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This is a hub for links to all Season 2 Episode Discussion Threads, so it's easier for people to find the threads they are looking for.


No comments allowed here, as otherwise people that only look for a link to a discussion thread may get spoilers from episodes they haven't seen yet.


I remember a line from this series where an old man was asked about the ash from the sky. What was that line?


Just finished season two and I’m over here thinking, am I in this show? Am I watching actual parallel realities? Why is California being separated into 3 different states? Why is south California already doomed since SF and LA are no part it? Why did this white man tell me it’s pointless to fix something that was eventually going to break? Why did my Asian client tell me I lack confidence? Why are my people burning a German flag while Germany celebrates our victory? Idk guys these are weird times.


Man in the high castle still hasnt put out season 3. What is going on? Internet tv is so bad about this. They are just not consistant. Dont get me wrong it isnt unique to internet tv, cable and mostly network tv has had the same problems but it happens far more often on the internet. Any updates on MITHC season 3 anyone?


One of the most common themes of the viewers on this subreddit is an almost universal dislike of the Resistance. I agree, they don't come across well, I didn't like most of them either. However, there's a good reason for that, we only see a narrow part of their existence.

Part of the reason it's hard to like the Resistance is that the show does not detail how they have suffered and what they have gone through. The NY Resistance head is thoroughly dislikeable, but her whole family was wiped out by the a-bomb in DC and she was horribly scarred. We don't get to see what she was like before or witness what it must have been like to lose everyone she loved. All we see is how hard bitten she has become from years of oppression.

From a sympathy standpoint, the show is not fair to the Resistance. We see Smith and Kido as family men, but no one in the Resistance gets like treatment-- other than the funeral in the woods which was a great scene. Remember that though you liked Kido (as did I), he gassed Frank's family-- including those two little kids, to get a confession from Frank that he knew would be a lie. Kido carried out reprisals later where innocent people were shot in the street. He also references Manchuria where the Japanese murdered millions in their quest for raw materials to build up their industrial economy. He was probably a part of that too.

Smith (who is the most compelling character in the show, and Sewell is a brilliant actor) did something really awful in Cincinnati that gets alluded to and probably meant Auschwitz-like concentration/death camps. Smith is a mass murderer (of his own people to boot), a perpetrator of the Holocaust in America, but we never see that. Those sort of actions must have made Resistance members bitter and ruthless, we just have not seen the other side.

At the end of the day, Kido and Smith prevented a nuclear war so they could go on oppressing and exploiting Americans and the rest of the world at every turn.

I don't see this as making right and wrong grey, just choices the makers of the show made without providing full context. They have very effectively created an alternative reality that we have to follow and that makes us forget some objective truths like the Nazis and the SS are the very manifestation of evil and the Japanese did just as much in China (read up on the Rape of Nanking if you are so inclined).

I love the show and the alternative reality they have created. It's unique and interesting on a tv landscape that is mostly formulaic and dull. It's not the show's responsibility to be "fair" or present a balanced account so I thought I'd offer something a little different.


I just finished binge-watching both seasons. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and mystery of the films. The problem is that I couldn't tell who I was supposed to be rooting for. The entirety of the two seasons were back and forth mixed feelings. It just seems odd to me that I couldn't place an alliance with any of the characters except for the bad ones and one other.

I didn't like anybody in the Resistance.

Juliana Crain was always the victim, so she was very obnoxious. Frank Frink was 10 times worse.

I hated Joe Blake and his German girlfriend in Berlin.

I loved Obergruppenfuhrer John Smith and his family, although I was surely supposed to hate them because they were Nazis.

I loved Trade Minister Nobusuke Tagomi. I loved Inspector Kido (that might be a biased admiration from another show the actor played in).

And in the end, the Nazis and Japanese came to an agreement, leaving the Resistance to be nothing but an annoyance for both sides. So, were we supposed to root for the "bad" guys?


Apologies if this has come up before but we've all been waiting a long time.

I just got done watching TMIHC for a 2nd time and liked it more. I picked up on some foreshadowing and made a few connections that I missed the first time around.

  1. Heinrich Himmler saves the world. That sentence would make anyone pause. I suppose it could also be "The SS saves the world." It goes to show how effectively the show creators have created a believable alternative reality that this plot point could work.
  2. I noticed that Joe says "I don't believe in causes, I believe in people." In the last episode Abendsen tells Julianna he bet on her because she believes in people, even a sick Nazi boy. There's a parallel there and I wonder what it means for these two characters coming up.
  3. One question, possible plot hole-- Smith takes the H-bomb film to Joe Blake and convinces him to show it to his father. Joe had already seen these films so he should have been able to figure out what it was. He never gives any indication though. I wonder if he knew and just went with it because he didn't want a nuclear war? Seems he might have at least mentioned it when raking Smith over the coals.
  4. Smith is the ultimate survivor and pragmatist. He follows and enforces the law when it suits him and ignores it when he its in his interest, like when he plots to send his son to South America. A true believer would have injected his son with the poison.
  5. Along these lines, I watched the trailer where Smith sees the traveler and realizes there are other worlds. The wheels are clearly turning in his mind. Is his son still alive and will he send him to the other world? Is he feeling regret that there may have been a solution to his son's problem had he known sooner?
  6. I loved the fact that Helen Smith's words about her brother-in-law not suffering came back to haunt her re: her son. Great writing there. It was revealing about her, she must not have cared that much about Smith's brother the way she threw that line out casually.
  7. One last thought: have we been deceived about who the man in the high castle is? Is it Smith? He works in a skyscraper in NYC. There's a lot we don't know about Smith like how he became a Nazi. I think there are a lot more layers to that onion.

I had it on my long list of shows to maybe watch someday until I randomly came across a review (can’t remember where) which simply said something like, “If they don’t renew it for a third season I will die.” That was all it said, but enough for me.

Probably the first time I ever jumped right into a series based on one review. And I’m glad I did.

On another note, I can’t help thinking there could be some crossover episode with Trade Minister Tagomi and Hiro Nakamura. This show is much better, though.


There is no way these episodes are not long since completely finished.

So wtf?


Canceling my sub because the wait is too long , I'm OUT


I’m halfway through season 2 and couldn’t help but wonder why so many scenes are not well lighted? Even at the office of John Smith and other important people, it looks like they just open the windows for some natural light and forget to brighten the room further? I’m slightly tired of continued shadows and trying to keep deciphering their faces and expressions when they’re talking .


Holy fuck that's a good show, just binged it. Reminded me a lot of MITHC for some reason , i think the whole aesthetic and even camerawork is very similar.

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