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"A man and a woman had relations together, and after a few months the woman got fat. The man brought in a doctor who said: It's all air madam, all air! The man then said: 'But I don't pump air?'

Joke by Anne Frank

Okey I'm dumb, but I really don't get this one.. care to explain?

3 points · 1 month ago · edited 1 month ago

The man is saying he's not an air pump, and sex is like pumping up a tire sorta thing.

Another way to look at it is maybe being fat is a reference to being pregnant but since it's all air instead of pumping sperm the man thought he must be pumping air

EDIT: spelling

Heheh aight, thx! Gotta say AF wasn't my favourite comedian, but cool to have heard her humor anyways

Anne Frank had a terrible sense of humour. Reading her jokes gives new insight to Hitler's motivations, really.

That is bad hahahaha

Hahhah too rough man

it could be funnier in German or Yiddish

Same here

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