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Dear fellow Lostie,

maybe you haven't learned about it back in the day when LOST was on the air, maybe you have only watched it on Netflix and missed it because of that, but there is actually more LOST for you to watch - including a neat epilogue to the series.

The following is canonical material, meaning it is part of the LOST story/universe and was created for the fans after the seasons as a way to offer some new content and more exposition, because it's not always easy to find a proper place for it in the show itself without feeling clunky.


[Latest Update: 2017/10/30]

The Sri Lanka Video

Part of a side-story about the Hanso Foundation and the origins of the DHARMA Initiative, released after season 2.

The LOST Missing Pieces (Playlist)

A series of 13 shorts that fill in some gaps, released after season 3.

Missing Pieces 01: The Watch

Missing Pieces 02: The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt

Missing Pieces 03: King of the Castle

Missing Pieces 04: The Deal

Missing Pieces 05: Operation: Sleeper

Missing Pieces 06: Room 23

Missing Pieces 07: Arzt & Crafts

Missing Pieces 08: Buried Secrets

Missing Pieces 09: Tropical Depression

Missing Pieces 10: Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack.

Missing Pieces 11: Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the Golf Course

Missing Pieces 12: The Envelope

Missing Pieces 13: So It Begins

DHARMA Orientation Video - The Orchid [Found Footage]

Footage from the troubled production of the Orientation video for The Orchid, released after season 3.

The Oceanic Six - A Conspiracy of Lies

A documentary about the Oceanic Six and their story, released after season 4.

DHARMA Orientation Video - Welcome To The Island

The Orientation video shown to new members of the DHARMA Initiative after arriving on the island, released after season 5.

Mysteries Of The Universe - The DHARMA Initiative

A TV-documentary about the DHARMA Initiative, released after season 5.

Mr. Clucks commercial #1[Flash-Sideways]

A teaser for the final season, released after season 5.

Mr. Clucks commercial #2[Flash-Sideways]

A teaser for the final season, released after season 5.

Oceanic Airlines commercial [Flash-Sideways]

A teaser for the final season, released after season 5.

America's Most Wanted: Kate Austen [Flash-Sideways]

A teaser for the final season, released after season 5.

LOST Series Epilogue: The New Man In Charge

The series epilogue with lots of additional information, released after season 6.

LOST - The Final Deleted Scene Joke

A "deleted scene" from the season 1 finale featuring two of the island's original inhabitants.

There is also a lot of audio content for LOST:

Starting in season 2, the official LOST Podcast was launched and ran for the rest of the show - often featuring the showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse talking about the show, answering questions and making jokes.

The Official LOST Audio Podcast - Season 2

The Official LOST Audio Podcast - Season 3

The Official LOST Audio Podcast - Season 4

The Official LOST Audio Podcast - Season 5

The Official LOST Audio Podcast - Season 6

Jorge Garcia, the actor portraying Hurley, also started his own podcast for season 6, talking about the episodes and comparing them with the actual scripts, giving further insight.

Geronimo Jack's Beard

Additionally a number of Commentary Tracks for certain episodes have been produced featuring the showrunners, writers, producers, directors and actors.

Audio Commentary Tracks

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I was thinking of starting the rewatch the 27th.

We would watch 3 episodes a week, Friday, Sunday, and Wednesday and it would be posted at like 8pm EST?

If anyone has any thoughts or would like anything changed feel free to comment.


I know the oceanic plane prop used to be kept at Dillingham Airfield, but does anyone know if it’s still there or where it’s gone since filming ended?


So I'm in the process of rewatching lost for the 4th time and I'm at the end of season 2. Michael just shot libby. It made me think, did we ever get an answer on why libby was in the same mental hospital as Hurley.


I see a few post asking what if Jacob would of done this or if this would of happened etc. I have a few scenarios too. I know we hear a lot from the Lindolf and Cruse. Do we ever get feedback from other writers that were on the show? Did any of the writers ever talk about if they could re-write a few things what they would of done?


I’ve been fascinated (and in love) with the series “The100”, when I asked a few people a while a go what other series they could recommend watching I’ve quite frequently heard “Lost” as reply. Some even told me it’s the best series they have ever seen.

I’m really hyped to start the series today and thought it would be a good time to share it with the suiting community!

Maybe there is any thing you lads want to tell me before I start. I’m excited :)


I've seen some posts about people starting Lost for the first time. It got me thinking about how other people got into the show. Did you start from Day 1? Hear good things? Stumble upon it?

For me, when the show started in the fall of 2004, I was intrigued, but I had just started my junior year of high school. I had a girlfriend and a job and played sports. So needless to say I didn't have a ton of time to watch TV. So I didn't. But my gf's dad did and always said good things. As did a friend at school.

Fast forward to December 2007. It was winter break during my sophomore year of college. I had a job in my college town and none of my friends did, so I was at college for a month basically alone. Looking for something to do, I headed to the store and was looking around the DVDs and saw Lost Season 1. I thought back to how I heard good things about was intrigued by the idea. Seeing it had three seasons, I figured it must have done well.

So the next month was basically working second shift and watching Lost in the morning and at night. I quickly blazed through the first season and picked up seasons 2 and 3. I finished in that month just a few weeks before Season 4 started. I was hooked and now it's my favorite show off all time. It also worked out too because I view the show as two parts with season 3 being the end of the first part.

So how did you all get into the show? And bonus question: did you know at anytime during the season 3 finale that it was a flash forward and not flashback, prior to the reveal? I did not!


Winning numbers: 4 8 23 53 59 Mega ball 17 will win you $30 if using Hugo's number: 4 8 15 16 23 Mega ball 42.


While watching the series I remember thinking to myself that wow, jin must be super deadly but never really gets that chance to showcase his strength.

Anyway my list of deadly dudes with 1 being the highest.

  1. Jin
  2. Sayid
  3. Sawyer
  4. Locke
  5. Kate

According to the map of the island, the four-toes statue isn't really far from the beach where the Losties crashed. Maybe a two day walk following the shoreline, even closer for the tailies. From a storytelling standpoint, I understand Jacob couldn't reveal himself too early. But what if Jack or Sayid actually pushed the exterior wall to Jacob's chamber ? Also, on the island Jacob did nothing but work on his tapestry for centuries. Man, that dude is really dedicated... (or bored).


I finished season 2 a few months back. I loved it. The concept of The Button was so cool. Desmond even with a very small screen time he had back then, I loved him. His and Penny's Scottish accent is just pure bliss. The finale was great with the whole place blowing up.

I was so charged up, I started season 3 that day itself. And then there was this alright boring opening episode. Okaaaaay.... Uh, I didn't learn anything from this episode. Maybe next one. Next one has the greatest plot line ever Sawyer and Kate in a cage. I just gave up. Nothing about the button or its function or what happened with the fail safe key. Maybe Lost is just as bad as everyone is telling. Ignoring plot lines. The annoying dialog by the others in the first two episodes, "We are not the bad guys". Then fucking act like it. Why are you all secretive. How hard is it to say something about the island. Anything about the Dharma initiative. Motherfuckers.

Three days before, I saw The Normies (YouTube channel) react to lost season 1. Their reactions made me realize how much I enjoyed it back then. So I gave it a another go. It was more of the its okay but get on with it and stop making dumb decisions Jack and Co. Finally in Ep 6, Jack grows a spine and sabotages the operation and gains the upper hand.

Then the plot picks up. Juliet's flashback, Desmond's flashback and Ben starts to give out info in teeny tiny bits. Nikki's espose storyline with spiders and diamonds was a great contained episode. Hugo and the beer van.

Mighail, the one eyed guy was great. When Locke beat the game, and the Dharma guy starts to speak. His voice just fits perfectly for this thing. His explanation of the button in season and now. Enter 56 for communication. Enter 77 if the hostiles have invaded.

Oceanic 815 people need to man up and start killing the Others. They may not be the bad guys. But sure as hell they are giving these people so many reasons to. Kill back.

The finale. I would say this was the best of the three. Everybody had a plot to do. Charlie and Desmond at the looking glass. Sayid, Jin and other guy with the dynamites. Sawyer and Juliet with saving them. Hugoooo with his van. Jack as Moses. I was so invested in the plot, my heart rate increased during dynamite shootout, with Charlie and of course at the end when Jack made contact. AND IT WAS NOT A FLASHBACK. IT WAS A FLASHFRONT.

When Jack says "do you know how much I have went through". Oh how cute Jack, wait till you go the island. Hey wait a minute, Somethings not right. His beard and the funeral. Is it. Is it... After... And the last scene happened, a car came. Oh shit it's gonna be Kate it's gonna be Kate. Maybe Juliet. And it was Kate. "We made a mistake. We need to go back"

I really wanted these people to make contact and get out of the island. But with just a couple of scene

  1. Not penny's boat (I finally get the reference. Been seeing that a lot in a lot of AskReddit threads. Thanks everyone who commented for not spoiling it beyond that sentence)

  2. Jack saying we made a mistake.

Just like that. They made me feel uneasy. If it was so bad (whatever that is going to happen) Ben should have done a lot better job arguing his side. He was shit at explaining things to everyone.

I am gonna venture here and say Desmond - Pennolope is one of the greatest love stories I have ever seen. I am not even finished yet. Hope they don't ruin it. Also Juliet has such a punchable face when she gives a "neutral, you can't guess what I am thinking or which side am I on" face.

So DON'T tell me when this hate for Lost starts. I am going to go in a with a open mind as much as possible with the bias I already have. But are they going to still ignore plot lines and pick only the convinient ones to continue and leave everything hanging. Or is it only a disappointing finale. SHIT DON'T TELL. If somebody can enlightene me without spoiling much. Please try.


Wow. I’m pretty late. I binged through the last 2-3ish months. It’s a great show. I’m a little disappointed in the ending because I feel like the writers were making it up as they were going along. And that works sometimes. But when you create a show with SO MUCH mystery... without it all coming together at the end... it feels a little upsetting. I paid attention and (i think) (maybe) “I got it”. I know (think) they weren’t dead the whole time. I know it’s about the journey and not the destination. But here are my hot takes and questions:

BEST EPISODES: 1. Season 3 finale: the flashforward was brilliant and one of the most crazy twists in my TV/movie watching life 2. The Constant: Inception vibes before inception even happened. Satisfying and spellbinding 3. Pilot: I started watching on a chance but became immediately invested. I usually abide by the three episode rule which is: if you don’t care about anyone at the end of episode 3 then give up. I was in right away

BEST CHARACTERS: 1. Desmond 2. Vincent 3. Jack 4. Sawyer 5. Ben 6. Juliet 7. Sayid 8. Jin 9. Sun 10. Lapidus

MOST UNDERUSED: 1. Lapidus 2. S6 Sawyer 3. S6 sayid

QUESTIONS: 1. So did the the season 5 finale work? 2. The flash sideways implies: everything that happened pre crash HAPPENED? Then they land? Then the crash never happened? Then why was Desmond on the plane? Wasn’t he on the island already? If yes, then is it a completely alternative timeline? 3. I interpreted the very last scene as Jack entering “heaven” to be, most likely, years after the events of what we have witnessed. Is this the consensus? Again, I’m super late to the show 4. How’d the island disappear? 5. What’s up with the teleporting horizontal pirate ship wheel that controls time that Ben used to leave and make season 5 weird? We’re not revisiting that? 6. How does MIB take physical form of dead people that we know? 7. Why can’t Jacob do that? 8. If Lapidus makes it home in the series finale-the flash sideways implies Kate and Sawyer are already there. So are there two of them?


Characters in this show seem to have signature outfits. For example, jack wears a blue t shirt and blue jeans, sawyer wears a green collared shirt and jeans, sayid wears a black tank top with black pants, Hurley wears a red t shirt,

Help me out here


After finally binge-watching the entirety of Lost, I think it's finally time I can do this post. Lost is great with mysteries but I often like great villains to make the plot, especially in TV Series. No character is perfect. Although, I'd make an exception with Vincent and possibly Rose and Bernard. Though, even our heroes like control-freak Jack who can be a real jerk at time and Kate who murdered her stepfather in cold-blood have their imperfections. Then we get characters that we just hate to love who are Sawyer who are assholes but secretly have their own heroic sides. However, we still get villains who have a real dark side and do have non-heroic roles though some HAVE been able to work their ways towards redemption to become heroes.

So here is my ranking of the Lost Villains in my opinion:

12.) Juliet Burke: She eventually became a top-notch heroine and arguably the best female character in the show but she was a villain for a very short period of time. She was constantly threatening Jack. She also almost fooled us into thinking she was a spy. However, thankfully, she became a heroine and she made a better love interest for Jack and Sawyer as she was able to do stuff to help rather than just be the girl to cause love triangles like Kate.

11.) Michael Dawson: He was one of our main heroes throughout the earlier seasons, but because of the monsters known as the Others after they kidnapped his son, he coldly murdered Libby and Ana Lucia. He didn't even look back to try and promise to help Sawyer, Kate, Hurley and Jack when he traded them to the Others for his son. We all get his motivation. We all know what he's been through for his son. He didn't want to lose Walt. He was doing what any good father would do. However, he still became a murderer and because he told his son the truth, his son hated him. He eventually returned as Ben's spy on the freighter which finally lead to his redemption again.

10.) Ana Lucia: Sure, she was technically a hero for the "Talies" arc but she was so hard to like that her villainous roles made her fall into the villains category. She murdered a man in cold blood rather than follow the law, she imprisons and tortures an innocent man (A jackass but still innocent) and then murders Shannon just when we were just beginning to like her. I don't even remember her apologizing to Sayid for killing Shannon. Ana Lucia did have a more antihero type of role but because of her unlikable character, it made it tough to consider her a real hero and one of the villains, despite not actually being an antagonist.

9.) Paik Woo-Jung: Now while he was a good father to his daughter, Sun, he was still a pretty ruthless crime lord. He hated Jin and made him work for him. Jin had to do very messed up stuff just to stay with Sun. Mr Paik was fearsome. Thankfully, Sun returned and became in charge of her father's operations. He did everything to make Sun and Jin's lives miserable which eventually caused them to go to the plane which lead to their crash on the Island. He should definitely be considered a villain for being a crime-lord alone. The reason he is still low on the list is because despite causing misery to Sun and Jin's relationship, he never really served much purpose to the rest of the story and really just Sun and Jin.

8.) Elois Hawking: When it comes to the worst mother of the show, it would definitely be Elois. She was very controlling over her son, Daniel, even refusing to want to allow his son to choose his own path in his life as well as having a love life. She knew her son would get show by her in the past but sent him anyway to die. Now while she does help Jack and the rest of the Oceanic 6 to return to the Island, she is still a very nasty and selfish woman. She definitely deserves a spot in the villains category.

7.) Mikhail Bakunin: At first, you see him tending to Sayid's wounds so he couldn't be all bad. You assume he is actually another inhabitant on the island trying to survive like Danielle. Except, with a decent shelter. He acts very civil and as I said before, he helped Sayid after he shot him. However, we eventually learn that he is an Other and he really IS a bad guy. When he is tied up, he threatened to kill John, but was defeated again. Then even after Sayid spares his life, he goes and threatens Sayid that if he lets his guard down, he will kill him. He then fakes his death to escape. The once again, he confuses us with his morality by saving Naomi's life and is allowed to go free. Big mistake as he kills one of our favourite characters, Charlie. It still break our hearts with his death.

6.) Ethan Rom: This guy is the definition of creepy. With his unsettling half-smile, blank look while staring at a confused Charlie and Claire then proceeding to successfully kidnapping both of them and the fact that this guy is a well trained fighter that not even guns can make him hold back, Ethan was definitely a threatening villain. He also threatens the survivors of Flight 180 that he would kill one survivor each night if they don't give him Claire. Although, he did show a more kinder and softer side when he was helping Claire and him as a baby and child looked kind of adorable. However, let us not all forget, that scene with Charlie hanging from the scene is pure nightmare fuel.

5.) Charles Widmore: In the end, he became the anti-Man in Black guy but this guy is still a very nasty villain of the series. First, he is doing everything in his power to keep Desmond and Penny from being together, which leads to Desmond going on a race around the world to prove he is worthy to marry Penny but gets him stranded on the Island which takes Desmond's life away. Next, he tries to bribe Desmond to never see his daughter again. He also orders a crew of mercs on a freighter to massacre an Island which leads to the eventual death of Danielle and Alex Rousseau, as well as Karl. He is also revealed to be an Other who had a thing with Elois. So he abandoned his own son, Daniel too. Charles' rivalry with Ben is definitely memorable but we all knew who we were rooting for, and thankfully, he won the war between Charles and Ben.

4.) Martin Keamy: Keamy showed NO redemption points whatsoever and had to be killed TWICE! He is an evil mercenary and a walking pile of destruction. He destroyed the Dharma village which had a lot of innocent people who went with Locke and finally broke us when he killed poor Alex who was in tears, crying for help. While he is not exactly interesting and more of the guy who followed orders since it was Charles Widmore who was the guy calling the shots, Keamy still stood out as one of the bigger bads in the show for causing the deaths of many people such as Alex, Danielle, Karl, Michael and separating Jin and Sun.

3.) Anthony Cooper: When it comes down to who is the most evil father in the show, it is definitely Anthony Cooper. He gives birth to a son named John Locke and abandoned him, to which John's mother can't handle the responsibility of so she gives John away for adoption, where John has to go through many foster homes of parents who refuse to keep him. Then when he finally reunites with his son in the end, he conned John into giving him his kidney and never looked back to seeing him again. Then when his son tried to reunite with his father again, Anthony coldly tells his son that he doesn't want him and tells him to leave him alone. Hit me where it hurts! Later, Anthony made John get his money which ruined John's relationship with Helen. Anthony finally went too far when he tried to kill his son by throwing him out a window which paralyzed his son and didn't even care to see if he was alive, ruining John's life even more. That's apparently not all, as he also ruined Sawyer's life. He conned Sawyer's parents which caused both their deaths and created James Ford into Sawyer, now a con-man of vengeance. Thankfully in the end, Anthony got what he deserved.

2.) The Man in Black: This guy is evil incarnate. He is a demon and when he was revealed to have possessed John Locke's dead corpse after Ben killed him, it only became more heart-breaking. He is the giant smoke monster that terrorized the 185 survivors and everyone else, killing Rousseau's crew as well as killing poor Mr. Eko. While it was eventually revealed in his past with his sibling rivalry with Jacob, and you could empathize with him, he is still an extremely evil villain that needed to be stopped as he also threatened to destroy the world.

Now before I get to number one, I want to give two honorable mentions:

  • James "Sawyer" Ford: Sawyer has come a long way. He started out as a self-centered a-hole who was selfish and pretty much deserved getting punched. However, because of his tragic backstory to how he came to be, he got a pass in here. He started out as a bit of a villain but quickly evolved into the antihero we hated to love.

  • The Others/Hostiles: The Others started out as a mysterious group which left us terrified to who these guys could be. We first saw Ethan and just imagined how an army of Ethans would be to these terrified survivors of Oceanic 185. Then they kidnap Walt right in front of his father. Even Tom was a scary dude with the beard. They threw Kate and Sawyer into the cages and even threatened to kill Sawyer so they were definitely bad people but luckily, even they knew the threat of the freighter and temporarily sided with the survivors to deal with this threat. However, they still count as villains because they kidnap children, kill pregnant women, brainwash people and terrorize survivors.

1.) Benjamin Linus: Not only is he the best villain in Lost, he is one of my favourite characters. Sure, at the end of the day, he became a hero but make no mistake - Ben was an evil monster. He is a master manipulator and he also murdered John Locke twice, by shooting him the first time and the second time when he was miserable by strangling him. However, he has a very kind and nice attitude which makes him so lovable but he is also secretly very evil. He was the leader of the Others. He called the shots to kidnap people, kill people, make scary lists, terrorize people and he even threatened Juliet to be his girlfriend or wife. He wouldn't even care if innocent people get hurt. He was responsible for the murder of the Dharma Initiative, who were revealed to be rather good people with a couple of nasty guys. Luckily, we all understood his motivation and is also one of the best characters with one of the best backstories. He was abused by his father as a boy who blamed him for the death of his mother so we could sympathize with him, and though he stole Alex from her mother, he still raised her and did care for her. Like I said though, he still caused mass genocide on the Dharma Initiave, murdered his father, did a LOT of bad things but in the end, he eventually redeemed himself when he discovered he could never have the power he wanted.

So that's ranking of the Lost Villains. How would you rank the villains of Lost?


Just about done season 1 looking for a good recap video or article or something to watch before I hop in to season 2


I just finished my umpteenth rewatch of Lost and decided to put together a compiled list of Top Episodes and Characters. I compiled all episodes and characters and ranked them, so I also collected the bottom. It is top 10 for all except bottom characters, as I didn't really dislike any of them, but certain ones didn't work for me, so there are only five.

Top 10 Episodes

  1. The Constant (4x05) - This one is obvious. It is just a fantastic episode that flips so much on its head and has a great Desmond/Penny moment.

  2. The End (6x17 & 18) - I know the finale is hot topic of discussion, but I loved it. I know there weren't things answered, but I always connected with the characters, so I appreciated how that is the way they went.

  3. Through the Looking Glass (3x22 & 23) - I started watching Lost between Season 3 and 4 by buying the DVD box sets. Watching Through the Looking Glass just turned everything upside down for the show and you knew it was like Seasons 1-3 were one half and Seasons 4-6 would be the second half.

  4. The Incident (5x16 & 17) - So much happened in this episode that I think I just continued to smile throughout when it aired live. Jacob and the Man in Black, the connections between Jacob and the survivors. It was a lot of fun.

  5. Ab Aeterno (6x09) - The story of Richard. Exactly what I wanted it to be.

  6. Walkabout (1x04) - Again, watching this on DVD, I remember seeing the part where he is revealed to be in a wheelchair and rewinding it and just having my mine blown.

  7. Pilot (1x01 & 02) - It is hard for me to say which is my favorite, Walkabout or Pilot, from Season 1. They are like part a and part b. But the Pilot is one of the best of any show and introduced me to this fantastic story.

  8. Greatest Hits (3x21) - I am a big fan of Charlie Pace. He had it rough at the end of Season 2, but Greatest Hits was a fantastic way to wrap up his centric stories.

  9. LaFleur (5x08) - Like Charlie, Sawyer is great, but even moreso, his story arc from Season 1 to The End is something of a masterpiece. Seeing how he changes and the way that is acted is great in this episode.

  10. Jughead (5x03) - Similar to Season 1, these last two are basically tied. This just opened up the time travel part of Lost so much and we see Richard looking young as ever.

Bottom 10 Episodes

  1. Stranger in a Strange Land (3x09) - Is a reason necessary?

  2. Fire + Water (2x12) - While I love Charlie, this episode was handled in such a poor manner with the characters doing unreasonable things.

  3. Expose (3x14) - Some like it. I don't hate it, but it is just blah for me.

  4. Across the Sea (6x15) - I think this ranks so high on the bottom list because of the expectations and what we were given.

  5. Some Like it Hoth (5x13) - Nothing wrong with it, but nothing noteworthy either.

  6. S.O.S. (2x19) - Read No .5

  7. Whatever the Case May Be (1x12) - I like Kate, but this episode just didn't do it for me.

  8. Hearts and Minds (1x13) - I don't mind the way it ended the flashback, but I just don't love these two characters.

  9. 316 (5x06) - Just kind of a set-up episode that didn't click with me.

  10. The Other Woman (4x06) - At this point in the series, this just seemed to be a blah episode.

Top 10 Characters

  1. John Locke - Such a tragic character who was only being used. So many great moments.

  2. James "Sawyer" Ford - I said it above, but the character arc is fantastic.

  3. Desmond Hume - Always love when Desmond is on the screen and his abilities make his episodes great.

  4. Charlie Pace - May be some for high, but I just really like Charlie. (Minus his one misstep of an episode)

  5. Jack Shepherd - He can be annoying at times, but he has some great episodes and a solid arc.

  6. Ben Linus - I'll never forget his intro and then how his arc took him through to the end.

  7. Juliet Burke - Think she is well written and a strong character.

  8. Richard Alpert - Not on screen as much as the others, but a very interesting character.

  9. Hugo "Hurley" Reyes - Hugo didn't always have the best episodes for me (although I think a certain van episode is underrated), but he is a fun character.

  10. Kate Austen - Kate episodes get a lot of hate, and sometimes for a reason. But she is still a solid character.

Bottom 5 Characters

  1. Walt Lloyd - I know there were issues and dropped things, but Walt just annoyed me from the beginning.

  2. Shannon Rutherford - Feel like she had some unreasonable character notes during her time on the island.

  3. Michael Dawson - Had some high points, but I didn't really care about Mike.

  4. Ana Lucia Cortez - I actually really like Ana Lucia's episodes, but it was probably best her time on the island was short.

  5. Nikki Fernandez - Of the two stars of the Expose episode, she was the worst.

What are some of your favorite (or least favorite) episodes and characters?

EDIT: Thanks to a tip, I added the season and episode numbers to each.


For viewers who weren't fond of the ending, what kind of answers were you looking for that you didn't get?

This wasn't my first run-through but I thought the ending was pretty perfect.


I swear they had like 25 tarps to build shelters throughout the show. Did the plane just have a huge Amazon shipment of tarps on it or something?

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