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Interviews On Battle of Mosul On 1 yr Anniv Of Liberation of City

Today is the 1 yr anniversary of the liberation of Mosul Here are a series of interviews from Musings On Iraq on the battle for the city

Reviewing The Battle Of Mosul, Interview With Ret Col David M Witty

How The Islamic State Has Fought The Battle For Mosul, Interview With Horizon Client Access’ Alex Mello

Plight Of Civilians In The Battle For Mosul, Interview With Amnesty International’s Donatella Rovera

How Is The Islamic State Dealing With Its Defeat In Mosul? Interview With Charlie Winter On IS Media Output

The Battle For West Mosul Interview With BBC’s Quentin Sommerville

Securing Mosul Interview With Niqash’s Mustafa Habib

Interview Stephen Kalin of Reuters On Mosul

Interview With Agence France-Presse’s Ahmad Mousa On The Battle For Mosul

Interview With Journalist Florian Neuhof On The Mosul Campaign

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