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MHXX has been localized as "Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate" coming to the Nintendo Switch on August 28, 2018

MH: World PC release will go live on August 9th.

Greeting fellow hunters!

Welcome to this week's question thread! This is the place for hunters of all skill levels to come and ask their ‘stupid questions’ without fear of retribution.

Additionally, we'd like to let you know of the numerous resources available to help you:

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Finally, you can find a list of all past Weekly Stupid Questions threads here.

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Greetings Hunters!

Bought something cool this weekend? Accomplished a milestone? Finally finished your perfect set, got an amazing kill screen, or acquired that elusive monster drop? Tell us about it here!

Don't hesitate to share guild cards, in-game save times, poses, and other such content here.


MHW Transmog:

You can set up whatever look you want (apart from unreleased armor parts) as Layer armor. No more "do I want stats or do I want to look cool". This mod basically converts existing armor sets into layer armor.

CONFIRMED: If you use this mod others in your session will be able to see your changed armor in game so others will feel your fashion :D

With PC modding you can have both :). Of course mod will be developed more in future.

Finally, full Fashion Hunter on PC :)









EDIT: here is second simillar mod for those with Samurai set (can't confirm yet if others can see your look here or not, stay tuned):


Bought switch just for this game. Can’t wait to hunt again. Really enjoy the demo so far. Who is your favorite monster. My all time favorite is Shagaru Magala, love the moveset and how it looks. Which weapon your main will be? Usually I go with GS, but thinking about valor DS or Bow. Let’s the hype begin, wash all the MHW post away!

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Mint is just cold spicy
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Infinite Brave Double'n'Triple BURST WOMBO COMBO!!!
15 hours ago

So right now im deciding what weapon to take to fight ??? rathian. It has the following weaknesses.

Fire XXX

Thunder **X

Dragon ***

The best weapons (sword and shield) for each elemental damage i have are the;


287 raw -15% affinity 210 fire

Dragon bone sword II

154 raw 0% affinity 330 dragon

Lightning Nemesis 1

224 raw 0% affinity Thunder 150

Am i right that even though ??? rathian is much weaker to dragon that it will be beat out in dps due to having too low of raw numbers?

Does the thunder damage from Lightning Nemesis 1 even overcome the raw dps of the Flammensucher?

At the end of the day i can probably just use whatever weapon looks cooler but it really bugs me how obtuse dps is in this game, especially when factoring in elemental damage.


Just sharing this because I’m sure there are others out there like me who really love MH World and are giving the older games a try now.

Generations starts slow and took some getting used to as did adjusting to the 3DS controls but once I got used to it, I really started to enjoy it.

I’ve played the demo for MHGU and liked it for the most part. My only issues were minor ones that I can probably adapt to. I’m not referring to QoL stuff from World, it’s more about the camera and the lack of in-game info on monster weaknesses and stuff. I’ve pre-ordered MHGU and I’m ready to git gud with all the classic monsters I’ve heard so much about from veterans of the previous games.

Yes it’s different from World and but it’s great in its own way. I can love both. If you’re a Monster Hunter fan you should be happy that people with any platform can be part of this and you should follow the hunt wherever it goes.

Please don’t comment if all you have to say is how one is vastly superior to the other or how only babies/noobs/casuals like World. Enough of the tribal bullshit let people like what they like.


Some ideas of mine:

Changes to Existing Systems

  • Guaranteed chance of getting a R7/R8 version of the weapon you used to break her horns as one of the gold rewards
  • Making her drop Worn Feystones
  • Making Sublimated Weapons be guaranteed Rarity 8 instead of R7/R8
  • Reducing duplicates

New Additions

  • Introducing Kulve Taroth Gamma armor
  • Lunastra relic weapons
  • Deviljho relic weapons (Deviljho models with T. Jho reskin?)

Anyways I just wanted some discussion on Kulve because I enjoy the fight very much but it seems like a lot of people don't and I wish it was just a bit more rewarding


Full Data with Graphs and Explanation Here

All calculations are made with the goal of finding the percent (multiplicative) extra effective health/damage. Calculating it additively would make it impossible to figure out how different buffs work together. It's also just not useful.



Damage taken is (at least from my research) calculated as:

Damage Taken = Damage of attack * 80 / (80 + Armor)

This gives Armor diminishing returns later in the game, as shown in the graph.

All late game Armor has at least 70 armor maxed out. This means your Armor will be at least 350. Looking at the Armor sheet, you can see that each addition of +5 Armor gives less than 2.5% effective health.

Divine Blessing

Divine Blessing's proc rate seems to be a mystery. I've found reports ranging from 20% to 33%. So, I've done calculations for both extremes.

In all calculations, Divine Blessing's effect is more than twice the effectiveness of Armor.

This is true for each point and is more effective the more points you put in.

If it were anywhere near close in strength, I'd recommend a more consistent form of damage mitigation.


Health is a simple calculation.

Assuming 150 Health (the +50 from food or drugs), Each point of health gives about 10% effective health.

The problem is, having more health means that healing items are relatively less effective, so keep that in mind.

The effective health is so much more than the others that I believe it's worth it.

The Health Per Point (Hpp) of the three options are:

Armor Divine Blessing Health
~Hpp 2% 3-5% 10%
Trend Down Up Static

TLDR: When building for survivability, get Health, then Divine Blessing and Armor only if that's the only useful skill you have left.



Building Attack only increases damage by 1.8% Dpp at best.


Affinity is better only with Weakness Exploit. The Dpp doesn't reach 2% until you build Crit Damage with 45% crit chance or more.

Weakness Exploit has 3.5-6% Dpp at all times (assuming no above-cap affinity).

This means you must build full Weakness Exploit or else Affinity is always worse than Attack (with the same amount of points invested).

Afterwards, you can build a combination of crit chance and damage (going down the chance chart and right the damage chart).

The Damage Per Point (Dpp) of the four options are:

Attack Affinity Critical Boost Weakness Exploit
~Dpp 1.2 - 1.7% 1.0 - 1.3% 0 - 4% 4 - 6%
Trend Down Down Down Down

TLDR: When building for damage, always build full Weakness Exploit then build some combination of the other three skills. It depends on what damage-affinity balance your specific weapon has, but you'll generally have more Crit Damage than Crit Chance than Attack

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