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I find myself cutting up trees the other day. Needed to do a Costco run after on the way home. I had that heat related symptom of being a little dizzy, and all the blood moving through my head made my hearing off. Walked into the vege cooler which is the size of a large room and instant relief. But not as painful as an ice bucket.


Research has shown that males are easily deceived by a woman’s smile when trying to interpret emotions.

When trying to assess a woman’s true feelings or attitude in a situation, pay attention to her eyes. Most women have perfected their smile, and can use it to their advantage (consciously or not). However, it is much harder to betray one’s feelings with the eyes.

Males are generally bad at this.


If you have a condom on and momentarily lose or start losing your erection for whatever reason, replace it once you're ready to go again. If you don't, it may break easier.


Everytime there is an update think to yourself: "Did I use this app in the past 2 weeks?" If not, uninstall it. If you really need it later you could just download it again. You phone will run mich faster the less apps are installed.


I made two separate trips to Home Depot, getting thirty bags of mulch each time. The first time was after a recent rainstorm and the next was a week later with no rain. There difference in effort transporting and lifting the bags was surprising considering the bags are somewhat water resistant. For those not inclined to back breaking lifting I'd suggest keeping it in mind this summer.


It's cheap, makes quite a few (a large will do a dozen standard sized dogs easily) and is decent too!


If you're Bad Luck Brian like me, then a particle will fly right in your eye, and then you have a corneal abrasion and it hurts and you have to cancel your vacation!


If your phone data is running on 3g or 1x when you normally get lte in that spot turn on airplane mode wait 25 seconds and turn it on again. That will reset your connection and put it back up to full speed!

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