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So I never realized this but the family is full of them. Both Frances and Dewey play the piano. And Lois was going to be a concert violinist.


As many or few as you feel like typing out anyway.


I think it would be interesting to see what the Wilkersons are up to nowadays, and if Lois really was pregnant with a 6th child or Hal was having a nightmare. Haha. I heard somewhere recently that they were considering a reboot. I feel like Erik and Justin haven’t done much acting since the show ended, and Erik wasn’t at the cast reunion in 2012.


Does anyone know a website where I can watch all seven seasons of the show preferably in HD. I do not have Hulu so I can't watch the show on there.


Am I the only one that actually laughed really hard at Lois at the end? I laughed mainly because it was so ridiculous.

The part when Reese forced Dewey to drink that laxative was disgusting.


Hey guys, there’s a scene I think really late into the show where Malcolm and Lois are having a conversation. Malcolm says something about expecting something bad to happen soon because a bunch of good things have been happening and something needs to cancel it out. I think Lois says something along the lines of “oh son you’re just growing up”. Something like that. I’m sure that’s enough detail for you all to know what scene I’m describing, but it’s not refined enough to find on google. Can anyone help me with a link to the scene or link to the quote? I think I’ve seen it on here in picture format before too.

Appreciate the help. Kinda need it after the Bourdain news.


I notice this a lot. Like the episode where Reese married the Russian chick who cheated on him. They totally redecorated the garage and then several episodes later, the garage is the way it used to be and she is never mentioned again.

Then there was the A.A. episode where Dewey "swallowed" the car key and then took the car joyriding. We never know what happened after that.

What other episodes have unresolved plots?


I know it is some sort of office job but is it ever revealed what his title is specifically?

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