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LPT request: My son is going to college out of state. Do we buy most of the things that he’ll need when we get there? What do you do with the stuff over summer? Get a storage unit?

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I just showed up with a couple trash bags full of clothes and notebooks and I was good for 3 years

Especially if the climate is at all different, but even if it isn't, it's better to get the stuff locally. It's easier to return if there are issues, and it saves you hauling.

But the main thing is to wait and see what the roommates bring. Shit like microwaves, coffee makers, lamps, fridges -- someone else either has them or is throwing them away or selling it cheap.

Also, if other people bring that shit, they are the ones who have to store it in the summer.

Spicoli, is that you?

I would save the money you'd pay in storage and use it to stay a few more days and rent a truck while there. If you can browse online you will have an idea what you will buy when you get there. I'd also go to Costco and buy things he will need but won't want to budget for. Detergent, razors, aspirin, tooth brushes and paste, broom/vacuum, batteries, deoderant, printer ink, condoms if you want to embarrass him.

If he is still on your insurance I would also do some research and find a good Doctor that is in network and get him signed up as a new patient.

If he has a car I would make sure he has AAA or a spare tire and knows how to change it as well as a AAA roadside kit which is about $33 and includes jumper cables.

That's all I've got.

Order it online, and have it shipped to the dorm.

Original Poster3 points·1 month ago

Thanks guys, I think we’ll just bring clothes and toiletries, then buy what we need there. I’ll probably give him a loaded amazon card so he can get what he needs as he thinks of it.

Wait to see what roommates are bringing in terms of big things. Buy smaller stuff near the school. We bring all my sons stuff home every summer, but some people do get storage. Some companies near colleges cater to that community and have a service that will box up, move, then store the stuff. We’ve never personally used them though. Overall I’d say make sure you don’t buy more stuff than you’ll be able to fit in the car for the eventual ride home.

Definitely talk to roommates.

Bongs and alcohol on campus is way overpriced. Best to load up and pack them with you.

And condoms...

Gotta get all the essentials.

3 points·1 month ago

If he is living in dorms, they will be furnished so he shouldn't need much except for his clothes, computer and some personal items. Everything he needs should fit into a couple of suitcases. He can buy whatever he needs as the year progresses.

If he doesn't stay in town for the summer, and has more stuff than he can bring back on a plane, then he would need a storage unit, but that's rare.

That depends on his living situation and what he's taking. I mean it's kinda a vague request really.

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

Sorry- I’m thinking mini fridge, bedding, pillows, storage crates, etc. I’ve seen lists of what you should bring to the dorm and it’s huge!

Most of those lists are BS. most of the stuff like bedding I would buy before hand when you see it on sale. Plus its easy to store at home for the summer. The mini fridge I would look into if his roomates are bringing one maybe offer to chip in on it or offer to buy another piece like the microwave. Alot of the smaller stuff like toiletries can be bought near the school, and those stores actually run back to school deals for the students with sometimes decent discounts.

My first year I bought everything thinking it was essential. Didn't need half of it, the next year I ended up renting a place with friends so my unused stuff was either sold or sitting in my room back home.

If you can haul it then buy locally. If you cannot, then buy it at the school. Like others said you can have stuff shipped there directly as well. Fridges can usually be rented and that is a good option as you don’t need to store anything.

10 years ago my dorm came with a mini fridge, shelving, desk, closet, etc. every college will be different, so you need to look up what the school will supply. i was out of state, brought 1 large suitcase full of clothes. when i got there, we hit up bed bath and beyond for bedding, a pillow, hamper and a caddy for crap like shampoo/razor/etc. i only stayed in the dorms the first year, then moved to an apartment in the summer. some kids put stuff in storage, some kids tossed their stuff and bought new the next year, some drove their stuff home. i'd say most didn't have that much stuff-- your 18 year old probably isn't going to wash his/her sheets every week, things get beat up in dorms, don't spend a lot of money on anything for there.

It depends, if you live in a big city, there are LOADS of second hand items and other things you might need and you can buy them like new for a fraction of the cost. Smaller towns might not have as much used stuff online. My friend did a big move i helped with, and I went with her as she bought lots of really good quality used furniture in a month leading up to the move itself. Saved her tonnes of money. Mind you, she furnished an entire house. Just saying. If you have lots of money then it does not matter as long as they have stores there.

Def buy local. Save so much on shipping and travel hassles

The dollar store is awesome. Wait till you get there. Clear containers are good. He/she can see what's in it with out opening. Easy to stack.

Bed, Bath and Beyond (and a couple other stores, I believe) have programs where you can purchase the item online and have it reserved in the store closest to the college. That way you can just drive to the shop once it’s move in time and get it all.

Original Poster1 point·1 month ago

That’s a great idea! Thanks!

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