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LPT: If you feel hungry but know you shouldn't have something, drink a whole water bottle

Food & Drink

It'll tell you if you're actually hungry and keep you hydrated.

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I normally do this bit today I had the munchies something fierce ended up just calling it a cheat day and ate at maintnence

When I was a kid, and got hungry between meals, my parents gave me a glass of milk. Later on, as a grown man smoking tons of cannabis, I used the same trick to satisfy cannabis-induced hunger without gaining weight. Plus, the milk will give you much needed calcium and protein!

Milk isn't that healthy as you think also it's has a lot more calories then water.

Milk is extremely nutritious (most people don't get enough calcium in their diets), and if you need to worry about the calories in a glass of milk, then you need to restructure how you eat.It's an elixir of life.

So, I was google-ling a study I remembered that would prove my point. Seems like that study has been proven false.

I still think that I've you need to drink water no to feel hungry because off a diet that water is better for you. But I admit milk is something that would fit in a overall balanced and healthy diet.

I do this but also supplement with psyllium for a fiber kick and more full feeling.

If you feel hungry, eat something: That's the whole point of feeling hungry.

If you want to loose weight, go exercise: Increasing your caloric expenditure is far better than trying to reduce your caloric intake. You'll be much healthier, you'll feel a lot better, and you'll look a lot better too.

I think what OP means is wanting something to eat.

A lot of people struggle with knowing what's true hunger and what's wanting something to eat out of boredom or habit.

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