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Source: years of experience having to be on expensive meds and biologics. Biologics can cost hundreds even with great insurance but the company programs get that down to 50 or even 5 bucks. I also got Epiduo for free when it originally cost $118 before the coupon.


Examples: "Whom is our leader?" --> "Him is our leader" :/ "Who is our leader?" --> "He is our leader" :) "Who should we follow?" --> "We should follow he" :/ "Whom should we follow?" --> "We should follow him" :)

Edit: also works with who/they and whom/them. "Who is next? They are next." "Whom do we admire? Hmm, definitely not them"


I work as a bartender and going to the bank after every single shift is a pain, but keeping cash in your wallet increases the likelihood of using it. Instead, use an envelope method. You can organize the envelopes based on what you’re budgeting towards (IE: Rent, bills, groceries, recreation, etc.). This way you can even set goals for your budget that are easier to keep track of. When you meet your goal, deposit it in the bank! This has made me MUCH better with money and I always have my rent ahead of time.

Edit: I could’ve sworn this had a different name, but apparently it is actually just called the envelope method.


After a day of standing in the same shoes, your feet will be feeling the pain. Most folks who do these trips will say to bring spare shoes, but that makes for bulky luggage... and fewer souvenirs.

Instead, pack extra insoles for the shoes you're already wearing. Unlike shoes, they're thin, flexible, and light. Swap them out each night, and it'll feel like you're wearing brand new shoes each day! Two extra pairs are about the same size as a spare shirt.

For the best results, bring multiple different styles: extra arch support, gel, memory foam, etc. Each will put the weight on different parts of your feet, which reduces fatigue even more.

Bonus tip: make sure to try them out before you leave and cut them to size.


LPT: Always store a combination lock in the locked position thereby preventing you from hastily locking it on something and realizing you misplaced or forgot the combination (b/c you'll have to know the combination to use it...)

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