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LPT: Save your PowerPoint presentations with a .pps extension instead of .ppt. They'll open directly in presentation mode and PowerPoint will close when the slideshow is over.

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LPT: Don't do this if other people will be using/sharing the file, it's super annoying.

1.7k points · 1 month ago

True. Export your slides as an animated gif to be completely annoying. No more half-measures.

460 points · 1 month ago

Save your slides as an mp3 to be really annoying

Oooh, save them as a PPT, but rename them as a .MOV, Then zip them and put that zip into a Rar, password locked to the entire song of "hey now you're an all-star" and leave clues behind in the office on how to unlock it. Then create a folder called _MACOSX And put the file in there untouched and ready to go.

123 points · 1 month ago

So that's where you hide the inflation porn...

The what?


Porn about increasing price levels in an economy? I guess there is a fetish for everything...

53 points · 1 month ago

Talk Bernake to me.

Rule $34¢ bro.

It was 34 back then. It's like 68 in today's rules.

"A man and a woman had relations together, and after a few months the woman got fat. The man brought in a doctor who said: It's all air madam, all air! The man then said: 'But I don't pump air?'

Joke by Anne Frank

Okey I'm dumb, but I really don't get this one.. care to explain?

Porn about increasing price levels in an economy?

is... is that what you think inflation is?

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So innocent... so pure...

Rei best girl

Well settle the fuck down there son. We don't need to get into why Asuka is clearly the best girl here

Ah, I see you’re a man of culture as well

It's nice when things work out.

For the benefit of the hard of hearing:


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dont forget to split the rar files into 21 parts but only give them 20 of the files

and only have enough par files so one block is still missing.

You are the Antichrist

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Hope there's a .pac file to recover the lost archive.

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41 points · 1 month ago

You... You monster.


And put .trashes

Calm down Satan

The real LPT is always in the comments?

(╯° □°) ╯︵ ┻━┻

Don't forget to put _MACOSX in a folder with a name containing జ్ఞా and storing it on a Mac

6 points · 1 month ago

maybe a RealPlayer file?

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LPT: Save it as both and name the .pps file "filename"PRESENTATION and share only the .ppt file

LPT: If a powerpoint file opens already in presentation mode and closes when the slideshow is over, try resaving as a ppt file.

Now that's an LPT

Well, the real LPT... sigh... you know the drill...

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All my college professors did this shit. They’d put up their PowerPoints for us to download and they were always on straight to presentation mode.

Pissed me off to no end because it was never ever useful to view it as such. I needed to flip back and forth and quickly so I could look at main points and certain sections.

Any and all PowerPoints were always printed to pdf so I wouldn’t have to deal with PowerPoint software.

96 points · 1 month ago

My professors couldn't even get PowerPoint to work half the time so consider yourself lucky in that respect.

Edit: a word

Guess I'm lucky, my professors TeX all of their stuff and then upload the source and a pdf

I love LaTeX.

44 points · 1 month ago
23 points · 1 month ago

I can't tell if your teachers are the ones who are out of touch, or if this is just some meme I'm not familiar with & it's me who's out of touch.

It's pointing aggressively. Pointing with power. Power point.

28 points · 1 month ago

Not gonna lie. That went over my head entirely.

It was you who was out of touch. Me too.

At least I'm up-to-date on memes. I'll take that over being clever any day.

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Are your teachers by any chance on r/oldschoolcool?

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Why didn't you just change the extension so it opened normally?

52 points · 1 month ago

they wouldn't have something to complain about today if they did

The hell if I wouldn’t! I’m not dense, after week 1 I knew what they were doing so every time I went to download one I had to do the extension change.

Mind you, I was downloading about 5 to 10 of these things a week if not more every semester. I would have liked to have been able to just download it without the minor tweak every single time.

Not to mention that my end goal was printing to pdf because who actually sits at home watching these things as a presentation or through PowerPoint when reviewing.

11 points · 1 month ago

that sucks but having to drag microsoft office documents into google drive, letting google convert them to google docs/sheets/presentation, then deleting the original file, sucks more. i mean it was still easy.. but annoying.

Literally did this yesterday. Converted all Word to Docs, Excel to sheets, and PPT to Slides. Wasn't that annoying, but I've also been doing a lot of voluntary Spring cleaning, so I clearly like punishing myself with boring, monotonous work. Plus, I can view everything on mobile or a standard computer.

Not to mention I don't want to re-purchase Microsoft office every year like some sort of necessary life DLC

That's what? A whopping 1 minute a week?

Kids these days are weird.

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3 points · 1 month ago

This. The extension is LITERALLY the only difference, and tells PowerPoint how to open the file. Change the extension to ppt and you're golden.

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Send them on pdf

Accurate. Most professional LPT are written by people that have very little experience.

My point being that it's super fucking easy to click into Slideshow/Presentation mode and definitely doesn't require this extra step which also has the downside of annoying the fuck out of anyone you are collaborating with.

Literally takes one button press


And SHIFT-F5 to start the presentation from the current slide.

Useful if you get interrupted and have to back out of presentation mode.

Also, when in presentation mode, hitting the B key blanks the screen.

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All these people don't seem to realize that they can change the extension back to .ppt themselves with no effort.

10 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

LPT: Instead of using any Power Point formats, use PDF instead (if you don't have any stupid animations or video). This way it will always open on everything.

But then you will lose all the awesome transition effects! /s

lpt: press f5; learn shortcuts

LPT: you can open powerpoint and then load the file

This seems annoying in general. Just dont turn the projector on until youve entered presentation mode if you want the mystique? Also, why do you care about the mystique of your power point? I sure as hell don't.

You can use the moments of you pressing the presentation button to talk to your audience like a human and calm everyone down.

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PowerPoint will close when the slideshow is over.

...and show everyone your cute Little Pony desktop.

Followup LPT: Create an alternate windows profile used only for presentations. Covers everything from backgrounds to browser history.

Followup followup LPT: Ensure you check that alternate profile EVERY TIME before it comes up, in case Larry the guy with a strong but inexplicable grudge against you from the server admin pool replaced it with a big Dickbutt logo.

If I didn't know any better I'd say there's a background story here.

Yes. P.S. Larry's a somewhat decent server admin, although is an asshole to the people he supports. I believe he's still looking for work.

Follow-up x3 LPT: Make sure to have a "final slide" in place to stop you from accidentally closing your presentation. Anything along the lines of "thank you for your time", "questions", "have a great day!" Or something like that that matches your presentation's tone. Think of it as an "embarrassing desktop safety net".

19 points · 1 month ago

That's the black slide click to end presentation

Lol, true. I just find it looks a little better to end with your own slide.

Follow-up throw up: extend your desktop instead of duplicating it in order to do your stuff like search for files or whatever without your audience seeing it.

Grest idea! Or you could do that to use Presenter View if you have notes for yourself. Also gives you laser pointer, highlighter and the ability to black the screen (which you can also do by pressing B).

B always works. You don't have to be in presenter view. just has to be in presentation mode (full screen)


I usually just put the title slide again at the back. Looks better then the default click ti close message.

That's actually a pretty good idea!

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I sometimes tried to use that to add a little humor to the presentation (depending on the professor and the class). Sometimes I'd change the name of the other folders visible in the USB I'd be using to stuff like "Do not open" "super private stuff" "embarrassing photos" or some silly stuff like that. Once I made a sentence with them that combined said something like "Stop Reading My Folder Names". Now I think about it, that was the most pointless stuff I bothered with.

Just search for "Presentation Settings" in Windows. When you are in Presentation Mode, your PC stays awake, notifications are turned off, screen savers can be turned off, and you can pick a neutral background.

Browser history? Well just use IE in presentations, who has any history there. I even have IE set to erase everything when I close it just to be sure.

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Mine desktop had a bikini photo of Maria Sharapova when I was presenting in college and closed it in the end. This specific image.

Since then I've made a point of checking my wallpapers before going to present.

12 points · 1 month ago

thats why we had to either send presentations to professors mail the day before or get there with a flash drive and only use main computer connected with the projector.

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12 points · 1 month ago

For about 18 months my desktop was a 1000+ image slideshow of HQ MLP backgrounds.

Laptop (and slideshow) was a gift from older brother. He wouldn't let me change it. He'd regularly turn screenshare on to make sure it was "correct." Eventually I realized it would be easier to keep the photos than risk a more embarrassing prank.

Thank you for this amazing idea!

Second, save a backup copy as pdf. Sometimes you just have tech issues or turn up to an office that is using Lotus or Keynote and it screws your formatting.

Pdf is one of the most reliable formats for cross platform, style locked presenting, can be shown full screen and also gets rid of temptations to animate uselessly.

86 points · 1 month ago

I always saved presentations in pdf. No chance that my stupid boss would fuck something up and blame me for it

I do the same with every school project I send to profs, send in .docx and .pdf

15 points · 1 month ago

Why do you send docx anyway?

You're only supposed to send PDFs anyway.

Some profs need word files for an unknown reason

I think its easier to check word count, double spaces, White words, 1.5 interline.

They may be used as examples for future reference. Then they'd need to censor your name, which is a lot easier on word

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How much stupid is your boss? Any anecdote?

I've always took the habbit of saving my school presentations as .ppt, .pptx and .pdf, just to be extra sure that the presentation will work. I've seen enough students struggle.

Exrta LPT : not many people know that you can add a direct link to youtube in your powerpoint. Once presenting, clicking on the video will play it, without having to copy-paste an url.

Exrta LPT : not many people know that you can add a direct link to youtube in your powerpoint. Once presenting, clicking on the video will play it, without having to copy-paste an url.

I see this fail over 50% of the time whenever someone tries to use this feature even if the computer it's on has a good internet connection. I'm not sure if everyone just sucks at doing it right or if the feature is just unreliable.

Either way, it's a bad idea to rely on a presentation computer having an internet connection. Too many people come to the small office I work at without even bringing their presentation at all, instead relying on us to have wifi they can use to download it. Way to be prepared in case we didn't have wifi or our internet was down for a day.

Ooh, I love a good animation though. I like to take a drawing, graph or video and add annotations to explain it.

Well done animations can be good, but more often than not, I see them used poorly and inconsistently.

A simple fade in at quickest speed or wipe for graphs is about as much as I have patience for.

For written words, I like a fade for each bullet point. I like to draw a nice diagram and have each part appear as I talk about it so that it's not just a mess. And I do like a nice wipe for graphs - I wish there was an animation which would draw the line from left to right...

I remember when I was at school that it was all the rage to have each letter fly in individually with a gun shot noise...

An appear wipe will draw a line from left to right.

If anyone had animations on individual elements like that in a professional capacity I’d be asking why they value my time so little that they can waste it like that.

Probably because they know your time isn't that valuable

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Style locked presenting if you embed the fonts

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92 points · 1 month ago

Actually, the format would need to be ppsx to support the OpenXML format that modern versions of office use.

Equally, you can simply change the file extension on a pptx and a ppsx file between the two, with no worries about editing ability etc. The ppsx extension simply tells PowerPoint to open in slideshow mode.

For a proper "this is the final version of the file for the presentation" approach, use the pack and go option in PowerPoint to build a fully independent slideshow package that can run in any Windows environment (conversion to PDF or an open office format still required for displaying on non Windows machines that don't have Microsoft office installed).

Yeah, this LPT is like 10 years out of date.

LPT: Always request your driver take a few apples for each member of your team when out-n-about in your pleasure carriage. When on a longer journey to town to procure whale oil or flax seed, they may provide an extra energy boost for your tired steeds when needed.

The real LPT is always in the comments.

16 points · 1 month ago

I'm sitting here wondering who still uses the pre-Office 2007 file format.

9 points · 1 month ago

A lot of people who work with several year old document templates that use weird macros that sort of work to do formatting

My job has a program with a template that must be from office 2000. It's janky as fuck when trying to get it to work in office 2016.

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Consultant here. This should ONLY be done when you're FINAL on all content and are presenting to a static audience in a one-way interaction. It should never be used for showing your work to an audience as a critique.

If the material in the presentation is being actually "discussed" instead of as a dump, don't do this. You can make edits to a PPT-format document to capture the updates from the audience or discussion or to include any corrections, and doing it in the presentation itself shows the person that suggested the change that you're taking their input seriously.

43 points · 1 month ago

Seriously. The original LPT is a crappy one.

It’s super simple to go full screen on a ppt (how hard is to press F5?) whereas you lose out on so many features when you save in pps.

Plus, it’s so much easier to make live edits, annotate etc in a ppt vs. a pps.

As a fellow consultant who spends most of his time writing slides, if I ever saw an Associate sending out a pps they’re getting a crash course in consulting 101.

Can't you open a pps file in edit mode, if you open it from within PowerPoint?

Yes you can.

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When presenting like that, send a pdf, never a pptx or upload it to slideshare. There is never need for pps.

When presenting like that, send a pdf

There is no good presentation software for PDFs. Yes, you can full-screen present it (with control-L because 'L' stands for Full Screen Presentation of course) but you cannot gracefully present to an extended desktop, you cannot include speaker's notes, etc.

If you are not using PowerPoint but LaTex Beamer, there is a good one:

You can always use a sensible pdf reader that uses F11 instead of the security hole that's called Adobe Acrobat But yeah if you use onscreen notes or similar, pdf won't work

Same thing applies to a pdf though - don't "finalize", and leave it editable, unless the venue meets the conditions I noted above.

Even adding comments is less effective than making core changes to content. A meeting psychology elements is that people like to see that their changes "made it in".

The exception there might be if a complex diagram like a networking schematic or the composure of a graph requires some sort of change. You don't want to do those on the fly.

And I forgot : on pdf you don't have font issues like on ppt pptx. The font is embedded.

I just stick to bog-standard fonts that are viable everywhere. Arial, Times New Roman, and so on.


But the presenter is the one that should be doing modifications, not the attendees

Yes - but based on verbal input and confirmations from the attendees.

I’m not going to edit my PPT while it’s pulled up right there in front of my class....

I will write down feedback and incorporate it at my own pace in my own way at a later time like a normal human being

"of my class" --> so you're a lecturer or teacher or something, and that usually makes it a "presenting to an audience in a one-way interaction", which is what I stated as an exception.

"like a normal human being", I won't comment on.

If you have pps file, and open it from inside PowerPoint, does it not work like a regular ppt file again?

Also - don't fall for the false sense that your file is "locked" when you save it as .pps. It's totally edit-able. Just start Powerpoint first, and do a File>Open and browse to the .pps. You will find it opens ready for editing. Too many people think it's some sort of protected mode. It just puts a command in the header to open it in presentation mode.

This is the real LPT here.

You can open .pps in your PowerPoint and convert it into PDF fairly easily.

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25 points · 1 month ago

Lots of people giving good reasons on why this might not be a good idea in certain situations. But if it would work for you, be sure to include an extra slide or two so you don't escape to your desktop should you accidentally go forward too far and pass the last slide. If you include 2 "extra" slides at the end, you don't have to futz around with reopening and speeding through a repeat slideshow just so you can show the thing you accidentally skipped past on the last slide.

25 points · 1 month ago

You can also just do right-click and select show presentation. This way you don't have to do anything extra and you retain your ability to edit.

To be clear: right-click the ppt file in the file explorer.

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I unfortunately do powerpoints for a living and this is not good advice. Super annoying for shared presentations or downright wrong for anything that needs to be reviewed or collaborated on. Maybe just maybe do this if you have a finalized version ready to present, but even then, depending on the av setup, skype, etc, this still is going to be a potential problem. I don't think it is worth it.

I would say if you don't ha e a final version use pptx. if you have a final version that you don't want anyone to change it then save as a pdf

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don't leave porn in your browser behind the pp if you do this

What if I want them to see my porn?

"Ahem, okay class, extra curricular time. This is how dickbutt was presumably created"

No, I want them to see lesbian porn.

2 points · 1 month ago

Were you my community college chemistry professor?

As someone who works in the events industry and handles thousands of PowerPoint presentations in a year, this is terrible advice.

Instead, go to Setup Slideshow and check the box that says "Loop continuously until Esc" so your presentation doesn't go to that awkward black "End of slide show."

2 points · 1 month ago

THANK YOU! I have to help with loading people's PowerPoint presentations too and as clueless as people already are about them we don't need more information like this making things more complicated than they need to be.

LPT: If you need to edit a PPS file, open it into PowerPoint using the File/Open command. Voila!

Also, never use PPS. If you really have to, use PPSX. Far superior.

Also, if you change the file extension to ".zip" and then open the zip file, all of the assets used to create the PowerPoint will be available in wee little folders for you!

powerpoint closes to expose hardcore porn on open tab below

Out of curiosity; is the file data the same; and the extension just determines how the powerpoint application opens it?

In other words, could I just change the name of the extension from .pps to .ppt (& vice-versa) and view the presentation in the edit view? Or would I literally need to save two copies of the presentation, one for each extension?


An even better tip is to save any presentation file as PDF so it will always look right on any device in any resolution etc etc

Or you could just save them as PDFs so you don’t have to use the software and there’s much less risk of them not working on a different computer.

Thanks. I’m a university professor and anytime I try to interact with technology during a lecture, it always goes wrong. This will be useful.

3 points · 1 month ago

As someone who has supported number of events, this lpt is not a good tip at all. What I have come to understand over the years is that the presentation is never final. I have been asked to make changes seconds before presenter would walk on stage before and you don't want to have to deal with pps files when this is possibility.

Besides, then last thing you want is for the presentation to close automatically at end, potentially revealing the computer's Desktop to the audience in the process.

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Lpt: if having a prsentation. Show up 10mins before and load your presentatiom

LPT: NEVER DO THIS. PPS format is the devil's spawn

Working in the AV industry... DO NOT do this. Especially if you’re speaking at a conference and delivering your PowerPoints on a flash drive. It makes it super annoying for the technicians to try to fix any last minute formatting issues 5 minutes before you’re supposed to start.

LPT: Don’t use PowerPoint

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This is very handy. Thank you!

2 points · 1 month ago

LPT: save it as PDF

LPT: Save your slides as locky.exe to get IT support for your presentation automatically.

LPT: Don't do this if you want to use presenter view, which you should definitely do.

Please do not do this. It's supremely annoying to anyone who opens these files.

Ohh shit. Making a power point for my plant manager in the coming months. Gotta do this!

Wish my professors knew about this

Any videos placed and then saved as a ppt files lose the ability to locate and play them, pptx are needed in that case.

LPT: rename the file as .zip. You can then unzip the files and get the video files from it

Comment deleted1 month ago(13 children)

Why? And can you recommend anything else?


hahahhaaha jk

Oooooo fuck my blood started to boil for a brief moment there.

You'd damn well better be jk........ lol.

Google Slides

LaTeX beamer hahaha

Or save them in PDF, very reliable format for different platforms

I just googled LaTeX beamer... as someone with literlly 0 coding experience, I would never use it.. and as for saving it in PDF, it's either my slow, crappy laptop or the format it self is slow...

Will stick with PP nontheless

Original Poster4 points · 1 month ago

PDF is the opposite of slow lol

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You don't need to code to use LaTeX. It's just markup. Like reddit comments, where you can bold, or italize stuff by marking up your regular text.

However, in the whole range of LaTeX cool stuff, I think Beamer is probably the one I avoid using if I can. LaTeX is much better as substitute for Word.

Libreoffice has a similar software and it is free. Works fine for my personal needs.

But I want to leave my conclusions slide up while I summarize and take questions preparing for showing any backups..

I was just looking for this the other day.

Do it as a separate save, so you can edit if you need to.

sort of in the same vein , i get .pptx files sent to me to make signs out of them , save them as a .pdf from powerpoint and then open them in a real design program. saves anything that is vectored.

Right click, show presentation on the file does the same thing without a weird file extension that you can't open to edit.

Where was this tip when I was still in school? Lol

Please god don't do this. I work in broadcast and if your powerpoint closes it's going to shove the next powerpoint out prematurely instead of letting me fade back to the shot.

But then, how wil I edit it?

SLPT: Just corrupt the file so no one can open it

Run-> powerpnt To open PowerPoint from run

1 point · 1 month ago

The real pro tip is

Don’t make slides bro.

Is there a Keynote equivalent?

Is there an equivalent for Word docs (.docx)?

Specifically, a way to force a Word doc to open in "Print" view (single page on screen), instead of "Read mode" (wonky multi-page view) or "Web layout", both of which massively mess up formatting?

This is particularly annoying when sending resumés to people who request Word instead of PDF. Further anything in this situation, is when the Word doc (resumé) opens with squiggly red and blue spell check and grammar check underlines... no way to force it to reliably not do that...

1 point · 1 month ago

This makes no sense.

For red teaming assignments (playing the adversary in computer security) this can come in handy: make it look like a bluescreen, then look like a reboot, and then look like a password prompt where the credentials go to our server :)

Better LPT use PDF

But how do I read my notes?

Or quit your job, fuck jobs that still do powerpoints.

People actually use PowerPoint outside of cheesy meetings?

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