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Hang dry all the clothes you care about

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Especially this. As a tall person, my clothes show midriff if I machine dry them a few times. Only took me 15 years of doing laundry to learn, lol 🙈

ETA: yes I know about the cool setting. Yes I know about tall sections of clothing stores 😑

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I feel like people in this thread need to learn that driers have a temperature setting and you can set it to cool. This'll prevent a lot of the issues here.

Line drying is better for your clothes because all the lint in the drier is fabric from your clothes. But line dried stuff has a much flatter texture when it's done.

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Fading is more of an issue than shrinking. My drier has a no heat setting. Put it in there with a dry towel and it's much faster than line drying.

Definitely does still cause fading.

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You know they have tall sizes

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Some tall sizes aren't tall enough for some people though honestly. Old Navy for instance is too short for me before washing and I'm only 6'4" which isn't excessively tall.

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Yup. JCPENNEY and Belk have tall sections. I'm not sure what other department stores do since those are the only ones in my area that do.

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Clothes shrink for people of all heights.

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I do this with those fuzzy blankets too. If you've never dried them in the dryer, then they retain that like-new softness.

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Hmmm that is good to know. Thank you!

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But then all your clothes will be loose

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?? How

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Water is heavy and it pulls the fabric down because gravity- stretching it longer and can make it wider also resulting in vertical creases that don’t lie flat due to excess length.

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It depends on the material. For jeans and Oxford cloth shirts, hanging is fine. For sweaters, fleece, and other stretchy material, lay them flat to dry.

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They make drying rack for clothes

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Or dry at a lower temperature. Believe it or not, your dryer has different settings.

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I dry all my clothes with lowest temperature option and dry expensive clothes with no heat option, (I live a lone and have my own dryer, so I can keep them in dryer as long as I want)

work great so far since I start doing this

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That works much better than ordinary drying for many fabrics. I’m surprised more people don’t do this.

It’s still worth having a drying rack for hand wash, dry clean, dry flat items, like good sweaters, anything with sequins or beads, and anything you can see right through.

  • If you get wrinkles with the cool method and don’t want to steam/iron, you can pull out the clothes that don’t need or want heat, throw in a damp wash cloth, and apply just 5-10 minutes of heat as you’re folding the rest.

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good sweaters

Don't use a drying rack for sweaters. The weight of the material and water will stretch the material and cause it to lose form. The best way to dry them is to put them down on a flat surface atop some mesh or a clean cooling grate and put a fan on them.

Or an air-hockey table if you have one. Those things are magic.

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LPT REQUEST: how do you fix it once the waves are here ?

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You get waves in the zipper because it doesn't shrink, but the fabric does, so you have to stretch the fabric back out.

Use an iron, set to steam, or a steamer on the fabric around the zipper. Grip each end of the fabric beside the zipper and pull gently. Hold it taut until it cools. Repeat until straight. You may need to do this to the body of the hoodie on each side of the zipper if it's really bad.

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I tried to iron it but not this way. I will definitly try, thank you!

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You may also want to saturate the fabric around the zipper with a mix of liquid fabric softener and water (approx 1 tablespoon per 8 oz water). Then gently stretch the fabric so the zipper lies flat and let it dry. I know this is one method of re-sizing things that shrunk in the wash.

Bonus tip: spray this mixture on wrinkled clothing item, shake or smooth out wrinkles and let it dry. Wrinkle free with no iron needed!!

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Thanks for the tips. Will try!

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Good luck! You may have to do this every time you wash it.

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Also, if you do put anything with a zipper in the dryer make sure you zip it first to prevent snagging and tiny holes in your other clothes.

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Same goes for putting it in the washer.

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Good catch! Washer or dryer.

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Hmmm that explains all the holes in my underwear..

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That might be from powdered detergent that you’re not allowing to dissolve properly before adding clothes? Maybe try dissolving the detergent in hot water first when you’re adding it to cold water?

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Dryer turns the fuzzy lining into a matted nappy mess.

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It also keeps the fluff inside from tangling into balls (more comfortable IMO), and honestly hanging anything with non-degradable fibers is probably a good idea.

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My husband's beer gut takes care of that unfortunately.

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Instead of "hoodies", I read "bodies". LPT n°2: Never tumble dry corpses, it gets messy.

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I hang all my clothes to dry. The waves still appear...

I suspect that if anything would help, it might be lying it flat to dry. (Pretty sure there's actually an instruction symbol for that, just... not in hoodies)

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You must wash in high heat then.

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Not especially, I use 40°C for everything except underwear and towels... (The options on my machine are "cold" [synthetics], 30°C [wool], 40°C, 60°C and 90°C)

honestly, I've just made peace with the fact that hoodies are pretty casual clothing anyway, if you're in circumstances where smooth tidy clothing is expected you won't pick a hoodie in the first place

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It could be that they stretched the fabric too much when sewing it, which is really easy to do with stretchy fabric. When it's washed, the fabric returns to its normal size and makes the zipper pucker.

You make a very good point about hoodies. I've never seen this as a problem.

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Try washing your clothes at 30 degrees instead of 40. Look for a for a washing label inside the clothing, most clothes are recommended to wash at 30 degrees.

Your underwear, socks, towels and such you should wash at 40 or 60 degrees.

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I machine wash all mine and have no idea what these waves are. Mine work fine.

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Real hoodies don't have zippers...

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haha don't tell me you actually consider this a thing?

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I came here to say hoodies don't have zippers. It's a thing.

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So what do you call hoodies that do have zippers?

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Poor life choices?

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A zip up hoodie.

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So still a hoodie?

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In the same way that a peanut butter M&M is still technically an M&M.

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So, both technically and practically?

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LPT: Zipper hoodies are wack!

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I switched to pull over hoodies and I get so much tang now

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Do some hoodies have zippers? I thought that the zipper made it a jacket?

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Should hang dry all clothes. MUCH more economical

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Hoodies don't have zippers.

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Dammit, too late

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LPT: Hang all your clothes to dry. Also if you do it just right you don't need to iron. Also the sun is a mild sanitiser, and makes laundry smell amazing

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Does this work for hoodies without zippers?

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we don't actually own a dryer but all my zipper hoodies still have that issue. The only way to fix it is by buying pre-shrunk clothes. The hoodie shrinking from the washing is what makes the waves not necessarily the dryer, however that I would assume makes that effect happen faster.

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pro-er tip: dry on low

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This will also help prevent the clothing from shrinking

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Damned bacon zipper

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How do you get rid of that rough, crinkly feeling though?