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Follow-up x3 LPT: Make sure to have a "final slide" in place to stop you from accidentally closing your presentation. Anything along the lines of "thank you for your time", "questions", "have a great day!" Or something like that that matches your presentation's tone. Think of it as an "embarrassing desktop safety net".

17 points · 1 month ago

That's the black slide click to end presentation

Lol, true. I just find it looks a little better to end with your own slide.

Follow-up throw up: extend your desktop instead of duplicating it in order to do your stuff like search for files or whatever without your audience seeing it.

Grest idea! Or you could do that to use Presenter View if you have notes for yourself. Also gives you laser pointer, highlighter and the ability to black the screen (which you can also do by pressing B).

B always works. You don't have to be in presenter view. just has to be in presentation mode (full screen)


I usually just put the title slide again at the back. Looks better then the default click ti close message.

That's actually a pretty good idea!

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