’s very tall and quiet and doesn’t have really any social skills). But I go through his phone most nights (if I don’t, my husband does), and we’d know if he were filming or photographing children on the playground. He isn’t. I tried to explain this to my neighbor but she left. I did go through my BIL’s phone right after, and it was just the usual flower/tree pics. The back of one girl’s head was in one photo, in the corner. I asked him if he meant to take a picture of her and he told me he meant to take a picture of the tree.

I have no idea if this will blow over, or what. My husband is having a lot of anxiety about it, and I won’t lie, I’m kind of stressed too—again, I know my BIL didn’t intend any harm, and I know this woman is almost certainly just a well-meaning mom who didn’t know what my BIL was doing, but I don’t want this to become a “thing.” Are there any steps I should take to ensure my BIL is protected and this all goes smoothly, or should I want to see if anything even happens?

We're in New York state.

(This is my very first time posting, I hope I flaired it okay/included all the necessary information!)


My oldest child's mother and I have been divorced for approx 13 years. We had joint managing conservatorship, but she had the right to choose primary residence. I was there for each and every visitation opportunity that I had. In 2006, I lost my job and got behind on child support. It took me two months to find another temp position. She took me to court for enforcement and went without an attorney, because by the time the hearing came around I had the arrears in hand and thought I could just bring it to court. I was mistaken and given 10 years of civil probation.

After my temp position ended, it was very difficult for me to find a decent paying permanent position in the area I lived. I had gotten behind again and extremely concerned that she would take me back to court and I would be jailed the next time. I was able to find a very well paying permanent position, but it was 4 hours away. I didn't feel like at the time that I would be able to make ends meet and provide for my new wife and other child and also keep up on child support, so in 2010 I moved.

The new job paid significantly more than I would ever been able to make back in East Texas, and very shortly after moving, I was ordered to attend a child support review with the Attorney General's office. At that time, my child support obligation increased from a little over $600 per month to almost $1500 per month. I continued trying to find a stable job back where my oldest lived with his mother and would visit as often as I was able to schedule time off from work, schedule with my child and in a financial position to be able to afford the trip. During this time, my son's mother was very difficult to work with. She would do things such as refuse to bring him to me once in a while or meet halfway pretty much ever; I would call him and text him, only for him to not answer for days or weeks at a time. Many times I would have to ask his mother why he wasn't returning my calls or texts and she would then tell me that he was grounded from his phone. Of course I questioned why I wasn't notified or as his dad be an exception to the grounding, but was just told that I could have just called her. The decree allowed me to have visitation every spring break because of the distance and there was one time that she told me he didn't want to come, so I didn't force him, but the next time I saw him, he told me he never told her that. As he got older he had more and more activities, but in a lot of cases it was trivial things that could have been skipped or rescheduled. It was very apparent that she was making it as difficult as possible for my child and I to have a relationship.

In 2013, my child reached out to myself and my wife about coming to live with us, because he and his stepdad did not get along. Around this same time his mother found out she had cancer. At the time he was not of age for a judge to consider his request and it was a very sensitive time with his mother's illness, so he ultimately stayed with his mother. She battled her cancer for about 5 years, then in October 2017 she TEXT me to let me know her cancer had spread to her brain and only had a few months left to live. She requested that I allow her to have him Thanksgiving even though it was my year, because she didn't think that she would make it to Christmas, so naturally I did. I was actually travelling for work when she text, but as soon as I returned home I started reaching out the counselors and resources to help my son cope with the likely loss of his mother, guidance in dealing with grief and advice on the best way for him to transition to living with me. I emailed his mother and stepdad all the information an asked for them, myself and my wife to meet and discuss. They agreed and we set a date after a football game. At that time, she asked me not to talk to our son about anything until after another round of treatment to see how she reacts. Again I agreed, which I feel like now was a mistake not being adamant about sticking to a schedule all these years and compromising with her, but her not reciprocating. When we should up to the football game, she was accompanied by two of her sisters, spouses and children, sister and brother in-law, mother and father in law. The plan was to meet for lunch and discuss after the game, but she brought ALL of those people with her and they all sat down at one end of a long table and left us a few seats at the far end before we even got to the restaurant about 5 minutes after them. Obviously we did not discuss anything that day. My continued emails about all the resources I was looking into went unanswered...

On the morning of May 15th this year, I received a TEXT from the stepdad, that she was in the hospital and not expected to make it. I immediately left, but she passed away about an hour before I arrived. I stayed until her funeral, at which point my son came home with me. Now, I will say that in discussing with him about coming to live with me, he has made it clear that he wants to stay with his stepdad, because of his girlfriend and other friends from school, but as his dad it is my decision to decide what is best for him. I believe strengthening our relationship that was strained by his mother all those years, the culture, opportunities and better chance of receiving scholarships that he would have in a larger city and creating a better bond with his younger brother outweigh him wanting to stay with a 14 year old girlfriend. Even so, I told him I would think about it. Over the summer, I let him visit his stepdad and siblings about 2 weeks in total over a couple of trips. The middle of July, I told him I felt moving in with us permanently was what was best. When I told him I'm certain that he immediately told his stepdad, because I got a call from one of his mom's sisters telling me the news had spread around and she wanted to ask me to reconsider. During this conversation she told me that she was always an advocate for me. I asked what she meant and she responded that whenever my son's mother or any other family would say bad things about me when my son was around, she would always step in and tell them that they needed to stop saying things about me in front of my son. Now my first though was "I knew they were doing this to try to tear down my relationship with mys son", my second thought was "how often were they saying these things around him when the sister wasn't around, she was 2 hours away and didn't visit often".

By the end of July the stepdad filed a suit to seek custody of my son and provided an affidavit from himself and the sister that called me that night alleging that he was in physical harm and mental and emotional harm by staying with me. They filed this in East Texas rather than Central Texas where my son now lived with me. I was able to get the suit moved just before school started. Since then he has only visited a different sister twice, as she was the only one to ask to see him. When the suit was moved, the stepdad changed attorneys, but it was still an attorney in East Texas instead of Central. Shortly after, my attorney got a phone call from the new attorney and basically was told he knew a dad would never give up his son and no judge would take a child away from a biological father. He then asked if we would entertain a settlement offer, which we expected the stepdad to request visitation, which I made very clear I'd be happy to do before any suits came into the picture. So two weeks after that call and still no offer, I see that two new motions were filed, seeking custody and requesting the judge confer with my son. It also was served to my previous attorney that got the suit move to the proper venue, instead of my local attorney. My local attorney has been in court for over a week and has been unavailable, but now that this has happened yesterday, I am freaking out.

Does anyone have any advice or experience with this type of case? This is costing a lot of money, money I have had to pull from savings and borrow; money that I had intended to use to by my son his dream car in October when her turns 16. Most importantly though, he has in his mind that his stepdad is going to win custody and won't be here long; this has created an issue where he is not interested in making new friends at school or participating in any activities. THIS I believe is what is causing him the most harm. But I'm just his dad, what do I know, right?

EDIT: I also wanted to add that his stepdad has not attempted to reach out to him much at all and although initially his grandmother and aunts reached out quite a bit, over the last 6 weeks, they have all but stopped. His girlfriend is regularly making awful comments about me in particular. She frequently "breaks up" with him for silly things, such as he wanted to go to the gym after school one day, but she told him if he did, she wouldn't talk to him. I know this is an unhealthy relationship, but I also know I cannot be the one to end it; he has to come to that decision himself.

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