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Or you know you could just not be a boot and get something that says “hurr hurr I serve hurr hurr.”

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I can only suggest to not do that.

Sometimes it's just best for your health, if your nationality can not be directly identified.

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I agree OP don't get that tattoo

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I agree with this guy agreeing with OP do not get that tattoo.

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I explain the design of the tattoo better in the other comment. I seen it before and I think it looks pretty awesome. Idk

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Don't do it, sounds dumb.

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I can appreciate the idea and the reasoning behind this, but do not do this. I’ve traveled a few times overseas post military and the last thing I want is to be directly identified as American or as a tourist. It can potential paint you as a target.

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I guess I never really thought about it like that before. Definitely gonna take this into consideration. I appreciate it.

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I've been living overseas for most of the past 15 years, traveled extensively to places in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East in non-DOD areas. The tattoo will be the least of OP's worries for identifying him as an American. We stand out. You can make out differences in languages (pacing, intonation) from a stupidly far distance. Our clothing styles are different. We walk differently due to different interpretations of personal space. We stand out.

There's literally only been once in the past 15 years, including those Middle Eastern countries, where my nationality has been an issue. It was with Brits.

TLDR; damn near everyone knows you're American already. Most people don't give a fuck.

edit: it involved a British chick saying US troops deserved to die in Iraq.

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Our clothing styles are different.

Nothing says you have to dress like an American. I lived in Germany and I dressed like a normal looking person. I got mistaken for being a German plenty of times and it wasn't until I opened my mouth that people knew I was an American.

Bottom line is, sure you might not be able to hide your "Americaness", but you can definitely reduce it.

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I meant primarily as a tourist. If you're living someplace yeah you'll blend a bit more.

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And? You can still not dress like an American when you’re a tourist.

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Perception vs reality

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Okay, that had nothing to do with anything I just said but cool. Like I said, it isn't hard to not dress like an American. Just don't wear cargo shorts, baseball caps, or flip flops. That is like 90% of it.

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I don’t necessarily agree with you. You do make some valid points. Obviously, if you’re white and head to India you will stand out, but you do realize not everyone is white bread white.

I spent time in South America and was approached on many occasions with the thought I was Hispanic as I have olive skin and dark features.

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If you're white as white bread you can still stand out in European areas where it's common to be white as white bread, for the reasons I listed, as a tourist. The tat will be covered unless OP runs around in wifebeaters or shirtless.

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Save your money and invest in TSP.

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I’m all for investing. Care to explain what that is?

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Thrift Savings Plan. Basically, you can guarantee yourself some money even if you don't do 20 years in the military. You may have heard of the Blended Retirement System (BRS) in the news. I believe that it can work if military members are smart with their money instead of you know...tattoos of your patches.

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And make sure you move it out of the G fund into something that gives more return. Screwed that ip for a few years.

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Just wait for the financial guy to come around. They will explain all the good offerings they have for your money.

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OP I would say get a tattoo that has a special meaning to you that isn’t readily identifiable that you served or are American. Just in case you are ever in a sketchy foreign country showing off your biceps to the ladies.

But it’s your life, do whatever makes you feel proud and good about yourself. Personally, I think it sounds like it could be cool if it was done in a minimalist way. But I like minimalist tattoos that aren’t in your face also.

Also, I think you should always wait at least 6 months before getting a new tattoo. Because you might be wiser in 6 months and think it’s a bad idea. Or might think it’s a great idea and then you go ahead and get it and you lost nothing but gained rational and logical thinking skills.

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I like the way you think. I have two tattoos now. One is kind of just art in a way and the other has lots of meaning to me. I was planning to wait a while to get this tattoo anyhow so I’ll definitely take your advice.

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I wouldnt say you'd get hate per say but uh..well look forward to being called a HOOAH HOOAH tool (depending if you're army). Look if you want to get something to commemorate your service get something personal. Every new Joe wants a tattoo and often make the decision when they are incredibly intoxicated. Some of the more favored very tool ones I've seen is, airborne wings, double AA, I've even seen a guy with an m16 on his forearm which admittedly he was an airmen national guard I kind of couldn't help myself and asked him if he got it so he would remember which way to point his weapon.

So if you're someone that can take a joke and getting dogged for it then go for the cliche if that's what you really want. But I'd caution getting something that's more personally meaningful for you as a person and incorporate military symbolism in it.

Otherwise well welcome to getting shit all the time.

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Plllzzzz noo OP.

How long has this tattoo been on your mind?

My tattoo is deeply personal and doesn't directly suggest military because it's an amalgamation of different ideas I've had in mind for years.

I'm not gonna try and tell you what to do but please for the love of fuck not this tattoo.

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You know the dying feeling you get when you show a friend an awesome or funny video and they don’t react to it at all or don’t even like it. Feeling the love guys ☹️

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Lmao at the end of the day it's your body your money so you do you. It's your decision what you want to do we are just trying to give you some advice and I say get another tattoo. But like I said it's your decision in the end. You might not understand now but trust me you will thank us later.

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Yeah I understand. I’m going into 19k so I’ve been trying to come up with something related to that instead and or as well Edit: a word

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    Hoping to only do a 4 year term out of this and transition into something tech related. Like IT or something if they have it. Haven’t found the MOS yet

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    Every branch has it. It’s called communications. And it’s way more complicated than IT. military networks are complicated in ways that civilian networks are not and simple in areas that civilian networks are complex.

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    Yeah I figured so but I’ve always wanted to dig my hands in to it so to speak