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Unless you're using your fingers during the feast, you're fine. We use forks, spoons, and chopsticks; remember these utensils?

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Except at restaurants like Cheesecake Factory where the waiters set the table without washing their hands and place the bare utensils on a half-ass-cleaned table that doesn't have linens.

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LPT: Don't eat at Cheesecake Factory

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Unless you are immunocompromised, there's nothing to worry about. A dose of germs here and there can maintain your immune system healthy.

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LPT: Be a man and never wash your hands. Do you think your great-grandfather John washed his hands every time he touched a bloody menu

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He didn’t even need the menu

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Unless the menu is wet or moist it will not pass most harmful bacteria

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I feel like I worked at a restaurant and wiping down the menus was a thing...?

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before and after every customer?

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Well no, I don’t think it was a daily routine..but I’m pretty sure it happened.

Maybe it was daily, I don’t know, nvm.

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Personally I don't carry around a sink, and hand sanitizer is a immune system killer.

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I can either talk shit about how OP has to label common sense as a LPT, or how common sense has degraded to a point where it's uncommon. I'll just say nothing.


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Omg I have to share a menu with these filthy commenters?!