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Weekly /r/MouseReview Purchase Advice

Weekly Purchase Advice Thread

Here you can get advice on mouse purchase decisions and help others or ask other mouse related questions that don't deserve an entire thread. If you have any specific product questions don't be afraid to personally message or call upon the sidebar mouse company representatives

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Not required, but here is a posting template.

Simply replace the (text) with the appropriate information. If you wish to not fill out a section simply write N/A or delete the line entirely.

**Games:** (Primary played games here)

**Hand Preference:** (Right, left, or ambidextrous)

**Budget:** ($50 | €50 | etc)

**Hand Size:** (Length in centimeters) 

**Grip:** (Palm, Claw, Fingertip, or Hybrids)

**Weight:** (No preference, light, heavy, medium)

**Sensitivity:** (Low, High, etc.)

**Additional Details:** (Anything else you can add here)


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Final Mouse launch thread!


Creating mice, need advice

Hello there, me and my friend are making our own gaming brand, first it's going to be only in our country because shipping costs until we can make a deal with some company that does international shipping.

Need to know some things about what people like about mice, we wan't to make competitive gaming gear, not crap stuff, RGB is not crucial performance is, but getting custom keyboards made can get rly expensive so for start we are going with gaming mice until we earn enough to order bulk of like 3000 gateron red boards or something along those lines.

Keyboards and mousepads, stuff like that is to make money form gaming peripethals, mice are there to push brand

what we think would go well on market:

-weight under 90g

-small to medium size

-no RGB(for price and weight)

-shaped something like sensei 310 and rival 110 mix

-3360 sensor

-hotline glides as stock

what we don't know:

-what kind of cable to use(both me and friend use paracord, but if we put paracord glides + cable gonna get more expensive than rest of the mouse)

-what clicks to use for m1/m2(japanese omrons might end up too expensive, probably chinese omrons or huanos)

-with or without software

-number and placement of side buttons(anyone likes 1 big button on each side? dunno why noone does that)

we are open to suggestions, would like to keep mouse price around 30 dollar mark, may end up releasing budget version with 3325 sensor for 15-20 later on


Welp, only $8.5k more for Astrum's funding!


What is the point of rubber grips on the side of a mouse?

Supposedly you can grip the mouse better but I find it's actually a lot harder to grip because it's so soft. Especially when I start sweating, the grips simply get wet and it's even harder to grip. Are there seriously people who are able to grip their mouse better with this, I don't get it?

Posted by
Logitech G303 / G203
5 hours ago

G303 w/ G302 Cable

Every since I have gotten the G303, I have hated the cable, that was literally my online complaint (after switching my old, used shell with a new one). The G302 cable was perfect, I had absolutely no comlaints with it. So here we go, G303 with G302 cable!

Posted by
Zooey Deschanel EC2-A
2 hours ago

FK2 clones?

We have so many EC-2 clones with exact shape and better sensor (3360) yet cheaper price, so are there any FK2 clones like that too?


Rival 600 compared to ultralight

I’ve used the Logitech GoPro for the past year and a half. I just switched to a rival 600 and found out it is perfect for my hand and grip. I also have a ultralight on the way. How does it compare to the rival?


G203 build quality issues?

Hya, recently got a G203 and everything's great, except recently noticed how the palm area of the mouse tends to pop depending on how you press on it. It's really distracting to have to use it and all of a sudden get a pop in your hand.

It's fairly soft, but strong enough to feel and hear.

Did I get a faulty mouse or is this normal for Logitech? Maybe I'm missing something. Opened a ticket with them. Had a CM Alcor for 5 ish years and the thing doesnt even have a creak.

Wondering what your experience with this mouse is like.


Top Light mice w/ 3 side buttons

I know this is pretty specific but I want a mouse that is 90g or lighter wi/ three side buttons. I want to get the new Ultralight Pro Phantom but I really need 3 buttons.


G305 VS Ultralight Pro?

I recently purchased a Ultralight Pro but after doing more research, I am really considered cancelling the order (it hasn't shipped yet obviously) and buying the g305. I have 19.5 x 9.5 cm hands but I used to have the g302 and could still grip it well (Have a G403 now) so does anyone have any suggestions?


Logitech G903 vs Corsair Dark Core for FPS

Hey there I have a steel series sensei right now but want to use a cordless mouse for a cleaner look to my desk. I just tested both out in Best Buy and my hand fits nicely on each. Performance wise which is superior? Anyone who has used both? Thanks!


Looking to ditch the G502...

Was looking for something wireless. I found my hand fits the g502, but it's too heavy and clunky. Was wondering what would be a lighter and simpler solution and was looking at the G305. Any suggestions and comments are appreciated

Posted by
3 hours ago

Deathadder Elite on Sale, Good Buy?

I've owned Razer products In the past, but never a Deathadder. Grip style Is palm.

Would $49.99 be a good buy to test run It?


Razer Deathadder help

So , i really want to buy Razer Deathadder from some people , but im scared and skeptic that im going to get a fake one , so i know you guys are freaking amazing in spotting fake ones , could you help me out? ( they are all in 30-40$ range , and capable of registering to synapse 2.0, they are also new.)

Thank you!


20x10cm hands. Looking for largest mouse with good sensor.

I have 20x10cm hands and am looking for the largest mouse I can for Palm grip. I have tried the g403, deathadder, rival 310, rival 600, and g402.


Is the g402 a viable mouse?

Is the g402 a viable mouse despite its normal sensor ? I like the shape alot and have been using it for like 2 years. Does upgrading a mouse really change your performance or nah? I bought the g403 and I dont like it , I still prefer the g402 , I play csgo btw.

Edit: Specified the game that I play


Do hyperglides really make THAT big of a difference?

A few days ago I purchased some hyperglides for my G Pro on Amazon cause why not, they're only $13 . I know I'll find out in a few days, but I'm just curious. So on a cloth mouse pad, will the hyperglides feel significantly different when compared to stock logitech ones?


G502 vs g403 for 18x9cm hands

G502 vs g403 for 18x9cm hands Palm grip FPS games


Mouse for 1-3-1 (3 fingers on top) palm grip mostly fps

I am currently using a cm-storm sentinel III but I am looking for something new.

Games: primarily Overwatch and osu! less relevant but still played a lot Europa Universalis IV (Destroys my MMB) Budget: I am not on a budget but cheaper is still better.
Hand size: 19cm long 10cm wide Grip: mostly palm with 3 fingers on top of the mouse as a must. Sensitivity: 2000 for general use and 1000 for osu! (2600 edpi in overwatch) Buttons: I at least need a dpi and or profile switch key other then that more buttons is a plus just not very important. Weight: Lower is probably better, I have never seen any benefit in increased weight.

What I don't want: Anything requiring software to be ran in the background for full use. Mostly due to me also using linux from time to time and it just being a general pita.

Mice I tried / used before: Logitech g502: Overall shape is fine but the scroll wheel is to far backwards and too high for my middle finger to comfortably rest / use the scroll wheel. Steelseries Sensei (Diablo III): I used it for some time but never liked the shape so I assume ambidextrous mice are not for me. Sharkoon Fireglider (Black): crap sensor though for me very comfortable. I don't know how well I would aim with it as I haven't tried that in ages. I mostly use it at work nowadays.

Thoughts on my current mouse (CM-storm Sentinel III): Shape is mostly fine on the right side the bump in the back is a bit to thick for my style of use. The clear plastic op top for the leds is not very comfortable and once you set it to a bright color it even gets warm. The mouse is fairly bottom heavy even with the weights and cover removed. Primary buttons are fine as is the sensor. The MMB is not that great in feel and durability I had to rma the mouse after a year because of a broken mmb Scroll wheel has a bit more tactile feedback than I would have liked but is acceptable. It has a function key which is very useful as it allows me to combine it with scroll wheel to get volume / media control.

Some other thoughts: I use the middle mouse button a lot so better switches under there would be a big plus. I tried using 2 fingers on top but it feels like I get no extra control over my mouse yet sacrifices one extra finger for input thus I will probably keep it like I do now. What would be some good mice to take a look at for my setup.


Kone Pure Owl Eye Before & After CeeSA Paracord


Zowie ZA13 VS Logitech G203

I got small hands (17,5x10) so i need to find a light and small mouse ( I had the g402 before and its way too big and heavy). I have looked around the last 3 days and the Zowie ZA13 and the Logitech G203 seems to fit me best. So i want to order both and see what shape fits me better but before i want to ask u guys if i missed any mice at this size wich i should get a look on.

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touchscreen + 100g finger
20 hours ago

The AAA battery in my G305 finally died.

I've had the battery in there at least since the beginning of June (my converter came late) and done heavy gaming since then. So that's about 1.5 months of battery life I got out of that.

One thing I noticed is that when the battery life is no longer full charge, the time you have for "not fully charged" is really low. And if you don't deliberately check the battery life yourself, in the software or with a keybind, then it'll just clap on you out of the blue.

All in all I'm impressed with the performance. I'm slapping another AAA battery in there right now and looking forward to another 1.5.

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