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ALWAYS keep your place clean. You never know when you'll bring someone you meet back to your place and it's not always after a date.

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Honestly I've needed to get something from my flat when spending time with a girl I like and made her stand outside my flat while I went inside. I straight up said "My place is too messy for you to see right now"

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After not cleaning properly for a while, I invited over my now-ex shortly after meeting her, so I took the day off and spent the entire day cleaning my bachelors flat from top to bottom. I swept, mopped and washed every surface until it was shining. My friends were very amused by this. I remember the one girl I was good friends with joking that I deserve to get some even if it's just for all the effort I put in haha. Nothing happened that day (we hooked up about a day or two later), but it felt damn good being able to invite a girl over to a clean place

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Also, clean your car before going to a party. You never know who might need a ride.

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Also, dont drive when going to a party. Take the bus or an Uber/taxi

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I mean, it doesn’t have to be a party involving drinking, or they may not drink alcohol for some reason.


If you don’t drink, feel free to drive your car. It’s cheaper than Ubering.

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A. My friends can climb over my garbage B. Me. I need a ride. I was at a party. I am drunk

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I always made sure NOT to clean up so I was too embarrassed to bring anyone back. Especially a first date.

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I do the same. Then BOOM! Shagged the auditor after a work do.

At least my filthy apartment took the focus off my lack of sexual prowess.

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but if my room is always tidy should i always smile? would the tidiness not get normal after a while? it is like being in heaven, if every day is amazing then no day is amazing, they are all normal.

tl;dr be tidy but not too tidy.