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We've got a lot of stuff to get through before Season 4 airs and the modteam is aware that folks are looking for some new features. This post is to help us create a list of the features you want to see. Post away and we will update the thread with a progress update as we work through the changes.


Also, we are looking for a new banner, side picture(for season 4) and possible someone with some experience in creating flairs and other graphical images who can help us out. If you are interested or have a suggestion that you've made drop a post in this thread.

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Congradulations to everyone and all the hard work we put in trying to save the show through tweets, petitons and etc. It seems our prayers have been answered by netflix

I'm excited to see what will come of season 4 and hope it's fantastic!


Wasn't able to find any info about this online. Anyone?


I am glad the show has been renewed at Netflix but the press and interviews with the showrunners have been disheartening for me. Let me explain as best as I can.

I read a previous piece last year where Joe Henderson suggested they'd try string out the reveal of Lucifer's true self to Chloe for as long as possible, because you can't put that genie back in the bottle, and he hoped for at least a five year run to earn that moment. At the time I thought the prospect was utterly ridiculous considering since season 1 Chloe has seen Lucifer do some crazy shit, like get shot and shake it off, push a guy 20 feet through tempered glass and make another person jump off a building's roof in fear. Then there was her seeing his true face in a reflection but trying to write it off. Surely, they couldn't think A TRAINED DETECTIVE whose ex-husband WHO IS ALSO A DETECTIVE would not get suspicious at all over 5 years time about this weird rich philanderer who seems mentally unstable with connections to all sorts of rich, powerful and dangerous people... could they?

Then we get the reveal in the season 3 finale because apparently they knew they were on the bubble and it was a last minute Hail Mary play where they thought "surely, they won't cancel us on THIS cliffhanger!" out of either naivete or arrogance... and then they got cancelled anyway.

But hey, two more episodes, right? Bittersweet but better than nothing, right? And hey, these actually had some cute character moments even if they didn't add on anything to the finale's reveal.

Which is kind of the problem for me.

Long before they sought to resolve the actual cliffhanger they'd set up to or shooting an alternate ending in case they DID get cancelled, they'd already filmed two episodes that didn't achieve much, one of which is entirely a "what if?" premise. Because hey, we're definitely getting season 4 after that cliffhanger, right?

Now they're already talking about how season 4 on Netflix will be the first half of what they planned for season 4 if they did get renewed on Fox.

So from the get go they are setting up an incomplete season that will be dependent on the series being renewed by Netflix and suddenly that 5 year plan is now more likely a 7 season plan. I already know and have been shown the filler they planned to pad it out with before they answered any of the more serious underlying questions regarding the characters. They were at best planning 11 episodes of consequence, one what if and one story mostly focused on a supporting character's mental problems/imaginary friend.

On that note, would the LAPD really hire someone that claims to hear voices in their head? Seems like that kind of thing might come up during the vetting process and disqualify her from even being eligible for the job. But hey, quirky perky pixie dream girl had her moment and she isn't crazy after all. Just still thinks she is and hides it from her superiors.

I am annoyed that rather than trying to make the most of the opportunity being presented to them with this renewal, they seem to want to go back to the same ol' M.O. of expecting they'll get to tell their story how they want when they want at the pace they way rather than going "Holy fuck, thank God for the fans reaction, now we can actually provide them closure and if things go well, maybe we'll be able to do even more if we're lucky."

I don't really want half of the pre-planned season 4. I want a season that if it is the last one commissioned, actually feels like it would complete the series but leave room for more if possible. That's really what they should have done with season 3 since they had no confirmation for season 4 and their gamble didn't pay off in the end. That they assume they'll get a season 5 on Netflix is optimistic but not entirely realistic considering they left Marco Polo in the fucking dust with an open ending rather than given that series closure... and that was a Netflix original, not a show recently previously cancelled elsewhere for poor ratings/lack of ad revenue profits from the commercials between episode segments.

The previous plan didn't work out. I think changing it now to make season 4 not dependent on a possible season 5 to provide it closure would make much more sense than trying to drag the arse out of the show by making 2 seasons into possibly 4 more if even season 5 is not guaranteed yet. If season 4 ends and is dependent on season 5 coming about, I'll be disappointed but not at all surprised.

Anyone else feel the same way?


Really trivial question but in many episodes of Lucifer, the times of day confuse me. (the two that immediately come to mind are 'would be prince of darkness' and 'Boo Normal' but there are many more) In Prince of Darkness, the time is somewhere between four and five o'clock, it is light, they talk to the girl, stuff happens and the emergency services are working in the dark of night! Same in Boo Normal, they rock up to the house in bright sunshine, perpetrator is caught, and he is led away in handcuffs in the dark! Does the sun really set so quickly in LA ? Told you it was trivial


I hear a lot of people asking for Lucifer to get darker.

I, personally, like it being goofy sometimes. I do wish it would be more serious at times, but I don't want it to be super heavy. It's a guilty pleasure of mine, I enjoy it. I think the darker moments in Lucifer feel more effective because we don't see that tone very often. I don't want Lucifer to be like Supernatural, honestly.

Anyways, I'm wondering if it would be possible to make such an intense tonal change. Would it be effective? How would it change the characters? I don't even think Lucifer's character as is could work in a darker universe.



I'm curious if Hulu is dropping it earlier than originally planned because of Netflix, and if Netflix will put the first three seasons up sooner rather than later


It says Netflix has picked up Season 4 of Lucifer show, does that mean that season is the last one of Lucifer series?


so i finished lucifer s3 and didn't get ehat ep26 was for. so i the timeline and everything changed or this is just "what if..." episode ?


I discovered the comic Lucifer a few years ago and I've been a total fan since which is why I was extremely disappointed with the TV series. I only made it through the first season before I found myself unable to swallow another episode. The purpose of this post is to explain my position so I can get this off my chest. Namely what I found to be the source material's strengths and the failures of the show.

The comic's greatest strength was undoubtedly its titular character Lucifer and Neil Gaiman's interpretation of the devil. Unlike the stereotypical devil, Lucifer is not some malicious entity whose sole goal was to spread evil among humanity. In fact, he honestly doesn't give two shits about humanity.

They use my name as if I spend my entire day sitting on their shoulders, forcing them to commit acts they would otherwise find repulsive. "The devil made me do it." I have never made one of them do anything. Never. They live their own tiny lives. I do not live their lives for them. And then they die, and they come here (having transgressed against what they believed to be right), and expect us to fulfill their desire for pain and retribution. I don't make them come here. They talk of me going around buying souls, like a fishwife come market day, never stopping to ask themselves why. I need no souls. And how can anyone own a soul? No. They belong to themselves … they just hate to face up to it.

When Lucifer abdicated Hell, he took responsibility for everything he did and will do. In doing so, he grew up into someone who would accept the consequences of his actions without complaint. Lucifer is indifferent. He is neither contemptuous nor compassionate with regards to those he has no history with or interest in because they are not his responsibility. He cannot take responsibility for the lives of others as they must take responsibility for themselves. This makes him a neutral or amoral facilitator of forces within individuals such as Rachel Begai.

Lucifer's interaction with Rachel is a goldmine case of how he interacts with mortals in general. When her disabled brother Paul died and Lucifer appeared to investigate, Rachel reacted angrily to his observation that she wished Paul dead. Understandable, given she was distraught and no doubt feeling guilty. When he rescues her, she lashed out in anger and calmed down when she realized he saved her. After Lucifer offers her the chance to bring back Paul, she begins to wholeheartedly trust him. Throughout their journey, Lucifer's attitude and behavior towards her never changes whether she is antagonistic or trusting towards him. He is flat out indifferent. Rachel's grandmother warns her of Lucifer's nature, which he never hid from her, and that she had blinded herself to it in her emotional distress. When she finally gets the opportunity to resurrect her brother by wishing for it, her denial of her part in Paul's death leads her to wish for the god's death, blaming them for killing Paul.

It's kinda funny how things played out because I can see how this could have had a happy ending had Lucifer been replaced with a knight in shining armor or really anyone who had the intent of actually helping Rachel. If Lucifer's hypothetical replacement addressed the obvious fact that she resented Paul beforehand, she might have been able to accept her role in his death so that when push came to shove she would've been more likely to recognize the opportunity to wish him back to life. Then again, Lucifer's badgering could have also helped her to realize all this, but this is what I love about Lucifer's stories. They don't force themselves to have fairy tale endings. In the end it's just people screwing themselves over and Lucifer being cog in that machine.

Can Lucifer be saved? He doesn't have to be because he saved himself when he abdicated hell. The show seems to be trying to give Lucifer humanity. It makes him out to be some misunderstood bad guy who just wants to be accepted and is intent on reforming him through the good of humanity, which is bullshit. Lucifer doesn't have to be saved. If anything, humanity's got something to learn from him because he's better.

Honestly, what did we get out of this deal? What does TVLucifer offer us that ComicLucifer doesn't? Nothing. TVLucifer is a joke. He falls in love with some cop chick, goes back on his word, and gets killed by some random human. This from the guy who rebelled against heaven because of his pride and ruled hell with his charm and wit. This trade is a total loss.

So again, can Lucifer (TV) be saved? As promising as Netflix has proven itself to be, the dignity of our favorite angel can't be saved unless they burn the first three seasons and start fresh with a new premise.


First off... HELL FUCKING YES! I'm new to the show and literally just caught up for this season to see it just get cancelled and it hurt me, seeing it saved is amazing! thank you Netflix!!!

Now I know the info is still new, but do we have any of this info:

-Will we still have all the main actors?

-Will the directors, writers, producers stay or new ones from netflix?

-Any Idea when we will see Lucifer on Netflix?

Sorry for what seems like stupid questions, never really had a show I like get cancelled and changed to a different company. Especially since Netflix is usually different with their shows.

Update: Thank you all for the info. Again so happy for the return of Lucifer!!!


If feather can heal deadly wounds, why they don't have one with pockets? :D

In 4 season, Lucifer should give one Chloe


From juggling breast implants to grabbing Ella's camera and photographing his privates, Lucifer has always had a fratboy sense of humour.

Would you like this to continue in future episodes or would you like to see them try a different humour in a different key?

One thing I do miss from early season 1 are all the devil / hell / biblical jokes and oneliners that Lucifer the character was always making.


Oh no they suddenly have no more abilities. Making them mortal kinda ruins the point of the show in sense. I was loving the show to death from episodes 1 to 4 but the end of episode 4 i groaned loudly when i am like oh great another show that does this cliche to make the main character seem less powerful than they should be. I loved his ability to make people bend to his will and his immortality is part of him i dunno i was just hoping this show did not use that cliche.

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