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400k views since when?

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Uploaded 21h ago!!!

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How have they managed to get such massive exposure in less than a day.

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Russian bots :D j/k, no idea, maybe they launched some promo campaign somewhere

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May 17.

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    No, it's called paid advertising. If you're lucky it might pop-up on YouTube just before one of your episodes of Peppa. Just don't skip it, you might get some believe back if you wait 30s.

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    Maybe cos the music is good listening

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    It's great, and stuck in my head :)

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    Last 2 days there were 500 registrations a day (who did KYC), this is most likely because off the add.

    The registrations are visibile on this community website: http://www.mco.life/#/

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    Buying 400k views and 2.5k likes for the fast moontrip 🌚🚀👨‍🚀

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    Didn't seem to work :(

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    How the hell did they get 400K views and barely any comments in a single day...

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    Because it gets served as a YouTube advert before other related videos.

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    Even with ads it seems really freaking crazy on such a small time frame.

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    Not at all. There are loads of people watching millions of crypto related vids everyday

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    Indeed. I skip every ad unless it’s crypto related - then I always watch them

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    I'm sure this was released during Asia 20/20

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    Not sure why you need to "prove it" Grom. We all know this is the ad they made and will use in their marketing going forward. We may need to edit the ad in due course, what with new cards coming soon (tm) but for now this is the ad yeah.

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    Yes it is basically the same clip

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    Is it USA approved? Does it support Monero?

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    USA approval is in the world. No Monero right now, but maybe in the future. I remember that Monaco said they plan to support 200+ cryptos.