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Posted by
The Hawkeye Guy
14 days ago
Stickied postModerator of r/MonsterHunterWorld

This thread is for all of the Arch-Tempered Kirin discussion, strategies, builds, killscreens, runs and so on.

YouTube links may be shared in this thread.

LFG is allowed in this thread.

All other posts pertaining to AT Kirin will be removed.

Posted by
Robo-Slave |
1 day ago
Stickied postModerator of r/MonsterHunterWorld

Time for the weekly showoff thread!

Show us your craziest/funniest/most rediculous moments from your hunts!

This thread is for everyone to upload their gif/videos/screencaps/endcards to show just how awesome hunting can be!

Please remember to TAG ALL SPOILERS as we do not want to ruin anyones enjoyment of the game!

Posted by
14 hours ago

It seems daily, all I hear about is everyone wanting G-Rank monsters and that nothing is challenging in this game, despite some of the common advice of “You should only solo (difficult monster) because randoms will fail it for you.” There’s also a lot of shit talk about the Arch Tempered monsters “being annoying”, and the only consistent thing I can find to be annoying is that they do something it’s other variants didn’t, all the while complaining that Arch Tempereds are a poor substitute for G-Rank.

My question is, are all these G-Rank junkie posts just rose-tinted nostalgia goggles or am I just really in for a shock when G-Rank becomes available? I’ve already preordered MH:GU for the Switch so I will definitely be finding out at some point, but all the complaining that the game isn’t hard enough, while it still triple carts a party of fandoms fairly frequently seem to be contradictory to the previous statement.

Edit: a word


First and foremost, the main requirement: You absolutely need Miasma 3 for this fight. Unlike regular or even tempered Vaal, his DoT is actually significant. You will find yourself carting quite often without this skill. Additionally, it will stop you from getting blighted, so less time spent running away and chomping a nulberry.

Section 1: Overview

The main thing to note is that this fight is less of a monster beatdown and more a game of resource management. Arch-Tempered he may be, but in the end it is still a Vaal Hazak. His movement is slow, and his tells are massive. If you know what to look out for, you should hardly ever get hit. (More on what to look out for in third section).

With his regular and tempered form, it was a simple task of sticking to him like glue, avoiding the big hits and hitting him until he died. This is not quite the case for this fight. Patience is key. His DoT will make short work of you if you just sit in it. Relocate or retreat, even if it means giving up some damage or passing up an opening. if you’re torn between healing and going in for more damage, back off and heal. Damage from his miasma is fast and heavy, and getting careless will see your health drop like a rock. Chances are this will be a 15+ minute fight at best, so don’t rush it. A dead hunter does no damage.

Ranged weapon users now need to be more precise with their shot. Unlike his regular and tempered versions, AT has invulnerability when his shroud is up, similar to Teostra. Aim for his head. Elemental and Pierce users should also note that the "punch through" effect is negated when his invulnerability is up.

Mantles are your friend. I personally like to cycle between Vitality and Temporal. Rocksteady is a good option as well, and if you insist on not using miasma 3, at least take an immunity mantle.

Section 2: Location

Unlike Arch-Tempered Kirin, AT Vaal has different spawn and sleep points compared to normal. He will spawn in Area 8 and work his way from 9 to 12 to 14, until he goes to sleep in Area 16.

  • Area 8 is a good area to fight in. It is large and devoid of many obstacles, giving ample room to maneuver. Additionally, there are several sporepuffs in the area, should you find the need to take a small healing break, but can’t find a big enough lull in combat.

  • Areas 12 and 14 are the areas where you would normally fight Tempered and Regular Vaal, so it should be fairly familiar. 12 has a large acid pool in the middle of the area which can be a bit annoying, and 14 has two droppable stalactites which will force Vaal to fall, giving a sizable opening to get in a good amount of damage.

  • Area 16 is Vaal’s normal sleeping area, however with AT Vaal, he will sleep in the middle of the acid pool. This means that unless you have a Vitality Mantle up and ready, you will take a notable amount of damage just walking in and placing 2 wake-up bombs.

  • Area 9 is not an ideal location to fight Vaal, particularly if you are a ranged weapon and can’t afford to take even a single hit. The area is relatively narrow, leaving less room to maneuver with Vaal’s size. Additionally, Odagaron typically prowls along this area, so it is not uncommon to have him join the fight as well, cutting down on maneuverability further. Be wary if you are locked-on to the monster in this area. It is quite easy to misjudge your positioning and find yourself backed against a wall when it comes time to avoid a big hit. I find that I cart the most in the area, if at all.

Though I do not know the actual trigger for it, I have found that on the majority of my runs, Vaal’s invulnerability shroud is up a lot less often once he leaves areas 8 and 9. By the time he reaches 12 and 14, it is a lot like fighting a regular Vaal. He just happens to hit a lot harder.

Section 3: Things to Look Out For

I have spent this entire post under the assumption that you’ve fought Vaal before and know what to look out for. In case you don’t, here are some tells that signal what he is about to do:

The first and most obvious tell is his miasma beam. He will shake his head, roar, and you will see miasma start to gather at his mouth. If you are directly in front of him, evade to your right, as he will always sweep this attack from (your) left to right. If you are behind him or to the sides, this is a good opportunity to put in some good damage.

Stands on hind legs: There are four variants to this.

  • He will rear up and gather miasma before blasting it down in to the ground beneath him. It will spread from that central point a fair distance away from him. Easy to avoid.

  • He will rear up, roar a bit and come down on all fours, transitioning into his miasma beam. Just like the regular beam, this will most likely oneshot you if you are hit.

  • He will rear up and hold the position as he ‘drains’ the life from nearby creatures, including yourself. Once he is finished, he will come down on all four legs. Try to stay out of the radius of this attack, as it does quite a bit of DoT.

  • He will rear up, arch his neck back and after a small pause, slam his head into the ground. This leaves him vulnerable as he will simple lie there for a while. The initial slam will leave you staggered if you are too close. Additionally, he may follow up with a miasma beam from his downed position. If you see miasma starting to gather at his head, get behind him or to the sides.

Triple Lunge: Vaal will growl a bit then do three staggered forward lunges. Slow and easy to dodge. If you are not directly in front of him or are ranged, this is a good opportunity to get in some damage

Claw swipe+Tail swipe: Annoying combo as it comes out quickly and is hard to predict. More dangerous for melee, as they are more often in the line of fire for this move. On the bright side, it shouldn’t be capable of a oneshot.

Charge: He’ll get into a pouncing position and throw himself forward. In some cases he spreads his wings as well. This counts as part of the hitbox.

A combo particular to AT Vaal is Roar+Wind Press. This leaves you CC’d for a sizable amount of time. If he decides to follow up with a charge, there is a very good chance you are dead. No real way to avoid this without slotting in max level earplugs or Wind resist.


This is pretty much a fight with a tankier, harder hitting Vaal Hazak. Read his tells, avoid his big hits and keep an eye on your health when his miasma is out and you should do fine. Above all, take your time. This is a fight that should not be rushed.


PSA especially for players joining in SOS missions: Please don’t compromise 3 points of effluvial resistance for more DPS-focused skills because you’ll be more of a liability for the whole team. Max effluvial resistance is a REQUIREMENT for this particular hunt.

One thing I realized about fighting AT Vaal is that he’s gonna be one of the more lenghty hunts because of his gimmick: the effluvium. No matter how much DPS skill you stack, you’ll still find yourself backed in the corner once you get half of your life sucked in because of Vaal’s effluvium.

So let’s give back to one another and join SOS’s responsibly. Again, EFFLUVIAL RESISTANCE LVL 3 is REQUIRED.

Now for tips:

  • Immunity Mantle and Temporal Mantle really makes a good combo. I don’t know but if this method varies per weapon but I main LS if it matters. What I do is I wear immunity for the first encounter to deal as much damage because you’re 100% safe from the effluvium while with the mantle so you don’t get the insanely high chip damage. As soon as my immunity mantle expires, I switch to temporal. Although I can be as aggressive as when I was with the immunity mantle, I always keep in mind to watch my hp for the chip damage because it really hurts!

  • Weapon with HP regen augment paired with Vaal Hazak vitality is the best route for survivability in this particular hunt.

  • AT Vaal Hazak’s movements are pretty much identical with the normal tempered one with few additional movesets. But always watch out for when he does the “effluvium puke” where he stands with his hind legs and then surprises you with the stream of effluvium, and the “body slam with effluvium winds”; these two moves hurt and if caught may OHKO you. One thing to note about AT Vaal is that even if he moves pretty quick compared to his normal version, he gives a leeway for you to plan your next move when he does his super moves. That being said, I suggest that whenever he buckles up or whenever we seems like to roar, go as far as possible so you’ll be safe from his super moves. These super moves also give you time to rebuff yourself and resharpen your weapon so AT Vaal’s super moves serve as a double edge sword.

Hope this helps and please add more if you feel this lacking. Overall, AT Vaal hunt is exciting in a sense you can’t really be careless anymore because this guy hurts a lot! So hunting smart really makes a difference!


Really, why is it so hard to wear effluvium resistance gears?? I had to baby sit my team of randos and when I thought they were good enough I farcasted to replenish my items. Lo and behold, just as I entered the tent the quest failed leaving me with an epic failed screen of me drinking tea. Other times when we succeed, I got the item addict award. And I wasn't even using my support build. Goddammit.


... I can only imagine (or fear) how the likes of Arch Kushala and the other Arch elders will be like.

I also wonder what will be their layered armors. I can assume Kushala will give Damascus and Teostra will give Dober.


Was hunting a deviljho and there was an anjanath and jagras in the world too. Eventually Jho and Anjy met up and started fighting so I just sat in a bush to see what happened. Then this poor jagras showed up. It got body slammed by both monsters and tried limping away before the both used their breath attacks, killing it in the process.

Posted by
7 hours ago

I didn't see an arch vaal mega thread or I woulda asked there

Doing my best and staying on the attack as much as possible, dodging as much as needed to survive, it has taken over 20 minutes every single time, whether solo or in a group. 21 mins was my fastest solo & 23 my fastest group

Is anyone getting him done any quicker? He just seems really beefy. Normal tempered Vaals usually run me 6-8 mins for comparisson.

So far I haven't seen any speed run videos for arch vaal pop up on youtube, but I did see a couple Arch Kirin speed run videos

I have been fighting him with my most health oriented gear, maybe if I stopped being scared and fought em with my offense heavy sets it'd be like 15 mins? I'd honestly be very impressed with a 10 min kill on this thing


I know how annoying it can be having a wall of questions from new folks on the sub all the time. I suggest have a questions thread stickied, if there isn't already a daily one.

Alright, so I've taken a decent chunk of the game in and I have all the basics down. I decided on fun over power and went with IG to start off with. I'm doing just fine soloing everything as of right now and I've done a fair amount of SOS requests with others. I'm currently at the point where you go to Rotten Vale. My concerns are mostly specific and I'm having a bit of trouble finding them answered already. I appreciate any answers.

I'm huge on cosmetics over efficiency and the armor sets in this game are incredible. I love mixing up sets to find something that fits my style. I don't want to be useless, however. I'm starting to play with others a lot more and some of the better skills are on pieces I don't like much. Is there a way to transmog in game? Do skills really matter until I'm starting to reach higher ranks with more difficult monsters? Not being able to look cool all the time isn't a huge deal, but it'd be nice.

I'm working towards getting a handicraft set for sharpening my IG. I haven't found any pieces that even have it available yet. Is sharpness worth worrying about with my weapon? I've found a few other skills that work rather well with the IG and I'm not sure if sharpness is going to make that big a difference in damage. Also, I could look up builds, but I'd rather just play and have fun on my own before I prioritize max efficiency.

I'm really liking the way progression works in this game. Just about every monster seems to give you a part to make something new. I really want to get through more Assigned quests to unlock more areas and monsters, for more variety, but I've been kinda overwhelmed with how many optional quests there are. I have a shit ton of investigations I could be doing. Just how important are they? I've been prioritizing canteen quests and doing any other optional ones I come across, but flaking on the investigations, since there are so many.


How much should I prioritize skills over looking good? (At least until mid-late game.)

Is handicraft/sharpness worth the damage using IG?

Should I be doing more investigations or is it safe to progress through Assigned/Optional quests?

I'll definitely have more questions if there's a dedicated thread for them.

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