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Posted byu/[deleted]7 months ago

Tis the season. Don't leave gift boxes outside for the thieves to see, update any console/device you give as gifts and buy batteries for the gifts that need them.


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4 points · 6 months ago

Can we get rid of this thread already? It stinks like a rotting old carcass.

Also don’t leave gifts in your car. Car break-ins increase around holidays because they know many people are hiding gifts in the trunk.

A friend lost an engagement ring this way the night before Christmas. Had it hidden in the glovebox.

Yeah I randomly got a package delivery stolen from me on Christmas Eve, and it's from eBay so I can't really do anything about it

dont open the gift to update it lmfaoooo

-5 points · 6 months ago(4 children)

What makes you say (3)?

What makes you creep?

Reddit is timeless ;)

FWIW it feels awesome to call out someone other than an ex.

I always request for packages to have to be signed around this time of year. It saves me a lot of hassle and worrying about running home to get packages.

Bonus tip: leave boxes outside for enormous butt plugs, mains-powered dildos and an inflatable sheep with "easy clean mouth hole".

No one will go within 50 FOOT of your house even if you have a 90" tv and PS4 pro.

This will help also if you are lonely, and no one even looks at you, because when doing this tip, you will get looks from every single one of your neighbours.

Protip: Leave outside a box for a Jaguar console or a Nintendo Switch Barbie Horse Princess bundle. Thieves will feel sympathy for your poor ass and will buy you a PSVR.

I would steal that barbie horse princess bundle. You'd be surprised at the things that end up gaining value

Protip: not apple share price :)

Is there ever a season to just leave valuables sitting around outside in a box at your door?

It refers to the empty boxes

LPT: If you buy a new video game console as a gift for someone, give it to them a day or two before Christmas, especially if it comes with a digital game or mandatory update they need to download. Servers tend to go down or crash during Christmas Day because of the mass amount of new players trying to connect online.

Keep the tv boxes for when you move.

I DM'd OP about removing this post and resubmitting it without the updating thing, but they aren't responding :'(

Don’t update consoles. When I got my Xbox One and had to wait HOURS for it to update and download Halo 5 on my slow ass Internet, actually being able to play was well worth the wait and excitement

If you bought a console for your kids...yeah, update it they don't want to wait.

Yep, nephews got an Xbox one last year and it was ridiculous how much larger the update was, and no was around it for the kids with a 1 MBps connection.

Comment deleted6 months ago(2 children)

If you had several consoles from age 7 to 18, then you're still extremely young and also spoiled.

21 and the only consol I still own is a ps2 and a gameboy.

I second this for a different reason. You're gonna disappoint your receiver if they happen to be into homebrew. The 3DS model I got for Christmas last year usually comes on 9.2, but the gifter had opened it and ran through the setup process on their own time, updating it in the process. It took forever for the firmware it was on to get an ARM9 exploit.

But the 3DS can be hacked on any firmware now.

This is such an unlikely event that I can't even imagine it applies to almost anyone who bought a console as a gift.

Yeah, screw pre-crippled devices :(

Remove shipping labels from large boxes (think Amazon) before you take them to recycling or your disposal. We have recycling centers that take oversized boxes like TV/refrigerator, etc and I frequently see expensive items with shipping labels right on them. Instead of driving around and looking for your stuff, they'll just go to a central location and case your house remotely.

15 points · 7 months ago

Never open someones else's gift, for any reason.


I broke my 2ds too!

NTRBootHax is your friend.


It was a massive structural deficit.

Don't do the startup setup unless you already know their wifi password. They'll get lost trying to find the menu. Since you already did startup, they won't get a new user wizard popup or equivalent.

Scratch that, never open someone's console. I PM'd OP about taking this shitty advice down.

Holy shit. Most people buying a console as a gift are parents buying for children. This is exceptionally good advice for about 99% of people giving a console as a gift.

You can restore after updating.

Leave cookies and milk out for the thieves at least, you heartless grinch.

Real LPT Leave empty gift boxes in neighbors trash so thieves rob neighbors home instead.

this sounds more like an ULPT

Stop with the updated console devices advice. Don't unwrap any gifts.

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Yeah, I would be pissed. That turns something new into used - acceptable.

Also homebrew potential. The gifter updated my 3DS I received last year, I was pissed when it took forever for the firmware they updated it to to receive an ARM9 exploit.

Just because you're an uber nerd doesn't mean this applies to...Well, pretty much anyone.

True story, my cousin got a $3k audio setup and left the boxes outside. A few days later his home was broken into. Stay vigilant!

That's teenage neighbors.

Downvoting because of the second “tip.”

Upvoted comment because it asked OP to downvote this shitty advice.

Downvoted you both for being ignorant.

How are we being ignorant? Telling someone to open up someone else's gift and install an update without their permission is not okay. The only exception is if you're gifting it to a child that is your own.

Which is who 99% of console recipients are. You think people are buying consoles and high end devices for friends?

Yes. Good people exist.

I am already buying a present, why the hell would I also buy batteries?

8 points · 7 months ago

If the gift you are giving requires batteries and you don't include at least a set to get it started, then you are giving a partial gift. And the recipient might not even be able to play with it until after the holiday.

I think someone stole mine yesterday, ironically. Am I just SoL $400?

2 points · 6 months ago

A package? Call the shipping company ( UPS, Fedex, USPS, etc...) and open a claim. Not an instant resolution, but might help you out.

Please do not open consoles in order to update them. The experience of opening the box and removing the console for the first time is a big deal. The same went for games before they started phasing out physical releases.

Not just that, but homebrew potential and condition can be important factors. I don't see any reason why you should update someone else's shit.

Jesus Christ, get off the homebrew dick.

I would be really mad if someone got me a 3DS that still had 11.2 but then updated to 11.5.

Please don't update for someone else, let them decide what's best for them.

I haven’t updated my 3DS in like forever, why does version matter? Home brew?

/r/3dshacks for Homebrew and shit

Yeah, basically. Gotta have B9S

17 points · 7 months ago

You mean open the gift for updating console before the one receiving does? Sounds like an excuse to play yourself

Comment deleted7 months ago(5 children)

I don't know anybody stupid enough to take batteries out of fire alarms or smoke detectors.

They're usually not even the same batteries, at least not where I am.

The same way with me too.

... during Christmas!

Crud, I never even thought of that. Now I know what to do when I need a 9 volt.

If you have a neighbor you don't like, put the boxes in front of their house so they get robbed instead.

make sure the boxes are heavy as heck!

51 points · 7 months ago

Do not update consoles/devices. I want to be the first to open it. To remove that plastic. To update the thing myself.

Don’t actually update a console, unless you know the person receiving wouldn’t want to that them self.

Can't stress the first part enough. Where I live thieves have started following FedEx and UPS delivery trucks. Package theft has become rampant.

yep one of my friends had this issue, and she bought a LE 3DS online, the delevery person apaprently chased after the guy for a lil bit or something? not sure.

I served on a jury last month for a guy who was caught stealing amazon packages from an apartment building

10 points · 7 months ago

I hope you voted for life in prison.

at the end of the first day he plead guilty. i still want to know what his punishment was

10 points · 7 months ago

I hope the judge threw the book at him. A real heavy one.

3 points · 6 months ago

One? How about 3 or 4. I despise people who steal and thieve like that. Just taking stuff off of someones porch, not know what it is, when it could be someones life saving meds.

89 points · 7 months ago

please dont update shit. some people might want to jailbreak or homebrew or whatever

if you're gifting a gaming system or iphone it wouldn't hurt to look up or ask someone about which firmware to use

and in the case of sony mirrorless cameras there's also an irreversible update that changes long-exposure noise reduction algorithm to eat stars

don't update shit.

184 points · 7 months ago

Stop with the update devices advice. Leave it wrapped up. Brand new.

If you do give them a console make sure you give them rechargeable batteries because they will go through a lot of batteries with wireless controllers, leading to more expense and more toxic waste in the long run.

What consoles require rechargeable batteries? I have a PS3, PS4, Switch, and PS Vita. They have micro USB, or USB C for charging purposes. No batteries required.

rechargeable batteries

what? most new systems have batterys built into the system, save for the xbox one controllers.

this is kinda a dumb tip unless your giving somebody an xbox controller or something of the stort.

Yeah I have an Xbox so there is that...

its still a good tip if xbox user, I have an xbox controller for pc but no actaul xbox. I have a Switch/Wiii ECT.

that being said I have a wirless wavebird for my gamecube some where.

-5 points · 7 months ago(0 children)

LPT don't open anyone's console or device to update it, breaking the seal and opening it and getting that brand new smell, turning on for the first time cannot be replicated. If they have to update it so be it, more time with the family while it updates.

5 points · 7 months ago

Seriously, I had to downvote for that part. It's a nice gesture but it's too fun to open new stuff. If you think they need help, sit with them after they open it and help them.

Breaking the seal, and removing all that plastic wrap is soooo fucking good. Ive never done crack, but id imagine it's the same feeling.

On a completely abstract note, where do all those shortly used game systems end up? I don’t like to think about it.

Done is, but only the first time.

I know what you mean.

That's what dopamine flooding across your brain feels like.

33 points · 7 months ago

LPT: Dont do drugs more than once?

Say no to drugs Say yes to drug

This is really fucking with high me

28 points · 7 months ago

Reminds me of that dude who tried heroin for he first time and he posted it on Reddit, everyone’s like ‘it’s gonna mess you up dude you gotta stop while you still can’ and he was like ‘nah you guys don’t know what you’re talking about.

Long story short, he battled with a heroin addiction for like 3 years

EDIT: Found him.

Yah, but heroin is different. Don't fuck with opioids. Ever. That's the one drug class you stay away from.

Coke, on the other hand. Well, it's alright. Just alright. The feeling is solid — you feel strong and confident and all "Hoorah!" for like 20 minutes to an hour. But the drips are nasty, almost triggers your gag reflex. It's definitely not some crazed rush, like you might expect if you've seen Chapelle play Tyrone Biggums. Can't say I have any desire to ever try it again, moreish as it may be in the moment.

Oh man, I just read all his posts. Glad he got sober.. crazy story

52 points · 7 months ago

Last year or the year before, I got a 3DS for my son for Christmas. To my surprise, it does NOT come with a power cord (unless they've changed this since then). A little annoying that every store was closed on Christmas and he couldn't charge his 3DS.

2DS comes with it.

That’s dumb as hell, how does a console not come with a power cord? That’s like buying the switch and you only get one half of the controller

makes it cheaper for those who already have a cord, why not? im more surprised the store didnt ask if you needed a cord

1 point · 7 months ago

Apparently it's a thing in Japan.

Back in the day when printers woulf still need a special printer cable (lpt cable), it was pretty normal to buy a printer and also buy the cable.

That’s understandable but that was back in the day, there is no reason for that to happen now

yeah but most people already have a cable is nintendos assumption.

for example, I have 3 already.

Nintendo's logic was you would only be buying a 3DS XL (which lacked a power cord) if you were trading in a regular 3DS. Lots of gamers complained about this

13 points · 7 months ago

And when you did trade it in, the stores wanted the charging cable with the old console. So you still had to buy a new cord.

142 points · 7 months ago

Don’t open a gift you got for someone. No matter your intentions, it will probably not be genuinely appreciated.

And don’t forget where you put the batteries, and have to run out Christmas Eve to get more. Source: last year we bought a 100 pack of batteries from Woot in ~August. We then put them away, to only find them this past April.

322 points · 7 months ago

Yeah, don't update consoles or any other devices that require an account to sign in to. Let the person who received it create their own account and set it up as they please.

Comment deleted7 months ago(3 children)

PS3Xploit is out to allow jailbreaking from 4.82 if you're into that.

4.82 IS the latest update for PS3 though.

And if said person wants to cough homebrew their device, let them decide if they want to update it.

What /u/IClickAllRiskyLinks meant by that was that you should not update the device, because the latest update might not support homebrewing.

I just pointed out that the PS3 had a method to homebrew on the latest update.

You know that you can still make your own account, right? They're not soulbound items that can only have one account.

Even then, the servers are always down on christmas

174 points · 7 months ago

Yep. Every year that's a tip, and every year there's a deluge of people coming in and saying "If you open someone's brand new system, they will not be happy even if you updated it for them." Unwrapping and pulling the protective plastic is wonderful. Hell, if I get a new monitor for a coworker, I'll offer to let them open it.

88 points · 7 months ago

if I get a new monitor for a coworker, I'll offer to let them open it.

You are a great boss.

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