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Hello everyone! (tl;dr at the bottom btw)

So remember that google survey we posted a few weeks ago asking for input on a few hot topics, like killscreens, memes, events, and all other suggestions?

We're finally ready to unveil the changes we're making because of it. We had a really good body of feedback, with over 1000 responses. I was initially going to attach to this post, a pdf of all the responses to keep things transparent, but after a certain number of responses I lost the ability to do that. So for now, you'll just have to take my word that I'm not flubbing the votes.

Direct Answers

We had two very straightforward questions of: "Do you think that the subreddit rule to prohibit low effort content/memes during the week (excluding weekends) is a good rule to have?"


"Do you think posts about hunt rewards and melding (i.e Attack Jewels, multiple-gem drops, etc.) should be categorized as low effort content and moderated?"

Both of these had the same graph of results, where 65% of people agreed that the low effort content/meme rule was good to have and that kill screens should be categorized as low effort.

But the written responses tell us something different. A very constant reply, summarized, is that memes that aren't low effort are fun to have and draw attention. Low effort posts and memes shouldn't be clumped together.

We considered strictly dropping killscreens to low effort-tier and moderating it all the same.

But we then run into issues. Although we received 1066 responses, we have more than 3500 users actively on the subreddit at any given moment. 150k subs. And with that, a lot of posts that end up being low effort or memey in nature end up blowing up the most, and brings the most conversation.

So what're we gonna do about memes and kill screens?


What we've implemented into the subreddit is a post flair called "Fluff" and another one called "Meme". Fluff is generally not the most discussion-heavy content. Killscreens, Rewards, Funny moments, Memes, etc. All of this is Fluff. "Meme" is for memes. If no other tag applies, then we suggest using Fluff as a tag.

By default, Fluff and Memes will be visible on the sub.

We have added a button on the top of our sub and on the top of our sidebar that will take you to the subdomain of our subreddit that HIDES all Fluff. Sick and tired of memes and killscreens? Click on "Fluff-Free".

Want to just view the sub with memes and not other fluff? Click on "Memes without other Fluff".

Want to go back to seeing Fluff after browsing your Fluff-Free sub? Click on "Fluffy" on the top of the sidebar.

Want to always see memes and killscreens? Don't do anything special. Just make sure to FLAIR your posts.

This is our solution for the people who don't like killscreens or memes, but also for the people who love memes and killscreens.

What else does this mean though?

Mandated post flairs. We are going to set-up automod to ask that all unflaired posts be flaired appropriately. This helps the filtering process act efficiently as possible. Not only that, but it also helps us add more filters in the future if necessary.

More consistent moderation. One issue we've had as of late, is deciding whether or not posts that got big should be removed or not. Seeing comments like "this made my day" makes removing a post feel bitter, and a lot of the time there was heavy discussion over the removal of posts and the course of action to take here and there. With this, we are now going to be more consistent and fair in how we moderate and remove posts.

New Rules! So, if it wasn't clear, rule 2 is being removed. Low effort/memes are now not confined to weekends, with the only caveat being that they MUST be flaired as fluff. That is our only request to keep this rule change active. Rule 2 is now being replaced by our policy on cheating/hacking. Rule 2 now reads:

RULE 2: Posts related to cheating and/or hacking

We absolutely do not condone posts that share or encourage hacks or cheating in any way. Harmless and client-side mods i.e Transmog, that has no effect on another user's game are okay. But we won't allow links to websites we don't recognize or file sharing websites until we take a look at it and confirm the validity of the link.

As well as stricter enforcement of our other rules. Now that we're allowing more posts to be submitted, we need to be consistent, and as such, we are going to enforce our self-promo and toxicity-based rules much more strictly now. Don't be toxic and don't use this sub as a place to promote your new video everytime you upload a new video. That's it. We suggest that you use the 9:1 rule of reddit, where for every post you make that is self-made content i.e a video of your speedrun, you should have around 9 posts/comments about other things.

Community Events

Something that got a LOT of positive feedback is the idea of community events. Subreddit-wide and Discord-wide hunts, contests, etc.

We will be hosting these once we get set up and organized, so you'll be hearing from us about this topic very soon. And don't worry, we'll keep both platforms (console and PC) included here.

TL;DR Memes and Killscreens are allowed but MUST be flaired as "Fluff" or "Meme" People are now given the ability to filter out "Fluff" as a flair to hide all of these posts using buttons assigned on the top of the subreddit and top of the sidebar. You can return from Fluff-Free browsing, by pressing "Fluffy" on top of the sidebar. "Memes without Other Fluff" is for viewing memes but not fluff like killscreens and rewards.

No cheats/hacks that affect people. No download links. More strict enforcement of our rules, consistency is key, we don't want any toxicity or rampant self-promotion.

Community Events are coming!

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Please use this thread to share any Monster Hunter related memes.

Keep in mind to tag any spoilers, we don't want to ruin someone else's enjoyment of the game!

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Hi there.

A few days ago I made a post asking some basic questions about the game, and received a wave of just positivity, welcoming and factual answers.

This may be a stupid thing to post, but I just wanna give a big thank you to everyone who commented or updooted or gave me a welcome, you guys really made my day even if it was just a stupid lil reddit post.

Coming from a community like League and stuff has become such a change, but the positive vibes have been amazing

Thanks so much<3


Tips om snel veel geld te verdienen!!!

Posted byPicklelord worshipper 1 day ago

Allow me to share my sorrow in the hopes someone can help or at least notify someone else that can...

I live in California but, while visiting family in Idaho, i decided to move here... it would be quite some time before I had the chance to return home so I would completely miss the autumn festival... Halloween is my favorite holiday so that wasn't an option! I learned you could transfer data online with the ps4... so I call up my mom at home to walk her through the steps so I can get it on a ps4 here in Idaho to catch the event... in her confusion I'm all but certain she overwrote my 3000 hour file I'd been playing since the hour the game launched with a blank file... I couldn't be upset at her, she didn't know any better... but my heart broke regardless... I tried to channel it into anger to restart the game and shred through everything... but that only showed me the true reality of everything I had lost... I can't bring myself to touch the game again... I've reached out to the MHW support and the MHW Twitter even for any kind of help but I've yet to get any response...

Please, if you can help in some way, even if it's just helpful advice, I would really appreciate it...


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