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This comes up especially with immigration. I used to like anti-SJW stuff but these days, I'm not so sure.


I'm just wondering what people believe are the things America needs to change in order to become a better nation.


Every Youtube video, every article, etc. on the internet I go to, when it concerns Muslims you have one person saying "Oh well the Qur'an has stoning and calls to kill the nonbelievers" and every time my rebuttal, as a Muslim, isn't supported. This happens on comment threads on left-wing videos and articles too, because people are either ignorant or stay in echo chambers and don't even bother debating on the internet anymore. The simply reply to that declaration is that "Christianity and Judaism have similar problematic verses of violence in their texts, but only an extremist would actually use them. Modern secular Christians and Jews always cherry pick what they like and don't like from their books, and that's probably the right way to do it in 2018. When Christian nations were poor or desperate for resources, they turned to extremism on occasion as a Casus Belli, even against each other. Secular and only somewhat Christian modern countries are not struggling like many Muslim countries, and thus out of struggle you have a cycle of extremism that can be hard to stop. But like one with any religion, without struggle and with an open-mind any Muslim is able to live and breath secularism."

And in response, I just get shit thrown at me.


Through all the partisan rhetoric of the last two years, its really the American people who lost the election. Literally ive heard of relationships, friendships, even marriages ending because of this nonsense. The political divisions have always been bad, but we're left now, not only discussing abortion, gun rights, the role of government, but far worse.

It seems that either we accept that POTUS was actively working with a foreign adversary to influence the election in his benefit or believe that a small group of people in the Intel Community worked with the media to sabotage his election chances and when that failed, worked from the inside to sabotage his Presidency.

Unf*cking believable.

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