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There is an extension on Chrome that does this for you! So handy!

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There's a setting in reddit itself which disables it... No need for an extension

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As someone who is too lazy to sort out my subscription sometimes I don't log in. So really it's down to my laziness.

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There is. For example, say you clear your history of last hour or something in your browser. Then this setting will be lost, because the cookies were removed.

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Or just go to your preferences and turn off the new ui...

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Unpopular opinion, I love new. More user friendly. Only thing I don't like is it doesn't use markdown automatically (and since I use Discord and Rebbit mobile, it sucks). I know you can change it back but it's so sleek.

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To each their own. I find myself wondering how hard it is to write a browser extension to automate the URL change. Might be time to learn a new skill.

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Isn't there a setting where you can default back to the old one? Or did they remove that.

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If there is a setting, I can 't find it. Maybe the fine folks at RES will add that as an option.

[edit] FOUND IT! Now all I have is a bright red 'VISIT NEW REDDIT button where my Subreddit list is supposed to be.

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It's just me or I clicked once on "take me to the old site" or something and never saw the new one again? Unless I'm using a new device that my account isn't connected to...

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Every time I close the tab, it resets.


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Oh, as mentioned above, it might be in the cookies of you browser, so if you set your browser to delete them, it might do what you're getting.

You could probably use something like this (usable in lots of ways): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/redirector/ocgpenflpmgnfapjedencafcfakcekcd?hl=en

If you only want that for reddit specifically: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/old-reddit-redirect/dneaehbmnbhcippjikoajpoabadpodje

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Not that hard. I used to learn programming and it's relatively easy to do that (I mean automating the URL change).

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I agree with you. I actually changed the setting so everything is full width (it looks like old reddit, called "classic" view) and it looks great on my high resolution screen. With the modal pop up implementation I barely have to use tabbed browsing either.

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I'm just tired of seeing this every single day