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Hey Reddit! I’m Jill Barber, a Canadian singer-songwriter, and my eighth studio album comes out today!

I’m really proud of this album, which is a departure from my last few albums both in style (the last few albums were jazz) and subject matter. I started writing the material before #MeToo became a trending topic, but was inspired by a rising tide of women’s voices around me challenging inequality. As an artist, I’ve never been overtly political but over the last few years I’ve just become more politically activated as a person, and wanted to put those thoughts and feelings into my music. The album explores a range of issues: my experiences as a woman in the music industry (Girl’s Gotta Do); balancing being a parent and keeping a busy touring and press schedule; processing toxic relationships (Bigger Than You); and a love song for those battling mental health issues (Mercy). I collaborated with some amazing people on this record, including Ryan Guldemond from Mother Mother, producers Gus Van Go (The Stills, Whitehorse, Arkells, Wintersleep) and Gavin Brown (The Tragically Hip) and songwriter Maia Davies (Serena Ryder).

Ask me anything!


Check out the album: Apple Music Spotify: Amazon: All Platforms:

Girl’s Gotta Do video: Mercy video:

Website: Facebook:


Release Date: October 5

Length: 78 minutes



The Dark Sentencer

Unheavenly Creatures


Black Sunday

Queen Of The Dark

True Ugly

Love Protocol

The Pavilion (A Long Way Back)

Night-Time Walkers

The Gutter

All On Fire

It Walks Among Us

Old Flames

Lucky Stars

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