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I see a lot of friendships ruined by one friend loaning the other money and it not being paid back. If you go in with the mindset that it's more of a gift and you're prepared to not have it paid back then it helps not affecting your friendship. Then if they do pay you back it's a pleasant surprise.


I find myself cutting up trees the other day. Needed to do a Costco run after on the way home. I had that heat related symptom of being a little dizzy, and all the blood moving through my head made my hearing off. Walked into the vege cooler which is the size of a large room and instant relief. But not as painful as an ice bucket.


What are some good tips to reduce my kitchen clean up time and water waste from rinsing dishes before they go into the dishwasher? What can and can't go into the dishwasher? How clean does it have to be before putting it in?


Warnings are designed to prevent an accident, especially at a workplace. I just left a job because I was "trained" to overlook warnings on a deli slicer that stated not to clean the machine while it is running. I was made fun of for being so careful. What they didn't know is I have worked with deli slicers before and have had to send employees to the ER for misuse. Keep in mind that the "easiest" way to complete a task is usually the most dangerous.


When a site or seller includes an image of the product but omits details of the specs or model numbers. Using reverse image search, save and upload the image to search the web for identical and similar images on sites, potentially revealing more information about the product.

Image metadata can often tell you what time the photo was taken, what device the photo was taken with and even location data of where the image was taken.

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This is a common tactic used by stalkers/human traffickers parents without custody/other not-so-nice people that they use to find targets.

They may appear on sites other than Facebook, for example, I've seen a few on Imgur. If you know the person's whereabouts, please tell the police and not a random person on the internet.


You will save yourself a lot of trouble if, when picking faucets for kitchen and bathroom, you avoid the fancy ones made by companies you've never heard of before and pick fairly standard models for which parts will most likely be readily available in the future.

Two recent situations have prompted this advice. A friend has a very elegant kitchen sink faucet, but as will eventually happen, it's developed a problem. The part to fix it is available, but has to be special-ordered from Germany. Until it arrives, she has to turn off her sink under the cabinet.

My father installed two special thermostatically-controlled bathtub/shower faucets thinking they would be the next big thing. Both need repairs, but parts are no longer available, so my mother is having to have them removed and replaced by a plumber.

My kitchen faucet is a standard Delta, and I've had to repair it a few times due to the high water pressure where I live. I just run to the local plumbing supply store and buy parts.

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If your phone data is running on 3g or 1x when you normally get lte in that spot turn on airplane mode wait 25 seconds and turn it on again. That will reset your connection and put it back up to full speed!

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Research has shown that males are easily deceived by a woman’s smile when trying to interpret emotions.

When trying to assess a woman’s true feelings or attitude in a situation, pay attention to her eyes. Most women have perfected their smile, and can use it to their advantage (consciously or not). However, it is much harder to betray one’s feelings with the eyes.

Males are generally bad at this.

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