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Add on - rather than watching a clock or stopwatch, play some music in the background and you can gauge roughly how many songs it takes you to get through the chore

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Yes! I use songs when I shower. If I'm not out by the end of a third song, I'm late for work.

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Podcasts work great too.

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I just found My Favorite Murder. My problem is that I like it too much and don't wanna leave the shower!

Edit - realize you meant for chores, not showers.

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Haha no no, podcasts are great to listen to in any setting. Problem with listening to a great podcast in the shower is you never want to it to stop and end up taking 45 min shower!

Also, the thing about podcasts is: Like TV shows (of this era) there's always another great one to discover.

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I started playing a playlist I made of old grunge rock while I clean. Now I have a game where I race the playlist.

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This also works with getting children to do chores. The competitive little creatures love beating their sibling

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Username checks out?

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