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LPT: Buying a new car? Find a owner/fan forum about the car you want to buy. There is usually a thread about prices paid, also lots of info about your future vehicle from actual owners.

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This is a double edged sword.

People who post on dedicated forums come in two flavors. Those dedicated to the car/brand/model and those who sign up to complain or discuss a problem. There will never be a time where you visit a dedicated car forum and not see a deluge of problems for whatever model you are thinking of purchasing.

I visited several forums before purchasing my truck just to check out what others had to say and potentially be wary of problems for particular models. Every manufacturer/brand/model has pages of complaints.

Keep in mind the rebates new cars changes every single month. So while someone might have paid X for a car, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be able to get the same price.

This goes both ways, if someone paid X for a car, but the rebates are way better this month, and you decide to offer that price, the dealer will happily oblige and you will have lost money.

You should do this for anything. I'm currently looking at buying a new smartwatch. I'm not just going to buy the first one I see online, in going to read reviews, watch YouTube videos etc.

Isn't your tip essentially why Consumer Reports is a thing?

See what models are worse by which year.

Be very careful about this website if you don't know general mechanics. I say this bc I'm a mechanic and a buddy of mine was going to buy a new car, he was showing me this website and the issues people were putting about the car he wanted to buy. I read some of them and i would say a good 2/3rds were bullshit issues that the customers ether caused themselves or didn't understand enough about mechanics and complained about stuff that shouldn't have been complained about. Example: one lady was complaining about the new SUV she bought, a rat had chewed a wire and she had to pay to get it fixed after 3 months of having the vehicle, rats chew wires on all cars it's just a fact. Another one, this guy was complaining he did his oil change and the bolt for the cylinder head stripped. Let me tell you, under no circumstances should you ever have to loosen up or even touch a cylinder head bolt doing an oil change, ever.

Oh yeah but those numbers are usually low. What you will see are big red flags like Nissan CVTs

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