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LPT: Make sure you can afford local vet visits before getting a pet. by PuddleOfMush in LifeProTips

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Damn that just remembers me of our cat(yeah not a dog and don‘t know how comparable it actually is to this situation). He had a gene defect, that caused a kidney decease. He suffered for some months(we noticed bcs he wasn‘t as active anymore, he was just lying around doing nothing when we came home, when normally he literally jumped at us), then we decided to euthanise him. To this date we still have his ash in an urn in our living room to remind us how much we loved him.

Sorry for the sad story and it doesn‘t really fit the thread so i accept the downvotes.

To accomodate the front post a little bit, mostly everything was covered by the state. We live in Europa(Austria) btw.

LPT: You can opt-out of Reddit using your data, and collecting info from 3rd parties, for targeted advertisements. by jimmcfartypants in LifeProTips

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Why do people have so much to hide? I enjoy this website, I don't buy gold. If giving me ads for the crap I already browsed on Amazon earlier helps them, then fine by me.

Sell my data, I don't care. I entered it in with my own fingertips knowing it was no longer mine.

LPT: when a friend or family member gets a disease, don’t give any medical advice to them by MondoCalrissian77 in LifeProTips

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On a similar note, don't decide how serious the diagnosis until the doctor gives you the news. Dont think you know more than the doctor. If the doctors find a mass, wait until the diagnosis to worry or make plans. Don't assume you or a loved one will die immediately, or that they will come out unscathed. Only the oncologists have all the information, and only they are qualified to give an accurate prognosis. It's dangerous to worry unnecessarily, or underestimate cancer and celebrate prematurely.

If you or a loved one gets a worrisome test, and are still waiting for information, just try and stay calm, and focus on spending quality time with people you love. Let the news come, and make your important decisions when you have all the information. Don't get started mourning before the fight even begins, so you don't demoralize the one affected. Don't give someone false hope, and say they'll make it. Instead, tell them you'll stay right by their side and support them no matter what decision is made, no matter what they have to go through. It's better to have a realistic ally, than someone who gives up before the fighting starts, or someone in denial about the seriousness of the diagnosis and the road ahead.

LPT : if someone you know just experienced something tragic like a really bad breakup or losing someone close. Be sure to be there for them at the 3week mark, this is typicaly where everyone else gets back to their normal life, and then suddenly feel really lonely by Almost-Batman in LifeProTips

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My friends wife died and I stayed with him for about six weeks to make sure he would be alright. He asked me a lot of hard questions and this is when you have to be honest.

He doesn't believe in heaven or anything like that but I was truthful and told him something that he later said made a huge difference in his life at that moment.

She will always be there with you. In your decisions, in your choices in life, and how you move on. A person who you've spent 25 years with has affected you in ways you can't comprehend. You'll still think, "Would she like that?" without even really comprehending that you are doing so. Almost everything you do will revolve around her still being there next to you. That is forever.

The hardest was around the third week when he began wondering if it would have been better had she not been in his life at all. Do you think you would have been better off for those 25 years without her there in your life? Do you think you would be happier? Do you think you would have been a better person?


Then it was worth it.


Have to say was kind of shocked by the comments here. Didn't expect it and I thank you for them. Am I a good friend? I'm not really sure. I made a promise when I was sixteen to my best friend who would later on be my best man at my wedding. I promised that I would always be there when he needed me. I was stationed in Germany when a letter came through the mail with a newspaper clipping was inside. At first I thought he had gotten in the newspaper again and then slowly I realized it was an obituary. I still remember watching it fall to the floor. He was only twenty one and it's been twenty five years since that time.

In many ways I think I'm still trying to make up for that promise that I broke. Then again maybe I'm just being the person I would want someone to be for me if I was in that situation. Everyone needs someone. Even the strongest people need help standing sometimes. We should all be good to each other.

LPT : if someone you know just experienced something tragic like a really bad breakup or losing someone close. Be sure to be there for them at the 3week mark, this is typicaly where everyone else gets back to their normal life, and then suddenly feel really lonely by Almost-Batman in LifeProTips

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Lost my wife 6 weeks ago. I was sad, I mourned, I grieved, but I still need to be there for my kids. The rock, if you will. I know I've buried a lot of stuff emotionally, but I've been doing that since I was a kid. By now, I'm pretty good at that.

I have these moments throughout my days, just moments, where I miss her so much. The little things...being able to text her throughout the day, stupid mundane day to day stuff, being able to say hello when I come home at night. And suddenly its all gone and neither one of us got to say goodbye and its all so goddamned unfair.

I don't have a point. But I read many of the posts in here, and damn it, I can relate to a lot of them. If anyone needs to unload, vent, share, please feel free to PM me. I don't have answers, but I can at least read your words and tell you that, together, we'll get through this.

EDIT: Thank you for the kind words, so many of you. I've been so humbled by the kindness of others through this whole experience. I'm a nice guy, but after the outpouring of support from people in my life, and online, I'm trying to be nicer, to be a better friend, to not be so centered on just me, and to reach out and be there for others. Thank you all!

Also: RIP my Inbox! :)

LPT: Wet your hands and clipper before cutting your nails. The water makes them stick to the clipper instead of flying everywhere. by ramiro2k7 in LifeProTips

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LPT: Always cut your toenails during lunch in the break room. Soak your feet in talcum powder for two hours prior for maximum dryness. Wait for Sheryl from accounting to heat up her tuna casserole, then take her #1 Grandma mug and use it as your personal nail clipping basin. Squat on a swivel chair in the middle of the room and pretend you are a nail clipping lawn sprinkler. Hit as many coworkers as you can with your clippings. Feign ignorance when they yell at you and insist the boomerang shape normally brings them right back. Return Sheryl's mug with pride as only the clippings from your pinkie toe made it in. Roll your eyes as she says this is the last time HR ignores her pleas for this nonsense to end. Make a point of finding the big toe clipping and use it as a salsa chip as you scoop out some of her tuna casserole and eat it in front of her. Remind her that without you in the mail room, accounting will grind to a halt. Get a Snickers Bar from the vending machine and note to everyone within earshot "Mmm. 15% folic acid. Good for strong hair and nails."

LPT: Try buying a gaming mouse even if you don't plan to game. The extra buttons can be easily mapped to basic tasks such as cut, copy, paste, etc. which can come in quite handy. Living with the obnoxious RGB lights has to be the trade off. by turmo_turto in LifeProTips

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This was my problem, so I got AutoHotKey, and mapped them to different functions. It was simple button remapping at first, but soon became more complicated scripts that provide a lot better experience than my software's remapping stuff.

LPT: if there are no chances for job growth or improvement - it's time to move on. You are worth more the more you learn. Otherwise you are getting paid less the more you know. by Diddy43 in LifeProTips

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This LPT is bad and it should feel bad.

It is a feelgood idea, but ultimately is not real-world applicable.

Some of us are stuck in situations where we can't afford to start making less money just for the prospect of eventually making more.

Some of us currently are guaranteed the hours that we need to survive at our job that we're stuck in, and a new job may not necessarily guarantee those hours.

Some of us were dealt a bad hand in life where we have no friends or family who are financially successful or even fiscally reaponsible, and as such -- we have no safety net if this new job fails in some way.

Some of us have more responsibilities than our own well being -- that is the weell-being of others who depend on us.

You can sit here and proselytize all you want in attempts to make those who are stuck feel bad worse about themselves for the situation that they are in, but in reality, you dont know anything about the lives of those who youbare trying to give this LPT to, and consequently, you simply look arrogant and ignorant.


LPT: move to Afghanistan so that your country shows up first on the drop-down menu, saving you a lot of time when filling out online forms. by sadist-trombone in LifeProTips

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LPT: Also, once Amazon Prime Air becomes common, you will have the advantage of living in a country that already has a well-developed and well-tested drone delivery infrastructure.

LPT: When moving, pack a “first day” box with everything you think you’ll need right after you arrive. It’s annoying to dig through all your boxes for things like modems and hair dryers when you’re tired from your move. by campperr in LifeProTips

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When we moved out of apartments (and sold our first house), we always left behind a full roll of toilet paper, fresh bars of soap, and a roll of paper towels. When we sold our first house, we also left a bottle of champagne in the fridge for the family moving into their first house.

LPT: If you are going to be working on or cleaning a lawn mower take the spark plug out. Spinning the blade with your hand could cause it to start. by DaggerMoth in LifeProTips

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Cool....after yanking the cord 50 times and the fucker still dont start, I can just give the blade a whirl . These are the types of tips I come here for. You worded it all different but I knew what you meant.