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I spent the night in Atlanta :(

I live here though.

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Cheer up bro, things can only get better!

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I dunno. He could end up moving to Detroit.

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Bang bang and they ain't fireworks

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That's not ketchup coming out of you.

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Someone say hello to Gucci mane for me

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LPT, never get a layover in Atlanta or Houston.

I've lost count of how many times I've had to spend the night in those cities.

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Rise the fuck up then

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Or have the airline app on your phone and change it while you’re taxiing.

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Using the airline’s website/app is free over the airplane’s WiFi as well. If it’s a fact you are going to miss your flight you can rebook in the air or check to see if you’ve already been rebooked as well. I know this exists for my airline as well as others.

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This can back fire on you though. Was late and rebooked before I landed at my connection. Found out my original next flight was delayed. Went to the gate only to find out the flight full and since I gave up my seat, a stand by passenger got it.

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Yeah that’s the risk of flying. Sucks but it happens.

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over the airplane’s WiFi

Good joke

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I’m a flight attendant myself and I use the in flight WiFi constantly(mostly the GoGo system). I use it to watch the in flight entertainment and to rebook any Deadhead flights I’m doing.
90% of the time it works great. It can get slowed by too many people going on at once of course. But I’m still able to do emails/watch the in flight entertainment/booking no problem.

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Flying as a passenger to get to another airport to work, my sister was based in Miami but lived in Dallas so she had to deadhead to Miami to get to her work flights first. She finally got based in DFW so she doesn't have too as much now.

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Yes and no.
For commuting to work initially flight attendants have to fly standby on our airline or an airline we have a reciprocal agreement with. Standby means we fill an empty seat. When someone is deadheading, our job needs us someplace ASAP. Wether it’s to get us to an airport to fly the next day to pick up a sequence. Or to help out a sick crew member that’s when positive space is made on the flight to get us to where they need us.

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Thanks for the better explanation, I'm my sister's travel companion (she works for AA) so I fly standby a lot, mostly as a D2 (I hoard my D1's haha) so those different groups are the only ones I really know about. (Also I know to be polite as hell, follow the dress code, and don't bother you guys much! I can't stand it when I see other standby passengers acting like they are supposed to be treated like first class, bitch you're a D3 today...)

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No worries and you being nice and polite doesn’t go unnoticed :). Hopefully you’ve been rewarded for being cool

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I have! On the rare time I buy food during service, I always have my card ready to pay and generally its been a wink and a "you're all set" situation. I hate hearing stories of horrible passengers from my sister, so I try to be as awesome as possible, because I know you guys have it rough sometimes.

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However the human you get on the phone is empowered to do more than the app's UI can.

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Of course, same with agents as well. But in a pinch and during a storm on a whole coast it can become a very useful tool.

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The real LPT. Done this a number of times personally.

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Sometimes you have to call the airline to make any changes.

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LPT: don’t fly with ancient airlines

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Emirates is far from ancient.

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If they require phone calls and don’t allow you to use the web, while not ancient, they are archaic.

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If I ever actually have to speak to a person on the phone, the world had better be ending.

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Also not exactly known for their customer service... still better than Etihad and especially Qatar in that department but even Spirit can do that.

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If you rebook on the app do you pay a fee? I’m assuming the app Pilsner let you rebook free of charge until you’ve actually missed the flight...

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Some airlines recognise the delay and you'll see a notification pop up beside your ticket (in the app), others will email you/text you. It would be free to change in most cases.

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Thanks, I'll make sure to do with for my flights coming up soon. :)

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Yes this is the best option.

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when i was flying to korea my first flight was delayed by over 2 hours. between my second and first flight i only had a 2 hour layover. thankfully, after landing, the airport staff rushed me through the terminal, through security, and onto my plane just a few minutes before the plane ended up taking off.

i flew with the same company on the way back home and they upgraded the seat on the longest leg of my journey (12hrs) and i’ve never slept so good on a plane. 10/10 would recommend a 2 hour flight delay

edit: sorry for the misinformation! just checked my e-mail and it was actually a vietnam airlines flight! the staff at hanoi airport were super helpful. i’ve had a few flights between korea and england just this year alone to its easy to mix up the airlines

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Well what airline was it. They deserve a mention at least.

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it was a few years ago so i don’t remember exactly, but i believe it was a luftansa operated china airlines flight!

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Lufthansa are fantastic, we flew with them a few times this year and they did the same for us both times that there were problems.

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I will pay more to fly Lufthansa. They're just better.

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Their eco is just fine but their business is sub-par, unfortunately (fortunately a new one will be installed next year). However, their ground and irrops handling is the gold standard in the industry.

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A chinese airline flight must depart or land in China. Pretty sure it isn't 12 hours from Seoul to anywhere in China.

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I think they're just remembering wrong, they said it was a while ago.

Also I don't mean to be Trevor Travel Planner but China Airlines are the Taiwanese airline, part of Sky Team, AFAIK, they don't have an agreement with Lufty. They must just be misremembering!

But if someone upgraded me FOC, I'd probably remember the airline!

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It could haven been Air China, though. People often confuse the two.

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Man I just flew back to Korea and my first flight was delayed giving me 15 minutes to navigate San Fran airport and make the connection. Ran through the whole airport and made it right before they closed the doors. United wasn't even a little helpful. Mostly just told me good luck.

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lol. I'll just take my 4.5 hour layover to be safe.

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Were your bags delayed?

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this was the main thing i was worried about, but no they weren’t. no idea how they managed to track my bags down so quickly but i was very grateful they did.

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This happened to me. Korean airlines to Vietnam from the US with layover in Seoul. On the way back Seoul airport had a storm so we had to divert and land in Japan. Waited hours on the tarmac to refuel. By the time we landed in Seoul the original plane had already left me. I was the only passenger that were supposed to be connecting and not staying in Seoul. As soon as the plane touched down they mentioned my name over the PA and asked me to come see their reps. They got me my new tickets and everything. It was really nice. Unfortunately I had to wait 12 hours at the airport with no usable money so it was pretty lame. I managed to exchange a few dollars to Yuan to use a payphone (which an old lady helped me cause I had no idea how to insert money) and called my parents letting them know I was late. 10/10 would fly them again

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So, you were able to rebook your flight at no additional cost because there was no error on your part, and because you acted in a timely manner, you were able to get a flight soon after?

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What seems to be the problem here

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Nothing, I guess I just confused myself and wanted to verify with OP.

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I’m wondering the same thing. How do you make sure you book a new flight at no additional cost when your plane is delayed like this? Do you simply just call them and tell them what happened? I see a bunch of people in here advocating using the app for this, how would it be done on there?

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Sorry for late reply. Havent done reddit in a couple of days. Yes, thats correct, no error on my part so rebooked for free. They spent 45 mins de-icing the plane and my one hour layover turned into a 13 min layover. Next gate was 3 concourses over and had to wait for mine to deplane. Knew it wasnt going to happen. Since it was an international flight, the number was different than domestic and got through to a person fairly quick. Had me rebooked before I got to the desk and got one of the last seats. There was a huge line at the rebooking desk and a bunch of people from my first flight.

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Haven't done Reddit in a couple of days?? You need to get a very very very boring job so you can do this all day.

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If they offer WiFi on the flight, get it and rebook online while you're still up in the air.

Or, you may find out that your connecting flight has been delayed also. This happened to me a while ago. Knowing that made the rest of the flight a lot less unpleasant.

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Couple years ago I had a flight that had a long delay, long enough I didn't think I would catch my next flight. Already had a wait between flights to try to cover the potential of a delay, but it wasn't quite enough. Knowing I had missed my flight, I waited patiently on the plane until it was my turn to disembark. Got to the desk to rebook and was told my next plane had just left (I'd been sitting at least 10 minutes). They'd held the plane for me and 2 others who were trying to make that flight on the same plane. The airline never communicated it to us in any way. I ended up spending an extra day in Denver and almost missed my college roommate's wedding.

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Thank you for calling Delta, if you like you can receive a call back in greater than 2 hours, you will not lose your place in line, and we will call you back in greater than 2 hours.

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Their app allows for re-booking, which is triggered as soon as they know a flight's delayed. Obviously it's more complicated if your second leg is another airline.

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My last flight had me rebooked on a 7am before my flight even touched down because we missed our connection due to a 3 hour mechanical delay.

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Add-on lpt : do NOT book minimum layovers. I use 1 hour for smaller airports and places like O'Hare get at least 1.5 hour layovers. Yeah I'm "wasting time" but I'm also not racing from one gate to the next.

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I travel for work, and I tell everyone to get to the airport 2.5-3 hours early, and book long layovers.

I'd rather casually stroll through the airport and then just sit and use my phone or laptop pointlessly (like I would have at home anyway), and have almost no stress.

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I used to travel for work and would routinely show up 15 minutes before scheduled departure on Monday mornings. In 5 months, that flight was never on time and I never had any issues.

Don't do this with a job you care about.

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That pretty much eliminates Detroit as a connecting airport. Delta LOVES giving you the 36 minute layover through there.

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At least they have a people mover there.

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I’ve flown through there many times and never had any real issues with the short layovers. However, as someone who hates being late for anything, it always makes me nervous when I see a 38-ish minute layover.

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I feel ya there. My flight CLE to SFO got canceled today, rebooked for CLE to ORD to SFO. ORD layover is 30 mins. ORD makes me nervous.

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Good luck! Hope you get there soon, especially if it’s a vacation.

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Headed home, cheers!

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I think it depends on the airport rather than the size. Atlanta and Detroit are easy to transit even though they are large. O’Hare is a mess and Seattle is surprisingly difficult given its size.

Also, if you are going through US customs and immigration add 30 to 90 minutes to minimum layover time depending on your seating class, national origin, if you will have anything to declare, global entry, and the airports efficiency (Detroit is very smooth and JFK is not in my experience).

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If you book your flights through traveling sites, call their customer hotlines and they would try to rebook your flights too.

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When I was about to miss my connecting flight, Air France hooked me up with a buddy who grabbed all my luggage for me (transferring from domestic to international, so I had to claim my luggage and check it in again), checked me into my next flight (No waiting in line), got me through a private security line reserved for politicians and VIPs (I was at this country's capital's airport) and got me to my gate with plenty of time to spare. As far as I know, i was the only passenger with a connecting they were able to find after we landed. Everyone else started running as soon as they deplaned to make the connecting. Whole process took me 15 min, which easily could've taken me close to an hour if I was alone.

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Call while waiting in line.

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In a airport right now. JFK was broken yesterday. Yes, that the safest. I had to do 2 changes. Twice the counter was faster

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As someone who has traveled frequently for work, this is not always an option. If the delay is only related to your flight, you might be in luck. If it is a weather event that causes multiple delays for your airline, you could be on the hold longer than waiting for the gate agent.

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Of course in that scenario you have a higher chance of the second leg being delayed as well.

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Yep second that. Actually at the airport now waiting for my flight. Original flight was cancelled due to fog. To add to OP recommendation. Call the airlines 800 number but also have their app and a log in. If you use the app, you’ll get a few minute head start on the cancellation notice. Those few minutes may give you a chance to get a seat on the next flight. If not, you could find the next available flight is not until the next day.

Edit: also wanted to add about using the airline app. Some (Delta) will automatically rebook you so you can see your options for flights through the app. You don’t really need to call them or stand in line. If you already checked a bag the bag will automatically get rebooked in the new flight. The only time this sucks is when your flight is the next day and you need clothes. The airline will give an overnight bag but only if the flight is cancelled due to their problem and not weather.

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To add on to this:

  • if the flight is delayed/cancelled do to mechanical issues, and if the next flight isn’t till the next day, the airline is obligated to give you a hotel voucher, 9 times out of 10, they won’t advertise that and you need to ask.

  • if you are late to the airport and you know you are going to miss your flight, call and tell them you had a flat tire on the way to the airport most airlines treat that as an “act of god” and will rebook you for free

-this may be hard for some but stick to one airline, the company I work for only flies us on American Airlines, it’s nice to have status and rack up a lot of air miles to use for vacation/family emergencies

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You have to be very careful with this advice, as I believe it can only work if there aren't massive cancellations. Back in 2014 I was trying to fly from around February, right around the time of a bad storm. Hundereds of flights were delayed or canceled. I decided to call the airline to figure it out, and I was on a 2 hour wait just to talk to someone. I then put myself on a list to be called when they had the time, I shit you not, they called me 3 days later. I had already rented a car and got back, and forgot I even talkee to them.

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I would never re-book if there's a chance to make the flight....but if you miss it definitely don't wait in line to get another ticket, they will all be gone due to the better prepared already re-booking via phone number or app

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Thankfully for me, the last couple times my flight was delayed with Southwest, they knew early enough to where they blocked me checking in through the machines. Then, when i went to the counter to find out what was wrong, they explained the delay and already booked me on another connection or a different direct option. One of the many reasons i love flying with them.

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LPT. When flying arrange your schedule (if you can) to fly in the morning rather than the afternoon. As a FA, I watch people give themselves 30 mins to catch their connecting flight (which is usually the last flight of the night). Then they are frustrated they miss their connection and have to sleep in an airpirt. Also, book directly using the airline's site. Orbitz, Expedia, etc may be cheap tickets, but there's a reason for it. Pay a little more to fly direct.

Please. Your flight attendants beg you.

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Flight attendant here, the best advice I can give anyone with connecting flights is make them long. Domestic, at least 1.5 hours. If it's international and Thu need to go through customs and back through security, at least 3 hours. And these times are if you don't mind being that person sprinting through the airport.

No one likes hanging out in airports longer than they need to but times have changed a bit. There are charging stations and outlets everywhere. Most have some sort of free WiFi. Lots of shopping and restaurants.

Never book 30-45 min connections I don't understand why airlines allow them to be booked when they cause so many issues.

Keep in mind most airlines will start boarding 30-45 mins before departure and will close the boarding doors 10-15 mins before departure. Once they close the doors and the flight on the computer there's very little you can do to get on even if the plane is still at the gate.

Also, your plane can get to the gate 14 mins past arrival time and still be considered "on time" which means if you have a 30 min connection you really may only have about 5 mins to get off your plane and on to the next one (which means you probably won't make it).

Take a tablet, take a laptop watch Netflix, just hang out. If you do miss your flight try not to take it out on the customer service people, they're just trying to help and a lot of times the nicer you are the better of you'll end up.

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I was just escorted to my next flight when this happened to me. Got to skip lines and everything lol

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I no nothing about airports. What's a first leg?

[–]NealRigger 3 points4 points  (1 child)

Say you have 3 different flights to get to your destination that day. The 1st leg is your first flight.

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Okay, really simple explication. Thanks.

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If you have to go through customs when you land, let the purser or a flight attendant know and they can give you a line skipping pass. I even had one time where they had me move up to the front by the door while we were taxiing to the gate so I could get off first.

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Unless they hold the next plane for you, which happens often, especially if there are a lot of people in your situation. My advice is to get to your gate as fast as you can. Then, once you've definitely missed your flight, call the 800 number to rebook.

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When flying, if the first leg of your flight is delayed and lands late, and you know there is little to no chance of making your next flight.

That isn't a sentence.

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What if you don’t have a phone?

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Airports still have payphones.

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Did this last night on the plane during de-icing and got the last seat to DFW.

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Rebook before getting on the first one. I have done this before

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I have experience at a Southwest call center. This isn't necessarily true. If you booked a connection, once you've flown the first half the agents at the center can't touch it. Especially if bags are checked. It has to be done at the airport.

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Have used this multiple times; can confirm this works.

Source: had travel job for 2 years, still do business travel for the past 3

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Good tip, thanks. :)

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This happened to me a week ago with spirit airlines. The lady at the gate for my first flight rebooked my second flight, gave me a voucher for 2 meals and a hotel room on their dime for the layover after my first flight. Also upgraded my seats on all the flights.

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this is a good tip. we had a flight get cancelled in new york and i immediately got on the phone and made arrangements and watched loads of pissed off people wait in line to speak to the gate agent

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I did this once with a coworker, I caught the next flight while he got to stay the night

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This happened the second time I ever traveled for business. Ran through SLC to just barely make it on my plane. Since then, I always book at least a 2 hour layover just to avoid the anxiety of this happening. It’s sucks being in an airport for 2-3 (sometimes 4 hours), but the lack of worry is worth it in my opinion.

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I missed a connecting flight in CLT from CLE en route to RDU. When I got to CLT they gave me a boarding pass for a new flight when I got off at the gate. I had to try and get a new pass because there was no way I was waiting for 6 hours for the last flight of the night.

Found out too late that I could have simply made my flight with my original boarding pass if I had only made the mad dash.

A few acquaintances from the conference drove from Cleveland to Raleigh faster than air traffic took me. Of course my original flight was delayed by Air Force One. Thanks, Obama.

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I did this when I was 16, had to run from one side of O'Hare all the way to another side... and I mean literally run. Fortunately I caught my flight before they left the terminal and arrived in Florida. Unfortunately my luggage didn't. Afterwards I was kinda like d'oh! Honestly I don't know how long it takes for them to get your luggage onto the next plane but it's longer than 10 minutes.

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Thanks for ruining my advantage... lol

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No way I just missed a flight out of Atlanta yesterday and almost had to spend the night. Where was your first flight from maybe we were on the same plane!

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There are too many assumptions made in this statement. You probably mean in the U.S., but things aren't that simple in Europe's Sengen zone.

1) All your flight segments are under the same PNR (Passenger Number Record).

2) The delay must have been caused by the airline. Acts of God, weather, or terrorism are not their responsibility.

3) Your air fare code must entitle you to a free rebooking (no rebooking or cancellation fees).

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Most airlines will automatically book you now on the next available flight if you're already in the air

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I love airlines that check for this stuff and will make sure you get there if at all possible

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I have misxed a few flights and they usually reschedule it before I get to the counter sometimes they will have the boarding passes ready for me immediately. If i call the airline, I know that I will be on hold for so long I might as well wait at the counter.

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I can thank my mum for saving me in this situation, I got stuck in Iceland and let her know not to pick me up at Gatwick. an hour she let me know she had taken care of my flight and saved me another day stranded.

love you mum ❤

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I would add that you should first check your connection's status. It may be equally delayed, permitting connection, after all.

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Before 9/11 I took aprox. 2 trips per week for a few years for ADP. I stil remember the number. I never went to the desks. Always called Marriott or Delta when I needed to reschedule or had flight issues.

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I actually like Atlanta, very walkable, there is a great place there that has southern food to die for.

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headed home, cheers.

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This worked for me too , except my first flight was delayed and everyone flooded the desk while I sat down and called. I easily was moved to a different flight later in the day.

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This is not good advice most of the time. Usually the airline automatically slides you to the next flight based on points, you calling will not help at all.