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Ultrawide 4K monitor suggestion?

I've done some googling and I've narrowed down to the following. Keen for other monitor suggestions if I missed any and if anyone owns one of these please let me know your thoughts.

Essentially going to do gaming and work. I will have another 2 x 24 inch monitors on the side of this (I am a productivity freak). Keen to watch some youtube and netflix on 4K too. I feel 4K @ 100mhz to 120mhz is fine with me, I am not fussed with the newer versions of 4K @ 144mhz. Will be also doing PS4 Pro (in addition to PC) gaming.

So my shortlist:



Acer Z35P

Leaning towards Z35P due to the ability to OC to 120mhz. Prices for all 3 are pretty close, AOC is ~$100AUD cheaper than others, so price isn't that much of a big deal.


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Basically none of those options are 4K ultrawide
Those are 1440p ultrawide

You will be able to see 4k footage on it but it is not 4K at the end of the day.

I will not enter into the details of real 4K vs UHD but keep in mind that 3440*1440 is much less pixels then 3840*2160.

With this out of the way I would recommand the AW3418DW as it is as of today the best UW you can get and it is currently on sale

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Original Poster1 point · 1 month ago

Big oops on my I had a look at the AW3418DW and that isnt 4K either. But curious why you suggest AW3418DW compared to the others? The resolution, refresh rate looks to be similar to those 3?

So safe to say there is no 4K Ultrawide at the moment?

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The AW has 120Hz (when OC otherwise it’s 100) IPS panel (best for me even with glow) GSync (best if you have nvidia) Better build quality, quality control and warranty

That’s why for me it is better :)

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Well maybe it exists but not for gamers and that’s for sure :)

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