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EDIT Important note to this. Only Registered Dietitians or RDNs (registered Dietician Nutritionists) are technically certified to diagnose & treat food/nutrition related illnesses, diseases, & conditions such as eating disorders & deficiencies.

1) Some or most people might spell it Dietitian, not Dietician. Unsure if one is correct or if its just regional.

2) YMMV. Certain countries or states likely have different regulations on this. AFAIK in most parts of the US and UK, Nutritionists can get some sort of certification and higher ed training, but its not generally required, and its not as regulated as a Dietitian or Registered Dietitian. In almost all cases, anything like "Diet Coach" or "Nutrition Coach" or "Heath Coach" or "Nutritional Specialist" are bs terms. Main takeaway from this LPT is do your research on your own country or state's rules, and be careful who you trust.

3) I'm not intending to imply that there aren't any Nutritionists with 4 year degrees, graduate degrees, or proper training. Just saying rigorous education & certification is not always required, unlike Dietitian, which is a regulated & protected term almost universally. I'm sure there are some great, knowledgeable Nutritionists and Nutritional Therapists out there...and some terrible quack Dietitians. Again, do your research and be careful who you trust.


For example, if you think it's a bot promoting Russian propaganda, you can ask him about his opinion and thoughts about Saudi Arabia. A real user will add his opinion to the conversation, somebody on payroll will ignore the question and focus on the controversial topics on his agenda.

Bonus points if you ask about something that might land him in hot waters with his superiors. For example, if you think you are speaking with a Russian troll trying to sow discontent, you can ask what's his opinion on Alexei Navalny, an opposition candidate in Russia. If he is a Russian troll, he will be caught in a catch 22 and have to ignore your question.

Edit: Because a lot of people are asking, this LPT is not about How to win an argument and not about How to change the conversation topic. This is about spotting and filtering propaganda bots.

Edit2: This works only as a negative filter, not as a positive filter. For example, you can't say an account IS a bot through this, but you can say it ISN'T.

Edit3: I am referring to bot accounts as a in "A group of accounts created with the purpose of promoting a view", not as in "An account which automatically generates text".


Unique, affordable engagement rings, handmade in the UK


Edit: This is from the perspective of the debtor, not the lender. And, it's not necessarily about money borrowed so much as any kind of monetary debt you feel the need to repay: gas for car, Uber fees, consuming friends chips and beer (yeah, that's you Jonathan).


EDIT: Yes an edit at the start, it's that important, I didn't do anything to cause the notifications you are receiving, I didn't pay anything to anyone and frankly it makes me feel dirty this is happening. I received gold for the first time a few days ago, that's the only thing I can think of to have caused this.

This post had 7 upvotes when the notifications started going out, I thought it was dead, then I start getting all this hate because users are getting push notifications.

TBH I got 1 notification before I turned off the setting in the official Reddit app so I don't really get why people are so butthurt, however it is evidently affecting the way we all communicate on Reddit which is a BIG deal for me.

(I removed a profanity ridden politically focused rant ftom this section as it no longer seemed necessary)

Edit 2: Ok people are asking so I'll try to put together the original post from memory.

The old adage goes "do something you love and you'll never work another day in your life" which sounds great but is true for very, very few people, the vast majority of us in rewarding, fullfilling careers have to do things they don't want to do and it is very easy to "grass is greener" looking at occupations from the outside.

Post your dream job in the comments and in all likelihood someone will post the part of it they don't like doing and why it is worth it.

Actors don't like sitting for hours memorising their lines, game devs don't enjoy spending days sifting through code to find a misplaced apostrophe and even rock stars hate all the travelling and interviews. They all do these things they don't want to do because the end result is so satisfying.

It is human nature to follow the path of least resistance, however chasing jobs based on how easy they are is unlikely to lead you down a fullfilling career path, what we all ultimately want in this life is to feel valued and more often than not this requires us doing things we don't want to do.

You can have a job where you do absolutely nothing all day and get paid heaps of money and I can guarantee you something will be missing.

Not quite what I originally wrote but in essence is what I was trying to say.

Thanks to some of you commenters, I realised it can be viewed from a wider perspective not limited to your career.

You can have a job which consists entirely of doing things you don't want to do with no intellectual payoff, but if that job allows you to go home every night, be with the ones you love and provide a better life for them it can be the perfect job, because doing the things you don't want to do are worth it, because you feel valued.


Sorry if this is common knowledge but I have never heard of this until today. If you have been using premium since before going to uni maybe this is new for you too.


Often you can't use your PC for gaming anyways while defragging it so you can spend those hours cleaning your house instead.

That way you will clean your PC AND your house from junk at the same time.

If you are like me and rarely do it, it will take a very long time to complete anyways so you can be productive while doing to things at the same time.

*excuse my english if it looks odd, I'm in a rush*


Cringeworthy examples (things I’ve directly seen):

“We’re naming our baby Jake!”

  • DON’T say “Oh I knew a Jake once...”
  • DO say “Wow, congrats on deciding! That’s awesome!”

“My girlfriend and I broke up last weekend”

  • DON’T say “Man, I broke up with my girlfriend a year ago”
  • ALSO DON’T make assumptions (unless you already know how they feel about it) based on how YOU would feel and say “That sucks! I’m so sorry” or “Well I’m sure it’s for the best!”
  • DO say “Oh wow that’s big news, how are you doing since?” or “How are you holding up?”

Think about the last time you received a truly random compliment - it feels awesome. Do that more for coworkers, friends, family, etc. Sometimes a “cool shirt” comes at a time when that person really needs a pick-me-up and it feels great to be that source of positivity.


This way you will never feel like you are spending time cleaning it and it will be clean much quicker than you think.


The Four Most Dangerous Vacation Destinations


Wasps, bees, hornets, scorpions. I was a few times as a kid, and my stepdad taught me that a pinch of tobacco covered in (my) spit, held tightly against the sting, will stop the pain in 3-5 minutes (or knock it down 90%). You may use someone else's spit if you prefer, but I can't vouch for efficacy of this method.

When you get stung in the wild, someone's more likely to have a cigarette than a tube of anti-sting ointment, so this might help someone. FWIW - wetting the area and covering with baking soda will have the same effect, if you have that lying around.


Instead of grabbing something sharp, grab some 60 grit sandpaper paper and swipe the opposite way the splinter went in. It's virtually painless and works very well with metal splinters.


So, I’m in vacation in Brazil (coast village called Buzios, state of Rio de Janeiro) and I booked what seemingly would be a wonderful room at a nice hotel. Browsing it all seemed fair, the pictures were nice and the reviews were pretty good. It’s a 3 stars hotel I think. I booked one of the largest rooms available (for 4 days) and to my surprise, there are some dealbreakers here and in retrospect, I wouldn’t have had booked this room, let alone any room in this hotel. Here’s why:

  • The light bulb thingy from the entrance is broken and hanging off the wall;

  • The air conditioning is incredibly dirty and has some moldy looking thing inside it (the manager said it’s regularly cleaned);

  • The jacuzzi is entirely broken, it doesn’t fill and it’s one of the nastiest things I’ve ever seen in my life. The small amount of water that comes out of it stinks and the valves are all black with dirt. Some of the massage jets are all broken and missing, kinda moldy too;

  • The wooden deck from the jacuzzi is pretty beaten;

  • So far I found two enormous cockroaches in the bathroom, I managed to kick one outside through the balcony the other one disappeared;

  • There are two showers (side by side for couples) and hot water doesn’t come out of one of them;

  • There aren’t hangers for me to hang my shirts, 2 days ago I asked for some and they gave me two (today);

  • There isn’t a menu where I can read the rules/info/etc nor a DO NOT DISTURB sign. One of the cleaning ladies came in 10 minutes ago laughing and talking to her friends that were outside and rushed into the room while I was relaxing in the bed, one of the weirdest moments so far.

So yeah, luckily I’m alone so these things are all somewhat manageable but if I were with my fiancée, this would be incredibly stressing and shameful. This hotel sucks and I had no idea. I didn’t even use these website to book, I called the place directly and they even gave me a 10% discount. At this point I think I could get some sort of partial refund.

Can anyone please provide me with tips or things I should probably do next time? How can I know a hotel is really decent? Should I come to the city without booking anything at all (online) and check the places in person? This isn’t really viable I guess. What do you guys do to ensure a nice stay?


Its not about what YOU think is best for them, you will just waste time, its about what THEY want. Most can‘t say there own idea is bad, so... Especially useful for designers or generally people working in service sector.


this also might be a PSA/LPT for people who browse NSFW/Porn content at a public place. This can also helps you to avoid any public awkwardness when browsing reddit.

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