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Posted byu/[deleted]3 months ago

LPT: "Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, nothing to fear" is a myth, so all you should worry about is drinking in moderation.

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Hmmm. <opens bar called Moderation>

It's actually been my experience that this is different for different people. As long as I stick with something, and don't start consuming different forms of alcohol, I'm good. If I'm drinking beer, I need to stick with beer, spirits, stick with spirits. The moment I start having a few beers, and a mix drink, and a shot or two, it's gonna be ugly pretty quick.

"Different forms of alcohol"

It's not just about EtOH, there are all sorts of fusel alcohols and sugars involved in a drink. Different drinks certainly have different effects.

Most definetly not a myth

The older you get and the more you turn into an alcoholic this becomes a myth. As a young kid just starting drinking this may be true. All I know is I drink too much. And according to any survey the doctor gives I am for sure an alcoholic binge drinker.

Its certainly true for me. If I plan on drinking both, i'll have one glass of run before.

The saying for weed and alcohol rings true for me too, if I'm drinking and smoking, I need to have a couple drinks before I smoke.

I always took it to mean you tend to drink more of whatever you're having after getting a buzz. Have a whiskey and drink some beers? That'll get you drunk. Have a beer then drink some whiskeys? That'll get you shit wrecked.

I've always explained it to people like that. Your body doesn't care where the alcohol came from, just how much there is. If you're already buzzed from beer when you start doing shots you're less likely to make a good decision about how many more shots you can handle. I myself like starting with shots because beer is so filling (I don't drink pisswater lite beer) that when I switch after my buzz starts I rarely get hangover drunk.

LPT: "No alcohol means no worry at all."

Not that I'm saying don't drink, I just wanted to make a related rhyme.

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