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2nd Lt. The rich man’s private... or even middle-class.

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The officer corps is a middle class welfare program

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I tell people I wanted active duty for the lifestyle, camraderie, unique experiences, etc. In reality I chose active instead of the guard so I didn't have to look for a civilian job.

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Difference between a 2nd Lt. and a PFC?

Pfc has at least 2 years of experience.

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If you've been a PFC for two years, then, nope, not a good thing. Besides, you are assuming that all LT are non-prior service.

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Eh... I've seen PFCs and SPC who've only seen basic and AIT

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Not all who wander are lost...

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One of my favorite short comics of all time.

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Check out Perry bible comics for some great comics.

Too many faves there and good time killer.

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Also applies to Boot Ensigns.

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I love Seabee's you guys are amazing and fucked in the head in a good way. I would love to see all the fucked up things you guys can pull of on boot officers and dickheads.

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Our affections for Marines makes it mutual.

Edit: Clarity.

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Awwww, somebody loves us, sometimes it felt like our own COC sure didn't love us. In fact there were times it seemed like they hated us.

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Not a SEABEE or Marine, Nuke here. I have no doubt the CO, and OOB HATED everyone in their command

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Reactor officers seem to hate life period.

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Everyone in reactor hated life, from what I saw. Super glad I didn't enlist nuke, lol.

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Whitest teeth in the Navy

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Well not all of it, just the parts that involve the reactor :)

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There are two types of ensigns. The one who shows up thinking he’s the shit (often from the academy) and those who show up and quietly exist for a few months till they are qualified and know what they’re doing.

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Not all academy grads are bad, the ones that are bad though seem to be really bad.

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The best part about being staff corps. It’s not freezing behind a desk.

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The best part of being motor pool is impounding the LT's vehicle so he had to walk everywhere or hitch a ride.

Just following the WO3's orders. "His speedo cable is broken, you all understand that hooah?"

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The fuck LT do to you guys?

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He wandered.

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Listen to the good idea fairy sitting on his shoulder.

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Believed the things online training told him.

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I'm not sure but I heard of a LT in the grunt battalion that I RIPed with overseas who made stupid tactical decisions that kept getting his guys fucked up. So they got tired of it and he wound up "misplacing" his M9. He lost his command of his platoon after having to report losing his weapon. I heard rumors that his misplaced pistol wound up underneath a FOB generator.

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Not in my last office. The average temperature in my office was about 60F, had to get a space heater. But downstairs it was averaging about 78F.

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Sounds like hell

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Nobody likes a braggart

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But I’m a WARM braggart.

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This is true

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I've always had a more liberal clothing policy: Wear whatever the fuck you like, as long as it's proper camo and no man/woman parts are hanging out of it. If you break it and it's not issue, don't even think about getting it replaced on our dime.

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Are you replying in the wrong thread?

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I've always had a more liberal LT policy: Dress your LTs in whatever the fuck you like, as long as it's proper camo and no man/woman/LT parts are hanging out of it. If you break him and he's not issue, don't even think about getting him replaced on our dime.

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I never saw my Lt when it was cold out

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I'm a LT. What is "cold"?

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Now LT, you've stumbled on a weird part of the English language. It's actually 'an LT'!

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A repost I don't ever get tired of seeing.

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Motherfucker I at least put it in when it became seasonal as opposed to just waiting. This is Kinny karma whoring on an alt!

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Damn it sir, it's obvious you didn't pay attention during land nav at OCS.

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I'm tired and read "buttbarber" and was honestly confused.

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Those lenses are tragic. Women love tragedy. Watch out ladies!

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*bitches love tragedy


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The inserts really sell the “butter bar” aspect of this photo

If only he was also wearing DAPS

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Last time I checked, it's summer in Aussieville.

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Why are you trying to fob your LTs to Australia?

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But it's a good shitpost

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No it's not. The LT is always inside the fucking CP sitting next to a radio and a potbelly stove. He watches the SI when the commander and 1SG are outside the tent.

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Just point him North.

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He still might need a DAGR to find his way

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can someone explain the lt meme. is he retarded or just unlucky?

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2nd lt's fresh out of the academy tend to have.. ideas...

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lol this is 1-501 out of alaska right? do we get a ribbon for the being turned into a meme?

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You haven't heard of the great battalion riverdance of 2013 (Maybe it was 2014, I can't remember) across Malamute Drop Zone?

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non-military person here: Why does everyone hate CO's?

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For the Army and Marine Corps, 2nd Lieutenant is the lowest officer rank, yet just because it's an officer rank, it technically outranks every enlisted person (every private, corporal and sergeant).

There are ways to join the military immediately as a lieutenant, the military academies being one of them. So typically 2nd Lieutenants will be 22 year old “kids" who are suddenly in charge of 20 or so enlisted personnel, even though 90% of those enlisted will have more years of service than the 2nd Lieutenant. But hey, the 2nd Lt has a college degree, so I guess he's in charge.

Just because the system isn't “fair" doesn't mean it fails every time. Some LT's turn out fine, and some are total morons. So it's fun to make memes out of them.

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An LT isn't a CO, just a lowly platoon commander. It's fun to give them shit because they have the experience of a no-hook private, but give legally binding orders and make lots of money.

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Works for the AF too. Shit cracks me up.

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Nope, damn Lt made that choice the damn Lt can figure it out themselves, damn butter bars!

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No, it's not our fault he can't navigate himself to the door.

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Difference between A1C me and 2LT? I signed a 6 year for $3k and two stripes because im apparently retarded.