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Just one penny? Does it work with other flowers?

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I think it works with "bulb" type flowers. I put in a penny for every three tulips I buy, but I'm not sure what the actual ratio is.

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Gonna have to try this, thanks!

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Tulips are the only commonly bought flower (that I know of) that significantly grow after they are cut.

According to one Canadian penny science experiment, however, adding a penny or two had no visible impact on the droopiness of the flowers. The comments at the end of the article suggest anecdotally that maybe pennies with more copper content might work, but given the low reactivity of copper, maybe in fact it is ZINC in the pennies that works.

I think everyone reading this should conduct their own experiment and see for themselves. :)

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Good points. I'm usually the first one to google or check snopes, but I didn't; I just tried it and was shocked that it actually worked! But since you mentioned it, I did check, and US pennies are still copper coated. Perhaps that makes the difference.

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Thanks. Curious, did you split your tulips into two bunches, one with a penny and one without? You can't say it works without doing some side by side comparisons.

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Hehe, I wasn't actually thinking of a scientific experiment. My husband is from The Netherlands and I buy him tulips when they are available and they invariably droop. I mentioned this to the flower vendor at the farmers market, and he mentioned the penny/pennies. I seriously doubted him, so I actually took a photo on day one, with the pennies in the water and I was going to show him how quickly and seriously they drooped. Well, the joke was on me, because my "day five" photo looked just as good as the first one.

You know, it could be that he just sells very healthy tulips!