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Where the fuck has this been all my life?

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ULPT: Or to keep your weed from drying out

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It works to put bread in with brown sugar too in order to prevent hardening.

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What happens if I become hungry and end up eating the bread?

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The bread actually becomes very hard during the process so it would basically be like eating a stale piece of toast.

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What happens if I like eating stale bread?

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Then you've probably been smoking a little too much of what /u/Superwilson45 has been using his bread for.

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Or you can wrap the cookie in a damp paper towel and microwave for ten seconds. Ooey, gooey, warm, and delicious all over again.

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Please never EVER do this. You clearly stole this ‘trick’ from your mom. This makes cookies remain in a weirdly permanent state of softness that cookies were not suppose to remain in unless you like soft batch cookies (gross). The cookies become almost spongy and make them totally gross. This is a r/shittylifeprotip