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Real personal change is difficult, and being reminded of past failures while making an effort to improve can feel defeating...”why change if everyone is going to still see me as what I used to be anyway”. Further, keeping your feedback encouraging, and on a one-to-one basis lets them feel accomplished, without the pressure of the public eye.

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Paid Research Study: Veterans/Military with Recent Suicidal Thoughts & their Romantic Partners

Are you a service member or veteran who has recently thought about or attempted suicide? Are you romantically involved with a service member or veteran who has ever wanted or tried to harm themselves? We are conducting a study with current and former military service members and their spouses/partners to try to learn more about how to help families like yours.

• Participation in the study will be COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL

• All surveys can be completed online, at your convenience

• Service members/veterans complete a 10-15 minute survey to see if you are eligible to participate

If you are eligible for the study...

• Your participation will involve an eligibility questionnaire and a background questionnaire followed by two weeks of nightly surveys

• Initial questionnaires take 45-90 minutes

• Nightly surveys should take less than 20 minutes each night

Service members/veterans can participate with or without their romantic partner. You can earn up to $75 individually. Couples together can earn up to $150 for participating.

The information gained will be used to help improve and create services for service members who struggle with suicide and their spouses/romantic partners.

These surveys are being conducted by Dr. Keith Renshaw and Sarah Carter in the Psychology Department at George Mason University. If you or another family member may be interested in this study please contact the Anxiety, Stress, and Relationships Lab at George Mason University for more information:


If you have ever been in a situation in which you were really upset with someone, you will probably understand how frustrating it can be when theyremain calm. By not seeming bothered, they are signaling that the situation isn’t upsetting them—and that they are better able to control their emotions. When you are a screaming ball of anger, you don’t want the other person to just sit there and play it cool. So as hard as it may be, when someone is screaming and abusing you, the best thing to do is to just remain cool and calm. The mismatch between your emotional state and theirs will cause them to feel even more upset—and later, a bit embarrassed.


I heard a quote once to, "walk with those who seek the truth, and run from those who claim to have found it." Anyone who thinks they've got some big problem worked out entirely is probably missing something - whereas the most nuanced and hard to encapsulate understanding of a given situation is likely to lead to a less conclusive opinion.


I've just noticed that when I make friends quickly with a bartender, not only do they tend to make my drinks quickly, there is more care put in. Plus, because they're good at small talk, they usually make good friends! Sometimes I ask them to make something that is their favorite or their own creation. I've gotten some of the most creative and delicious cocktails this way!!! Edit: Grammar

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What would you do with a library of 2M+ samples? Start a free trial today and find out.


Learn from rejection. Learn that the person might be terribly boring when you get to know them. Learn that they might be just as amazing as you hoped.

It all starts with the confidence to make the first move!


Sometimes, it's best to let stupid people go on being stupid, no matter how much you want to call them out on their bullshit. I learned that today listening to my boss make small talk with a customer. These aren't exact words, but the general content of the conversation is there.

B: That's a cool water bottle you have there. Is that a filter in it?

C: Yes, it is.

B: Does it change how the water tastes? I have never tried them before.

C: Oh yes. It tastes way different. It even raises the PH.

B: Raises the PH?

C: Yes. It brings the PH up to 9. You know, a lot of people will tell you that a PH of 7 is neutral, but it gives you cancer. A PH of 9 doesn't give you cancer.

She goes on to tell him that it also removes radiation and is made by some Christian organization (maybe it turns it into holy water as well?). If at any point my boss had shown any doubt to what she was saying he would have lost her as a customer.

I later mentioned it to him and we had a good laugh at the ridiculousness of her "science".

Sometimes, let stupid people be stupid.


Most dryers have a panel that pops out of the front-facing bottom of the machine. Two clips hold it on. Others are only accessible from the rear via 6-10 screws holding a thin sheet of metal.

Not only will it give you a chance to clean 15+ years of other people's dust/lint out of it, but I just cleaned mine and found $40+ dollars of coins! A little hidden gem sitting in your house!

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I've seen that this works in Firefox sometimes as well. u/Sayoru23 Says it works with Opera as well! This will work for only certain types of gifs so it doesn't work everywhere but gifs uploaded to Reddit get formatted in a way that allows this. Imgur for the most part does as well

Example to try 2nd top post on gifsthatkeepongiving


My sister was always a selfish. First time my dad did this, she was so pissed because I chose the bigger piece she obviously cut for herself. I forgot what type of sandwich it was, I think ham and cheese. Delicious. She never did that again.


I feel like it is worth noting that this is for variable expenses and income that is not fixed. (Salary)

For example, if electricity costs you about $100-$200, write it into your budget as $200.


Join the enthusiast forum for the make and model of your choice and enjoy the plethora of information, parts sources and do it yourself articles shared within the community!

The enthusiast are very big on diy projects and love to share and document their builds. If you are pretty handy and enjoy diy projects and fixes, a large enthusiast community will be key in saving money and learning a lot about your car.

I was introduced to the VW community at a young age by my cousin who was a bit older than me. He learned everything through friends and other enthusiast starting with air cooled and eventually moving to the water cooled scene. The only cars I’ve owned have been VW and now Audi. They are the same parts and follow the same engineering so everything I’ve learned along the way has helped me tremendously in saving money and time with car troubles, diagnosing and repair. Enthusiast forums like VWVortex and Audizine as well as local car clubs have been such an amazing resource throughout my life.

This hit me tonight while trying to help my Aunt diagnose a problem with her Hyundai Tucson. There is virtually no information or help out there!

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