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Posted by<3 Lorne Michaels23 days ago
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Welcome to the S44 Draft! This year the Mini-Draft will return with a few little tweaks (we'll get to that next month), but we are going to do the Hosts and Musical Guests entirely different.

In the comments below predict three hosts and three musical guests that you believe will make up the first three episodes of this season.

For each one you get correct you get three points.

For each one you get wrong you get a negative point.

Your MG and Host points are a lump sum.

The four users who have the highest score at the end of the season will win Reddit gold.

There is no need to predict what dates each host will correspond with.

If you predict more than three hosts or musical guests (each) your entry for that month is disqualified.

If you submit more than one entry per month both your entries are disqualified.

If you edit your submission your entry for that month is disqualified. Delete and resubmit if you don't like what you picked.

If you do not put the full name of the person or act you are predicting that portion of your entry will be ignored.

We will repeat this process at the beginning of every month for the hosts in the subsequent month (so for example we will predict the May hosts at the beginning of April).

This post will be locked by noon on Friday August 31st at noon or once the first three hosts and musical guests have been announced, whatever comes first.

Posted by<3 Lorne Michaels4 days ago
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I checked the CMZ one from Popstar and that's no it

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Hi folks,

I just randomly thought of a sketch, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to find it. All I recall is Cecily Strong (I think!) playing a very high pitched woman wearing mostly white clothes. I believe she was an assistant on a movie set maybe? Let me know if this rings a bell for anyone, maybe I'm just totally getting mixed memories here! Thanks!

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Is it safe to say there will be no new cast members this year? We are about a week and a half away from the premier with no news. When do they typical make announcements like this? I assume they will only mention something if they are hiring someone as opposed to a lack of hiring, which makes me think they aren't bringing on anyone new. Though I know it'll be hard to fill that Luke Null shaped hole.


I can’t find any more recent comments from Alec Baldwin on this topic since his May appearance on Kelly & Ryan where he hinted he might not return. Anyone know more?

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