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Khajit, because my palico has a skooma problem

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Maiq knows that you are lying

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Haha. Yeah but can you really trust him?

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Squanchy, for obvious reasons _^

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That name is top tier squanch

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Named after our first (and only) cat me and my wife adopted when we moved in together.

A careless friend let him outside when they were house sitting for us, and we never found him. He was missing for 5 days before we got back and found out.

We had him for little more then 2 years, but we missed the little bugger too much to ever get another cat.

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Mine is Lucy Lawless. I wanted an amazing Palico, and it worked!

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Puck, Berserk fans will know why :)

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That fairy made me sexually confused.

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Scary Terry and because ‘you can run, but you can’t hide, bitch. Aw, bitch ‘

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I always suck at choosing names at the character creation stage. The more I think about something cool the less I come up with. First acceptable thing that popped in my mind.

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2Catz cause kity Boi seemed too cheesy.

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Magoo. My kitty cat that is no longer here.

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Moonman. I looked out my window and saw a full moon for inspiration.

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Goooodbyyyyyye. Mooooooonmennnnnnn.

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Mines called Caliconeco because I'm simply terrible at naming cats.

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Mr. Bigglesworth. It's a reference to a certain movie and a game.

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My character is named Mordecai.

I had to.

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Alfador! Magus'/Janus' cat from Chrono Trigger :)

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Digit, after my first big, lovable dope of a cat.

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Mine's name is Roswell after my first cat. He was old and sweet and just the sweetest car I've ever known. He sadly passed a few years ago, but I've always missed him. When I found out I could design my Palico I immediately started going through pictures to try and find a picture of him. It's nice playing a game with Roswell at my side, like he used to curl up on my lap and sleep, but now fighting next to me. It's nice to see him again.

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unexpected feels detected

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Steve, because that's what I name all my animals.

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Steve the first, Steve the second, Steve the third and "Steve the one we tried to give a bath to"

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steve it out mate

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Alfonso, because my buddy strolled down the stairs one day and proclaimed that he would from thence forth be called Jasper and I would be his trusty sidekick, Alfonso.

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Dawg, i just love dogs

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My family had a dog that would only eat catfood - we figured she wanted to be a cat. Perhaps your Palico is the inverse, and aspires to doghood then? :D

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Could be 🤔

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Ernesto , after my late cat who is now immortalized in palico form

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My brothers cat is named cat so we both named our palicos cat(i dont have a cat) We live an hour apart so the first time we grouped was pretty hilarious just seeing 2 almost identical palicos named cat running around

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Ser pounce. 'Cause references yo.

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Mine is named the same👍🏻

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So is mine. Need add you

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Niko, named after my bastard of a feline I have back home.

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Charlie, because it's my cat's name :)

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Korin, pure white eyes closed pointy ears if I could make him fatter he would be Korin from Dragon Ball.

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Gravy. I'm Biskits. We hit 'em with the 'ol shake 'n bake.

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Talladega Nights


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Ser Meowington - a noble and stalwart friend

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My Palicos name is Nekomata. Because I’m a Nioh scrub and I loved my pocket kitty.

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Can opener, because I wanted him to be useful. And nothing is more useful than household appliances

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Mittens. I called my first palico in mhfu that and through all the games I never changed it

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Malevolence after my irl black cat

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Korin, because he has the power to defend Kami's Tower

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Herbert cause that’ll be the name of the first pet I plan on getting when I move out : O

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Odd Eyes, because it has odd eyes. (But actually because of that Yu-Gi-Oh dragon.

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mine is called Cat Astrophe

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this is good

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Captain ginyu is his name. Cuz i'm Lord Freeza

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Guppy because of The Binding of Isaac.

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Scud because coming into this I figured he'd be good for a disposable distraction. That damn cat has saved my ass and stolen more kills than I can count.

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Lord Beerus

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SausageWallet... because reasons.

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Desmond because it’s a dope name

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made me think of assassins creed lol

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IIRC, they've had AC crossover palico outfits in the past. Would be cool to see Desmond all dressed up if they do it again.

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McFuzzy. Wanted to get to hunting and it was just like "yup, good enough"

I wish I went with a duo name like calling my character Starsky and my palico Hutch. Lol.

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that's actually pretty cool, i just went with my name like a sad ass

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Same story here, too. I just wanted to get in the game so my kitty is Mr. Meowkins

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Oh man that give me an idea. Mr. Meowgi.... Now I'm sad hahaha

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I'm sad

Here's a picture/gif of a cat, hopefully it'll cheer you up :).

I am a bot. use !unsubscribetosadcat for me to ignore you.

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Oh god that is a scary ass cat! Why bot, why!?

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Good bot, though that gif is bizarre and should never be used again.....

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pussi boi

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Alex's master because that's my best friends name and I wanted to clarify to him that he was in fact my cats bitch

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Vi..... because my dogs name is violet

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Cause he looks like a hobo carrying around his bone club

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Mewn! It's the Palico version of moon, and I couldn't resist..

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You missed the opportunity for Mewn Mewn???

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Oh, damn.. I genuinely did:c

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Dont fret! Ill make a new hunter and name his palico Mewn Mewn and I'll for sure make him super derpy

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You missed the opportunity for Mewn Mewn???

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Pickles because I like pickles.

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Long John silver because my guy is named captain flint

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Dusk cuz I can never find him. 2nd char has Cheshire for the same reason.

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Zed cause zeds dead

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I named mine taco and made him look like a tiger

So taco the tiger

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Mr. Sakamoto because he looked Japanese and sassy enouh that he wants me to call him "Mister"

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Kaede since she's the best girl in Danganronpa.

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Bastet. Should be obvious why.

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I'm S A D, my palico is A N G E R

i'm always sad my helper is a halfwit, he's always mad because i insult him every chance i get.

I'm kinda weird

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Oscar. My bf's name, since it was him who introduced me to the franchise back in MH4U

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His name is Ricky.

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Mikasa because well Attack of titan..

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Happy (Fairy Tail)

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His name is rush because that was the name of my favorite felyne in monster hunter freedom unite

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Foxtrot. I colored him to look like a fox. 🦊

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Greed, because I couldn't come up with a name at the time and I didn't know that it was permanent.

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Tostadas, because my Palico is owned by a Latino

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Baby Boy. It’s fun to yell. “Baby Boy! Noooo!” “Thanks Baby Boy!”

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カルビ because I like yakiniku

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Lord Kitty, because I couldn't think of anything else at the time

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Mitternacht(Midnight), because I was looking for a fancy German name choice for my Palico, and decided to name it based on the color scheme I went for it, a dark-purple and black striped scheme.

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Luko, it’s a combo of my two cats olive and lukas

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Layla, because of my favorite song.

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Mine is named Azzolmi, and her name is simply what I came up with years ago for my character's animal companion, (well, one of three names to be exact, but she's the main one). My palico's appearance though is based on the topaz carbuncle from Final Fantasy XIV, since I used the topaz carbuncle for a long time when I first picked up that game, and I used Azzolmi as my personal name for mine, (even though you can't technically name them in game)......

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Squidge is his name. I named him after my cat.

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Rampete- some translation (danish maybe) of mischief

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Mine's Peekee. Why? Name of my childhood stuff toy

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the best therapy pet my grandparents owned. imu.

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Kitsu, short for Kitsune cuz he looks like a fox

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Adult red foxes usually live alone except during the mating season in January and February and when raising young.

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The more ya know

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It looks like you asked for more animal facts! A group of hippos in known as a ‘herd’, ‘pod’, ‘dale’, or ‘bloat’.

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Keep em comin

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Kavat, 'cause of Warframe's space cats.

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Zappa. My real cat's name is also Zappa and yeah... I like Frank Zappa and I think it's a good name for a cat! Also, apparently Frank loved cats and had a bunch of them.

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Naruto because my characters name is Kushina. Missed the chance for Happy and Natsu :(

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Mine is called Helmish. It was the name of my very first Palico in MH: Generations and so i called my Palico that. He´s kind of derpy and a real troll, but i love the little Monstertrucker.

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Gerd because I have gerd

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Because he's sazzy

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Mines called Palibro, hes ma bro...

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Dog because I’m not creative and I know a dog when I see one

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Character Name: Flora
Palico Name: Fawnya

Figured spelling it like that was like a kitty sort of way of spelling/saying Fauna. Technically a mix of Fauna, Paw, and the Japanese word for "meow". The word "meow" in and of itself just doesn't work with Fauna for the sake of cat puns.

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I named my two Palicos Gengar and Cheshire. Why? Because I love Gengar and the Cheshire Cat lol

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Snarf - is explanation necessary?

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Sif, after the most loyal of beasts.

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Pepino cause it was the name I gave my first farmer felyne in mh3u

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Cat Stevens, named after my cat who's named after the musician.

I'm planning on eventually making another character someday and basing them off Ciri from the Witcher and then naming the cat Geraldo Rivera.

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Indigo, because his fur is deep blue color.

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Mine is Mew Mew, no special reason just thought it sounded cute.