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LPT: always show your loved ones where and how to operate the electrical and main water shut offs for your dwelling.

Home & Garden

By sharing this information you can help minimize damage to your property while away.

When I was a kid I came home, kicked off my shoes and went down stairs to find a large water filled paint bubble hanging from the ceiling. My parents were not due home for another 3 hours. Luckily my father had taking the time to show me how to turn the water supply off.

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I wish I knew this at my own home. Caused severe water damage damage because I didn't know where the main valve was in a place id lived for over a year :(

Five years ago we had service people in the house on our second level working on the tile in the laundry room. All of a sudden one of the service people came downstairs and told me something had happened. At first I thought his brother cut off his arm with a circular saw. What they did was they cut the main water pipe from the washing machine. . Water was flowing down our stairs and through the walls. They had been frantically looking for the water main shut off for about 10 minutes before they contacted me.outside in the yard. I had no idea where the main shut off was located. $20,000 later we now have a large orange poster with large black print that says WATER MAIN SHUTOFF .

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This is a good one, also maybe show them to neighbors you are friendly with (and also learn where they are yourself).

How do I find out where is the main water shut off? I am ashamed to say I do not know.

Lived in a student apartment in a converted old house that was on it's fourth reincarnation inside so all the interior construction was not awesome and nothing was properly located. The water shut-off and circuit breaker boxes were in the basement... kept locked at all times by the landlord to prevent tenants from accessing it... so to access either one required a phone call to the landlord and at least a day for him to show up if he felt like it. Blew a circuit breaker with a homemade lamp once and went without power for about a day. Just glad we never had a water problem of any kind because we would've been completely fucked.

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