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My fiance and I have to bathe our kitten because she has ringworm. The first bath went about as well as you'd expect and we have several battle scars to prove it.

The second time, she knew what was up and absolutely refused to go in the water, clinging to our skin for dear life. We had the idea to wrap her up in a small towel and keep her there while we gave her the bath so her claws wouldn't scratch us. So we filled the sink with warm water and while she was purrito'd we put her in the sink and she didn't struggle at ALL even once her front paws were free. No meowing no clawing no nothing. She was as chill as could be and we washed all of her with no struggle. She even calmly walked to the warm dry towel we had to dry her with instead of scrambling across the counter in a panic.

Wouldn't ever give a cat a bath unless necessary but this saved us so much blood and tears.


This especially applies to body panels. I rear ended another car a few days ago and needed some parts. I ordered aftermarket ones expect one panel which was only available OEM, so it would cost around $500.

Today, I was visiting my grandparents and my grandpa told me he might have some parts here because my grandma had that same car and it was in an accident once. Lo and behold, I found everything I needed and saved a good $1000 in parts.

Edit: Apparently this is a stupid LPT.


I used to find myself procrastinating a lot when I was younger. I would have a party to go to that starts at 8 per se, and I would play video games up until 7 and then get ready, and barely get there on time, cutting it close constantly. After hearing it from family members my entire life, it never stuck until my girlfriend at the time said, "why don't you get ready first, then play video games?" Bingo...made total sense haha.

Now I see others in my life that do the same thing, thus, this LPT. If you wander on your phone, on Facebook or Instagram, or just procrastinate until you realize you have little time to get ready, just get ready FIRST, and then whatever time you have left over, you could do whatever.

Hope this helps at least 1 person!


The best advice I ever received from a boss was, "people will take you more serious if you look the part."

I used to roll out of bed and rush into work every day. I thought I looked fine, but it wasn't my best. Luckily, I had a boss who cared enough to say something, so I took the advice as helpful and decided to try it.

It was a slow process, but I eventually started caring about my appearance and entered top management within 2 years.

I credit this advice to much of my success over the past 10 years, and I actual enjoy spending 30-45 min getting ready each day. My SO certainly appreciates it, and people really do treat you with more respect the better you look.

Hoping this advice can help someone as much as it did me.


I know in the moment it might feel like crack to stoop to their level to beat them but when you think back on the incident older and wiser you will be more at peace and happier you took the high road.


When I first logged on this morning, I was given the choice of 'old' or 'new' Reddit. 'New' bugs me, but the option seems to have disappeared. Luckily I noticed the URL change.


It may seem obvious to some but imagine the difference between an employee coming to you with a problem that you then have to figure out how to solve VS an employee coming to you with a problem they already have several solutions for and you simply need to choose (as the manager) which option you believe is best.

In my experience when most employees come across a problem they don't know how to instantly solve they simply present it to their manager and wait for a response.

This does nothing other than concrete your managers opinion that you are unable to do their job and they subconsciously disqualify you from promotion, presenting them with multiple solutions to a problem however makes them feel they are in control whilst simultaneously considering you as an asset worthy of promotion or at the very least retention.

Edit: Couple of things that have come up

  1. Time frame - I wasn't suggesting withholding critical information from your superior, if you have 30 seconds to tell them, come up with some ideas in that 30 seconds, even if they are bad ideas it shows you are willing to employ critical thinking in important situations. You can teach someone with bad ideas how to improve them, you can't teach someone with no ideas how to have them.

  2. Trivial Matters - Obviously don't bother your boss with trivial decisions that are a normal part of your job, it should be clear based on the roles and responsibilities of your position which decisions need management oversight and which are well within your jurisdiction to make, if that distinction is unclear it is certainly something you should clarify with your manager.

  3. You should just make the decision yourself - In many situations this is correct from a pure "efficiency" standpoint but often if you don't take things to a manager your solving them goes unnoticed and your clever decision making is superfluous, it is a fine line between irritating and impressing your manager and that line can vary wildly depending on the individual but generally speaking when combined with common sense it works.

  4. Management Perspective - I AM NOT currently a manager, over the past 20 years I have bounced back and forth between employer/employee in different companies, combined roughly 8 years as a manager and 12 years as an employee, I am not complaining about my current situation, I am very happy and follow this LPT on a daily basis.

Edit 2: Thankyou all so much, I really didn't expect this and the different perspectives presented in this thread are mind blowing, the other LPT I follow is "Seek first to understand" and you have all helped me (and hopefully others) to do just that.


So many of my old friends have started their own businesses and you know how "friend/friend-of-a-friend" is a really big qualification these days.


Just last year, I got my licence for the first time and, wouldn't you know it, my road test was on Halloween. I thought it was a bit of a bummer at first, but the next available date would have been December, so the choice was obvious: sooner rather than later.

The road test goes fine, and I pass, and then me and my instructor go to the DMV to finish up everything. She remarks that due to the fact that it was before everyone had gotten out of work and Halloween, the lines would be shorter than ever.

I walk into the DMV to see the grim reaper in line, along with a woman fully decked out in a gothic outfit, top hat and all, waiting patiently as ever as a silver skull glowed green on her belt buckle, and with Superman taking his driver's licence photo.

We were done in ~30 minutes, and on top of that it turned what could have been a hellish experience into entertainment for me


Months ago I was with a friend in an upscale cocktail lounge, the bartender from the previous establishment showed up shortly after we did. He knew the current bartender, who seemed cool. They are chatting on and off and the working barkeep becomes a whiny little bitch a couple of times about co-workers. It's one of those minor incidents which is slightly annoying, but it leaves me with a negative experience from a pretty cool place. The whiner was also a little overconfident for no good reason.


Was traveling abroad with no access to an iron and wrinkled clothes. A hair dryer, which is available in most hotel rooms, on hot acts like a dryer to unwrinkle clothes. Worked to get most of the wrinkles out, especially for cotton.


They have a lot of other ingredients that you may or may not want, but usually just a lot of creatine and vitamins on top of the caffeine. Way cheaper option and they taste better imo.

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