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I know we’ve gotten a lot of shitty adaptations, but there’s something about the tone of s3 that makes me think Esmail could pull off the psychological aspect of it flawlessly, given the right cast. The way the show is color graded is very similar to the color palette of the anime. Thoughts?

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19 hours ago

Is there a group I can join on discord?


TL;DR in bold

I really liked the pilot episode. Mind blowing.

But I'm feeling the episodes are getting more and more ridiculous the further I progress through Season 01...

2nd episode was good, but not amazing. And I'm not sure yet what to think about episodes 03 and 04. They have some good parts, but that's tainted and cancelled out by all the ridiculous parts .

I don't think anyone here in this sub is going to tell me the show is bad and I should stop watching, because anyone who moved on wouldn't be subscribed here either. I guess I'm just asking if anyone else was in the same boat as me when they first encountered this show.

This show is in a unique situation where it tries to be somewhat plausible and believable about the hacking aspects, more than any other show I've seen, but still wants the audience to totally suspend disbelief about almost everything else.


Maybe I'm being too hard on this show. Maybe it's better to approach Mr Robot more like a "Lost" rather than a "Star Trek" series or original "MacGuyver". Maybe I should go in with the expectation that nothing should make sense or needs to make sense, and treating the fact that the hacking parts do make some kind of sense as just a nice bonus.

I guess I was expecting this show to be like a "House" for IT. But I guess that it's more like "ER" or "Grey's Anatomy" for IT. Where things are constantly physically/emotionally/metaphorically blowing up, simply because it's supposedly more exciting that way.

Anyone else have this kind of reaction when first encountering this show? It is a great show. I mean, I wouldn't be spending time posting this thread if I didn't like it, or at least want to like it. My favorite parts so far are Elliot's monologues. I'm just surprised at the path the show is taking so soon out the gate.

Without any spoilers please, is this show going to fall further and further down the rabbit hole? Or does S01 start out rough and chaotic, but finds it's storytelling stride mid-way through the season?

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Metastasizing Mind Worms
2 days ago

They said they’d write in June, if one of you are reading this please making Joey Bada$$ a series regular !!

And I’d love an Elliot haircut scene, maybe by Darlene, thanks for crafting an amazing show !! Looking forward to season 4


Just finished season 3 hoping to get something cleared up but I still have this question lingering, when Elliot was talking to Whiterose in season 1 about committing to 5/9, it was declared that she was the head of the dark army and in later seasons it was shown that she was the true puppetmaster or whatever, but then the Chinese Ministry of Defence is introduced who can seemingly control the Dark Army at a whim even though I've not seen him interact with Whiterose.

Who is this dude in terms of the Dark Army hierarchy?


I loved my last reddit AMA and I am excited to be back.

Currently, I score the music for hacker suspense-thriller Mr. Robot, created by Sam Esmail and starring Rami Malek, which will return for its 4th season this fall. I also regularly collaborate with Ryan Murphy, on his series like American Crime Story (most recently, on "The Assassination of Gianni Versace"), 9-1-1, and American Horror Story (most recently for "Cult"). I have written music for over 40 films, TV shows and documentaries.

Before working in film & television, I worked as a music and remix producer, working on projects featuring Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyonce, Sting, Jennifer Lopez, and Donna Summers.

I look forward to answering your questions about my love of jumping between the musical worlds of synth and orchestras, what is the key to character themes, and anything else you may be curious to know about me and my work.


Ask me anything! I look forward to your questions.

EDIT: Thanks so much for the great questions reddit! I am taking a break for now, but will check back in over the next day or so to try and answer a few more.

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pay no attention
2 days ago



  1. (often initial capital letter) the foreseeing care and guidance of God or nature over the creatures of the earth.

  2. (initial capital letter) God, especially when conceived as omnisciently directing the universe and the affairs of humankind with wise benevolence.

  3. a manifestation of divine care or direction.

Elliot Darlene and Mr Robot smoke Providence Cigarettes. On the lid of the pack the tagline reads "Brisk and Fresh Like the Ocean Breeze". The photo we're most familiar with of the Aldersons is them happily together at the beach. I wonder if Providence's tagline is why they choose that brand; it appeals to a better time in their lives.

"Our choices are pre-paid for us a long time ago." - Elliot Alderson


Blend in, looked bored broken. Get a blank office stare on my face. This is how they do it isn’t it. How they are able to watch the world fall apart around because to them this is normal. Maybe I can learn from them. I wish I could the world through your eyes don’t you wish you could see yourself through mine as we step through our code line by line debugging it to find the cause of runtime error.

Elliot usually compares life with code.


Just got my super impacted wisdom teeth out, and discovered by bad ass local library so:

S1:E1 here I come!

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the best thing that ever happened to this show
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